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Liberty to launch mobile internet service in PH in 2016

Liberty Telecoms Holdings Inc., a joint venture of San Miguel Corp. (SMC) and Qatar Telecommunications (QTel) has announced that it will launch its own mobile internet service in the country in early 2016.

“We are in the process of introducing a mobile broadband service and we hope to provide each and everyone a very good service starting January next year,” said SMC President and Chief Operating Officer Ramon S. Ang, in a report by Inquirer.net.

This is good news for consumers as we will get more competing services in the mobile internet market dominated by Globe, Smart, and Sun, especially now that the Philippines was tagged as 3rd largest smartphone market in Southeast Asia.

Liberty Telecoms Holdings Inc. is a holding company of wi-tribe Telecoms, Inc. and Skyphone Logistics, Inc. It was founded on January 14, 1994 and is headquartered in Makati, Philippines.

source: Inquirer.net

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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22 Responses

  1. NotaSheep says:

    The problem would be that PLDT/Smart/Sun (same company btw) would try to sabotage it by throttling or interfering with signals that can make the experience terrible and unusable, or just “Sue” in court for whatever reason so that the company will have to wait 3-5 years before they can establish the network after the biased lawsuit that this country loves to do :P

  2. jokab says:

    ahh. diversity, finally.

    • abuzalzal says:

      LOL …. makiki-tap lang naman sa PLDT yan..useless din..I’d like to see a competitor building their own infrastructure from the ground up.

      Right then, dun mo lang matatawag na may diversity.

  3. wee says:

    makiki LEASE lang din yan sa Line ni PLDT!

    • Zoom says:

      SMC owns Eastern Telecom and wi-tribe who have their own infra, bandwidth, and frequency. Do not assume unless there is a concrete proof. Daming alam.

    • abuzalzal says:

      I don’t believe you, even if they have their own, why do they suck so bad?

    • Zoom says:


      It is up to you if you wouldn’t believe me. I am just telling @wee that Liberty already has their infra to run. “Why they suck bad?” can be looked at different perspectives. For an instance, Globe, Smart, PLDT, et al., they are established but people still complain. People aren’t contented, customer service said to be at the worst, FUPs were not fair. As to speak, people say “their services suck.”

      You may want to check some facts.

    • jp says:

      They have their own wireless infrastructure backbone that stretches from Luzon to Mindanao. Also, they have the widest frequency coverage granted by the NTC kasi dating Liberty Broadcasting Network, Inc ang pangalan niyan. Binawasan na lang kasi nagsulputan na ang ibang mga wireless telecom company back in the mid ’90s besides they are not using most of it.

    • abusalsal says:

      panis nanaman si abuzalzal hay

  4. Freeje says:

    If they get it all from the same source so how would it be faster than the rest?

  5. dguy24 says:

    Si San Miguel ata they acquired also ETPI (Eastern Telecoms) which ang pagkakaalam ko meron silang sariling bandwidth than PLDT and Globe.

    Sablay lang implementation nila sa Wi-Tribe, sana mas maayos ang pagkakasetup nila sa bagong venture na to.

  6. klky says:

    *fingers crossed sna di nila sirain ang service nila, gaya ng pagsira nila sa witribe na sobrang bagal.

  7. v says:

    liberty aka wi-tribe ang may pakana ng cap sa pinas. Sila ang pasimuno

  8. Zobel says:

    Di nga? nung isang dekada pa sila nag advertise sa diyaryo eh center fold pa yun. Full page talaga 4

  9. Q says:

    dito s qatar ang Q-tel / ooRedoo medyo mhal kumpara s kalaban na vodafone.. so mlamang mahal din dyan s pinas

  10. Abdul Jakul says:

    Pocha ang tagal na yang roll up na yan… nung early 2000 pa ata yan eh lagi lang coming buset…..

  11. Chumpoi says:

    Hintayin nyo na lang yung (NGCP) telecom, panis yan lahat ng Internet Provider dito sa Pilipinas,
    NGCP means National Grid Corporation of the Philippines they own all transmission line in whole Phillipines, and now naglalagay na sila ng fiber optics in there Transmission Line.
    btw Henry Sy Jr. is the owner of NGCP.

    • dan says:

      Sir, ang pagkakaalam ko, NGCP’s business is in power transmission and distribution, not in telecommunications. I did not know na papasok na din pala sila sa telecom business? Can you site your source for this info please?

  12. kildoc says:

    This is a good news for everybody. But this will not still satisfy most of the subscribers. Every complaint that I read, heard, watched from the internet mostly due to lack of information and knowledge on how internet works. Most of the internet users think the Internet is just a LAN which can access or download data from the next server/computer. Most of the users think that their up to (mir2mbps) subscribed packages are available anywhere in the internet. Take note that all advertised package is just in ISP’s network. No ISP in the world can guaranteed their speed if it is not within their network. Guys, Internet is Interconnected networks (Billions of servers/computer sare connected and can communicate). Yeah, their are so called caches which can install locally by the ISP to access the international websites/server locally and much faster. We filipinos most accessed websites are facebook, google/youtube and yahoo. Facebook have more than 20,000 servers in the world. Can an ISP do cache those servers? Think again.

  13. Krypton says:

    Basta walang FUP or Cap ng bandwidth, ayos na ayos na. Pero knowing from Wi-Tribe. Malabo. Pero sana di katulad.

  14. Kister says:

    mas maganda yan kung dumadami ang mga network company para mas marami mapag pilian… at yang mga network company na bulok at mabagal ang connection mangangamba na mawalan ng customer.. magiging dahilan din yan sa pag baba ng mga singil sa service nila…

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