Flying to Lahore, again.

Flying to Lahore, again.

I’m off to Lahore, Pakistan today for another week of workshop. That’s actually 3 days in Lahore and another three in Karachi. This last couple of days have been an adrenaline-rush for me.

Right after I came back from Singapore last week, I had to go to the Pakistan Embassy to apply for another visa. Since I got my invitation on a very short notice, I wasn’t prepared with the right documents. Now, I needed a new NBI Clearance with DFA authentication. I thought, what’s that and why do I need that? I never needed that the last time I applied for a Visa.

So, I went back to Carriedo at the NBI head office to apply for another one. Since it was for travel abroad, it takes about 3 working days to process it (and I thought you can get it in a day now). I already used up all my NBI clearance including the personal copy so a renewal application is no use. I had to pull some strings to fast-track that. A friend of a friend who works there helped out and I was able to get it the following day.


Turns out the one I got still needs to go thru the Department of Foreign Affairs for authentication. I called in another friend/client who works in their legal department to help out. I got it a day after. Off to the embassy that Wednesday.

But, I’m leaving on Thursday so I was hoping for a miracle and a little gift to the officers inside would do the trick of an overnight approval. To my dismay, it didn’t work this time.

A few phone calls from my sponsors in Islamabad did the trick and before end of office hours yesterday, I got my visa.

Phew, why do I always get into such trouble all the time? Read my previous encounter here. Ok, there’s the boarding call now.

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8 Responses

  1. AnitoKid says:

    Hi Yuga! Have an interesting read, you may want to check it out. It’s at

    Much thanks! More power!

  2. benj says:

    Pakistan. Interesting. I guess they’re really trying to keep in step with India now.

    Take care.

  3. Huwag mong kalimuta ang salita ” Kiyale bay ” How are you sa salitang English..

    At sasagot sila ng ” TIKE.. “

  4. Welcome to Pakistan!
    Can you mention the name of workshop you are going to attend.

  5. yuga says:

    @ Sajid – thanks! it’ a blogging/podcasting workshop sponsored by the Friedrich Naumann Stiftung Pakistan. :)

  6. Welcome to Pakistan. I hope you will have great time in Pakistan.

  7. wites says:

    @yuga: sako ba. i was thinking of going to your pad this weekend but i guess i missed the chance again.

  8. wahini1109 says:

    Hi yuga,

    just want to ask you, I’ll be flying off to Islamabad next Thursday and my problem is my NBI clearance has not been authenticated yet. I’m just wondering, can you’re friend from the legal department help me with this? I’m willing to pay him, if it’s just alright. I just can’t move my flight and it’s very important for me to be in Pakistan before Monday.


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