YouTube introduces a new video format called VR180

YouTube introduces a new video format called VR180

Virtual reality gets another warm welcome on YouTube as the video-sharing website has announced a new format that’ll pave the way for more VR content.

The YouTube team has been working with Google’s Daydream to introduce VR180. If a conventional VR video has a full 360-degree view, the VR180 only has half of it. On a normal display, the VR180 content will look like a wide-angle video but when you view it on Cardboard, Daydream or PSVR, it’ll show in 3-D. The format also supports livestreaming for real-time sharing.


To let creators upload their content in VR180 format, the Daydream team is working with a few manufacturers to build cameras for the specific format. Yi, Lenovo, and LG’s cameras are the first ones to stores later this year.

You may sign up for updates through Check out available VR180 videos here.

Source: YouTube

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