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TikTok to introduce dislike feature on comments


Like YouTube, TikTok is now trying to incorporate the dislike button on the comments section of videos, along with other updates for fostering authentic engagement in comments, safety reminders for creators, and upholding its Community Guidelines.

Tiktok Dislike

Fostering Authentic Engagement in Comments

TikTok is working proactively to remove abusive and hateful content or behaviors that go against the Community Guidelines. As TikTok explore different ways to aid the community to feel more in control of their own comments, they’re testing now a way to let users decide if a comment seems irrelevant or inappropriate. Because of this dislike feature, anyone can take advantage of this feature to demoralize creators or bully others, so TikTok clarified that ONLY that “only the person who registered a dislike on a comment will be able to see that they have done so.”

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New Safety Reminders for Creators

The community isn’t able to fully utilize the built-in safety tools of the app, so they’re also experimenting now on Reminders so users can be guided on where or how to use the safety tools. An example of this is comment filtering, bulk block, and delete options. These will be tested first on creators whose content appears to receive lots of negative comments.

Upholding Community Guidelines

TikTok continues to enforce its rules by aggressively removing content that violates the Community Guidelines. Also, they’re releasing the Q4 2021 Community Guidelines Enforcement Report which shows TikTok’s strong commitment to being accountable and earning the trust of the community.

For more information, kindly check this link here.

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