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Yani, the ENDCov bot introduced by UP’s Pandemic Response Team

Coming from the word baYANIhan, Yani is a chatbot made by the University of the Philippines COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team.

Yani can chat in both English and Filipino and provides users with a multitude of information about government policies regarding health, education, transportation, and economic support.

It can also point users to the nearest hospital and links to psychologists and psychosocial support specialists for those in need.

Yani is available through its official Facebook page and the ENDCov dashboard. The EndCov dashboard tracks COVID-19 updates in the Philippines and provides the public with detailed statistical data surrounding the virus. Besides the total number of cases the country, the ENDCov dashboard also provides users with statistical demographics, including reported cases by city, age group, and sex.

It also hosts several resources for the public, including:

  • a list of hospitals, its address and contact number
  • ISKOnsult, an online symptoms checker
  • a Psych survey and Telepsychotherapy
  • a link for donations

  • as well as government policies and advisories surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic

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