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Wikipedia to get a redesigned desktop UI

Wikipedia will get a redesigned user-interface for its desktop website.

Wikipedia’s desktop UI is about to get a redesign after a decade. As posted on its blog, the new layout of the information site will give a better experience to visitors that is on-par with the developer’s perception of a modern, trustworthy, and welcoming site. It will also make it more engaging.

As part of the initial changes,  a reconfigured logo and a collapsible sidebar will be introduced which allows users to collapse the lengthy menu found on the left side of each page. This helps improve usability and focus by allowing people to concentrate on the content itself. The update also introduces language switching and a maximum line width to Wikipedia’s content on pages where reading is the focus, such as article pages and discussion pages.

The updates will be added incrementally over a long period of time for testing. It will be implemented on all Wikipedia versions by the end of 2021 in time of Wikipedia’s 20th anniversary.

More updates and changes on Wikipedia’s desktop website will happen in the future. Stay tuned to our page for more updates.

Source: Wikimedia

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