YouTube responds to reports on Momo Challenge, Character

YouTube responds to reports on Momo Challenge, Character

YouTube has finally responded to the recent alarming issue of the Momo Challenge and character that first gained popularity back in 2018.

Recent reports said that the Momo character is being included in videos and bypassed in the YouTube Kids App in which minors, especially children below 10 years of age, can watch freely. YouTube has stated that they have been monitoring the reports being sent to them and stated this:

“After much review, we’ve seen no recent evidence of videos promoting the Momo Challenge on YouTube. Videos encouraging harmful and dangerous challenges are clearly against our policies, the Momo challenge included. Despite press reports of this challenge surfacing, we haven’t had any recent links flagged or shared with us from YouTube that violate our Community Guidelines.”

YouTube also reminded its users that using the Momo character in the videos is not against the platform’s policies, however, it is not allowed on the YouTube Kids App.


“It’s important to note that we do allow creators to discuss, report, or educate people on the Momo challenge/character on YouTube.”

“– we’re putting safeguards in place to exclude it from content on YouTube Kids”

The Momo character is a sculpture from Japanese special effects company, Link factory, which is called Mother Bird. It is never meant to be part of the deadly challenge but since the stories of its origin have been distorted, it was later turned into the avatar that we all know as Momo.

The Momo Challenge mostly targets children and teenagers which started in a messaging app called Whatsapp. A person posing as Momo will give the users dangerous tasks and if they failed to do it or refused, threats will be sent to them.

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  1. jobert_sucaldito says:

    Stupidity in this day and age. People who spread this to cause harm should be shot and hanged.

  2. can you give me a fuck?

  3. Prime_Veritas says:

    While stupidity is stupidity, those who suggest that anyone be shot and/or hanged sound really stupid and toxic.

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