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Xiaomi and Microsoft deepens bond with a MoU for improvement of Cloud services, AI, and devices

Xiaomi and Microsoft, two well-known and well-regarded companies, have now entered a strategic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for improving their cloud services, AI programs, and even devices. Both companies will make use of each other’s expertise in their own fields to help one another.

Xiaomi and Microsoft will focus on four key aspects:

  • Cloud Support — The two companies will explore in utilizing Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform to integrate Xiaomi’s user data storage, bandwidth, computing and other cloud services in international markets.
  • Laptop Devices — Xiaomi will make use of Microsoft’s global reach in order to introduce Xiaomi’s laptop and laptop-type devices to international markets.
  • Microsoft Cortana and Mi AI speaker — The two companies will work together to integrate Cortana into Xiaomi’s smart speakers. They’ll also strive in improving further the AI speaker market.
  • AI Services collaboration — Xiaomi and Microsoft plan to cooperate on multiple projects based on Microsoft’s AI technologies. This certain aspect will also make use of Xiaomi’s expertise in smart hardware and artificial intelligence studies.

The partnership of Xiaomi and Microsoft go way back in 2015 when the Chinese adopted Microsoft Azure for their Mi Cloud service. The two companies hope that this partnership will further improve their relations to each other and, of course, bring in new services and devices.

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