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Steam payments now priced in Philippine Peso

Having a hard time computing for USD money you’ll be spending when purchasing new games from Steam? Worry not, as the entertainment platform started to convert prices to our local currency.



Started September 16, the entire Steam catalog now supports Philippine peso as a currency for purchase. As such, game prices and local players’ steam wallets have been converted to local cash at a rate dictated by the market value and time of conversion. Gamers can now start to purchase games from the platform without any significant changes to Steam’s content.

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6 Responses

  1. archie says:

    Great news. Dapat gawin din to ng battle.net para sa WoW.

  2. jan says:

    Great news. I compared the prices to its original usd prices, its definitely cheap. I can now buy games on my wishlist almost half the original price. Kapag nag sale pa tiba tiba. Unfortunately marami na akong nabiling games before pa nangyari. But better late than never. Hehe.

  3. penkk says:

    time to prepare my wallet for the incoming winter sales.

  4. levy says:

    Hi sir yuga, I noticed in the game page that you have to be in the philippines in order for that game to be put in you game library. So that means if you go overseas like the US, you cannot play that game anymore? Thanks!

  5. Rhon says:

    Nageerror naman when I try to make a purchase. Ilang card na ginamit ko pati PayPal, ayaw pa din.

    • jan says:

      Oo ako din. I thought ung paypal ko ang may problema. Report natin dude para makita nila na hindi lang sa isang tao nangyayari. Sayang yung naka sale wh gusto ko pa naman bilhin.

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