Xiaomi announces 80W wireless charger

Xiaomi announces 80W wireless charger

Xiaomi has recently introduced its 80W wireless charger that charges smartphones as fast as 19 minutes.

The brand’s latest wireless charger exceeds its own 55W wireless fast charger, which was introduced around August alongside the Mi 10 Ultra.


According to the Xiaomi Weibo page, the 80W wireless charger fills up battery life 100% as fast as 19 minutes. Within 8 minutes, it yields about 50% of the battery’s full capacity. This is made possible with the charger’s customized wireless charging architecture and chip and its composite coil system.

Inside, the charger has MTW multi-pole fast-charging batteries and dual 6C series batteries with multi-stage variable current control and MiFC fast charging technology that accelerates its performance. To avoid overheating, it also has a high-speed silent fan. Without compromising battery health, the 80W wireless charger maintains more than 90% of the effective capacity after 800 complete charging and discharging.

Xiaomi didn’t share the supported smartphone models of its latest wireless charger. However, it is most likely that the upcoming Mi 11 series will be one of the smartphones compatible with the wireless charger.

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