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TikTok launches #thinkb4youdo challenge, promoting safe online behavior

TikTok has launched the #thinkb4youdo challenge, encouraging Filipino users to take a moment and think before they conduct dangerous acts on TikTok.


#thinkb4youdo encourages everyone on the platform to play their part in creating a safe and positive environment for the global community. To draw attention to the dangers of posting harmful content for entertainment, TikTok is encouraging the following:

  1. Shoot a video and use the #thinkb4youdo sticker and follow the choreography
  2. Post your video along with the hashtag thinkb4youdo and set it to public
  3. Share it on other social media platforms so your friends can join.

“TikTok is committed to fostering a positive and inclusive environment where users can express themselves safely,” said John Castro, Community Operations Manager, TikTok Philippines. “While many turn to the platform to laugh, learn, and engage with their community, some users will inevitably post content that promotes harmful behavior such as amateur stunts or dangerous challenges. As such, we’re encouraging users to take a moment and think about the implications of posting such content, as well as follow our robust policies and tools in place to help stop these issues.”

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