Twitter to test out "Conversation Dynamics" feature that limits replies

Twitter to test out “Conversation Dynamics” feature that limits replies

At CES 2020, Twitter announced that it will start testing out a feature called “Conversation dynamics” that will limit replies on a tweet made by a user.

The feature was presented by Suzanne Xie, Twitter’s director of product for conversations, during Twitter’s press event. According to Xie, before sending out a tweet, users will be able to set limits and select among four options on who can reply to their post. A tab named “Conversation participants” will appear should users wish to limit the replies, and options include:


  • Global – which means anyone can reply to the tweet
  • Group – replies can only be done by followers only or those mentioned in the tweet
  • Panel – only people mentioned in the tweet can reply
  • Statement – no one can reply except for the user

Even with the reply limiting feature, users can still quote the tweet if the account is public. According to a report by Mashable, Twitter stated that “one of the goals of the test is to reduce some of the more unhealthy conversational dynamics that happen on Twitter, like trolls dunking on tweets they dislike or ratio-ing.

Twitter also stated that they will begin testing out this feature in select markets later this year.

via Mashable

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