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Unofficial Android ROM now available for Nintendo Switch

Developers at XDA have launched an Android firmware that can be used on the Nintendo Switch.


Based on Android 8.1, the LineageOS 15.1 is the first publicly available Android firmware that can be used on the Nintendo Switch console. The developers have also detailed that the firmware is based on Nvidia Shield TV trees, has TWRP pre-installed, CPU and GPU performance profiles, works in both handheld and docked mode, has Audio support, and the Joycons connect via Bluetooth. As it’s still fresh, the firmware has quite a number of bugs in it, including auto-rotation issues, battery life issues, sensitive touchscreen, no screenshots, and apps unable to handle joycon inputs correctly, and the like. Despite the bugs, the ROM allows a user to browse websites and play games.

Do note as the firmware is an unofficial release and not signed by Nintendo, it is a risk installing it and that any damage to the Switch will not be supported by the company.

Source: XDA Developers

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