This 100,000mAh Powerbank will last you 1 month

This 100,000mAh Powerbank will last you 1 month

While shopping for the 3-day anniversary sale over at Lazada, we discovered this 100,000mAh powerbank, the highest we’ve ever seen.

We’ve seen 20,000mAh and 30,000mAh portable powerbanks before but this one by Aniva is far from portable. It looks like it weighs as heavy as a car battery (weighs 3kg).



The powerbank has 4 USB charging ports with total capacity of 12V 26Ah 288Wh. If you have a 2,000mAh smartphone, that’s about 50 recharges in one full charge.

It can also charge a laptop and other 12V devices. The powerbank has a built-in solar charger so it can recharge itself while you’re out camping on a trip to the beach.

The price — Php14,999.

You can check it out here (you can use our voucher code YUGATECH1000 for Php1,000 discount).

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22 Responses

  1. jokab says:

    Yeah right.

  2. Algie says:

    It says “has a built-in solar charger so it can recharge itself “.. I wonder how many days it will charge itself by this feature?

  3. frank says:

    i dont get it 100,000mAh recharges 2,500 mAh 100 times?? shouldn’t it b3 only 40? am i missing something?

    • devilboy says:

      as far as I know wala pa yata akong alam na true rated powerbank na pag sinabing 100,000mAh e 100,000mAh din ang true output. malamang 85% pataas din output nyan.

    • jm says:

      di mo naman talaga macoconsume ung 100Ah kc my losses pa yan, cguro magagamit mo lang dun is 90-95% depende sa environment. charging nya with built in solar panel depende sa capacity ng solar. kng mgbibigay sila macocompute natin un

  4. dothackjhe says:

    Even if I have the money, I am not even sure if I will opt for this over a gas-powered electric generator which I assume will lasts longer in providing the needed energy and whose price is also likely lesser. I think power generators are cheaper nowadays.

    • diego delos santos says:

      dothachjhe,we are preparing for the worst brownouts this summer, the cheapest gas or diesel 4 stroke generator is around P9-P10k china brand. two months ago, I checked out the iwata iverter generator that can also charge devices kasi the china 4 stroke gensets di pede pang charge, masisira lang gadgets. the smallest is the iwata 950i around P15k 1 year warranty and no reviews yet on the internet kung ok sya.baka meron dito na nakagamit na ng iwata pa share naman po. sa hmr meron American brand pero limited warranty. I ended up buying the akari 16 rechargeable electric fan. if you have the money il go for the Honda inverter eu10i na matibay talaga pero around P40k. im still looking for an inverter genset na affordable na matibay. kung wla iwata last choice.

  5. JM says:

    hahaha.. if charging a 6000mah powerbank takes around about this? hahaha..

  6. Thingamajig says:

    Tempting… more than enough to power 3 to 4 strobes

  7. Mr A says:

    You can get a 40AH Motolite battery for 3100 pesos.

  8. abuzalzal says:

    Php14,999 ayayayayayay!

    at sinong kumag naman ang bibili nito

  9. Phillip says:

    A friend of mine had a similar one (solar charging and all) for less than PHP2,000. This is RIDICULOUS.

  10. Napsters Gear says:

    The numbers don’t add up even if you factor in efficiency losses. Please check your calculations.

  11. Benjie says:

    Ano ho minimum nung voucher code nyo?

  12. Jak says:

    Link is broken. Is this product real?

  13. tiffa says:

    Thanks, but no thanks. This powerbank will not fit in my bag or my pocket.

  14. denise says:

    Inurong na ba ang April Fools Day ngayong March 25?? LOL

  15. Easy E says:

    Kung magdesign ka ng charger nito para ma-full charge ito ng 1full day (say 25hrs para madaling computin), yung current output dapat ng charging circuit ay 100000/25 = 4kA (di pwede). Sobrang iinit yan hanggang masunog na.

    Nakakalito ang spec nito. 12v*24Ah=288Wh kung sa 5v output sa USB port nito, 288Wh/5v=57.6Ah or 57,600 mAh at hindi aabot 100000 mAh.

    For comparison yung Tesla car ay may 85kWh na battery capacity.

    Nakakaduda ito. Wag bilhin.

  16. utoy says:

    Ha! Built-in solar charger wew kahit mamatay ka sa katandaan di ma fufull charge to.

  17. Faust says:

    wow! this powerbank is humongous and packs a whaloop

  18. Shahzar Khan says:

    Well, in some circumstances it will be suitable like camping or going with family on picnic, etc.

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