21st Century Internet Kiosks

21st Century Internet Kiosks

Saw this one while waiting for my connecting flight at Suvarnabhumi Airport here in Bangkok, Thailand. At first glance, you’d really think they’re just one of those typical metallic phone booths you see all around. A closer inspection can catch one’s curiosity a bit further.

Internet Kiosk Internet Kiosks


PC Kiosk

The phone booth can actually be used as an internet kiosk with a matching metallic keyboard, trackball and arrow keys. Internet rates starts at 0.5 Thai Bhat per minute (about Php40 per hour). You can top up using coins or a credit card.

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11 Responses

  1. L.A says:

    Wow! Buti pa sila meron nyan sa pinas ata phone booth lang minsan di pa gumagana eh haha!!!

  2. Jason says:

    speaking of phone booth. I remember the malformed 5 peso coin hack on globe phones :))

  3. Youngmaze says:

    db meron nyan… sa eastwood :d hehehe pero minsan sira :)) hekhekhek!!!…

  4. Jeric says:

    I saw a internet booth at the MRT entrance of Shangri-la Mall and also one at Eastwood. There is an internet banking booth at MOA also (if that one counts). Best of all they’re free, as far as I know! heheh :)

  5. Nightshift says:

    Hindi totoong sira minsan yung sa cybermall sa eastwood. Palagi siyang sira. Display lang.

  6. Eugene says:

    I agree about the Eastwood kiosks. There’s one at Cybermall and another one at Citywalk 2. Though I see that some people have used them, the few times I tried them myself didn’t work.

  7. I have also seen kiosks such as these on the airports of HongKong and even on Dubai. I was eager to test them but they require a credit card in order for you to use them. However, I don’t know why they even have those when they have FREE internet usage on a seperate booth.

  8. The problem having those here in our country is Filipinos will not leave the station because it is “FREE”.

    Pinoys = Free stuff addicts.

    Free internet access kiosks = I dont care if I stand up the whole, as long as I have free internet access.

    No, I’m not saying Pinoys are bad or something, but rather, we still need to learn to respect and know our limitations.

    Now make it not free, like the phone booths, then another problem surfaces – if it isn’t ours, we dont care if we break it or not.

    Ok fine, we care. Then the third problem, “maintenance cost”.

    Ok awesome, problem solved, maintenance okay. Fourth problem? Service quality.

    Now service quality, I don’t know when we will solve that one. It’s “kanya-kanya” system in our country. Forget about public server, its all about amassing millions and billions of money from the masses.

    Sigh, when, oh when will our country learn to become a “Community”.

  9. I agree, having FREE kiosks (internet, phone booths, and such) here in the Philippines is not feasible at all. Some pinoys are naturally thick skinned when it comes to free stuffs. As long as it saves them money.

  10. watches says:

    come true.

  11. Perfectly written subject matter, thanks for entropy.

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