YouTube intros online selling feature

Those who spend a lot of time on YouTube will soon be able to say “mine!” to creators who want to earn beyond from sponsored videos or perhaps, from “katas ng YouTube” (YouTube income) as they say in Filipino.

Youtube Live Shopping

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Now, creators can do online selling similar to what we’re accustomed to in Facebook or TikTok. Because YouTube is adding a ‘Live Shopping’ feature to the platform allowing creators with eligible channels to promote products during live streams and manage them directly within the Live Control Room using YouTube’s product tagging feature.

Creators will have plenty of settings features to experiment with. Such as tagging products from their own store or select brands and merchants and offer exclusive perks such as promo codes and special discounts to entice viewers.

Youtube Live Shopping 1

Viewers can access a list of featured products by tapping on the tagged products, even if the live chat is closed.

Creators can also keep their audience engaged with interactive features such as Live Polls and Q&A, and real-time conversations via the Live Chat feature.

The buying and checkout process is streamlined for viewers, as they can complete purchases seamlessly on their devices, with the livestream minimized and continuing to play in the overlaid player.

The feature is currently available to eligible channels, prioritizing creators under the YouTube Partner Program. YouTube also says to that they’re planning expand the feature to more markets in the upcoming months.

You can see YouTube’s video demo below of how Live Shopping works on the platform:

For more information, you may refer to YouTube’s support page.

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