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7″ HTC Flyer tablet announced

HTC has finally announced their very own Android tablet and the rumored name HTC Flyer was right all along. The 7-inch tablet comes with only Android 2.4 (not the version 3.0 intended for tablets).

HTC Flyer
1.5GHz Qualcomm chip
4,000mAh battery
32GB of internal storage
up to 32Gb via microSD card
1GB of RAM
5MP camera
1.3MP secondary front-facing camera
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, DLNA
Bluetooth 3.0
HDMI out
Android 2.4

Strange though that the capacitive screen comes with a stylus. HTC did not indicate a possible retail price but it is expected to be released in the Philippines by 2nd quarter of 2011.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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29 Responses

  1. mary says:

    Since it’s from HTC, it’ll probably be expensive… right?

  2. jun says:

    oo nga eh.. but hope na magbabaan pa mga tablet.. im planing to get one.. pero parang imposible sa bday ko.. hahaha.. still waiting for a good ass tablet.. definitely na mahal ito at samsung.. hays..

  3. kjalcordo says:

    Not very hopeful of the price.. hehe

  4. Penoy says:

    halimaw sa specs…sana upgradable to honeycomb.. mahal to for sure

  5. Ferie says:

    Not android 2.4. 2.3 (gingerbread) will be dead on arrival!

    HTC has since corrected its online press release, changing the stated OS of the HTC Salsa, ChaCha, and Flyer tablet from Android 2.4 to Android 2.3.

  6. csseyah says:

    how much kaya yan? sana abot kaya ang halaga… gusto ko yan…

  7. Erik Gatmaitan says:

    Does this have GPS?

  8. Jon says:

    I’m a huge fan of HTC, but this one looks a little bit too bulky for 7 inches. Looks elegant though. I really hope that UI is just a mockup since those widgets don’t look well stretched out on a screen. So many space wasted, IMO.

  9. Will wait muna for a very descent tablet. For sure the prices will go down once there are a lot to choose from.

  10. alwin says:

    tempting… but not quite. it’s good that it’s HTC, but it’s bad coz it’s small. would have been perfect if it’s the size of an iPad.

  11. bench says:

    Happy nko sa archos 70 250GB..

  12. whatif says:

    not dual core? next pls….

  13. john says:

    Gotta love the scribble technology on this one :) I’m blown away…. hope they release another tablet a 10 incher with honeycomb… lots of choices

  14. It’s so nice, another innovation that must see. http://iloveyou-mydear.blogspot.com/

  15. NemOry says:

    @sir Yuga, meron na po bang Android 2.4?sa android website 2.3 palang po nakita q. . ,totoo kya may 2.4 na?hehe. .anyways HTC talaga pnaka da best sa pg design.

  16. Mat says:

    1.5 ghz is better than 1 ghz dual core In my book. Let’s see what the final product looks like once its released.

  17. Gumz says:

    Bilis naman… Version 2.4 na agad…

  18. whatif says:

    thats like saying pentium 4 3ghz is better than core2duo 1.5 Ghz loooool san yang book mo patingin naman…. haha

  19. Mat says:

    You are free to you own opinion.

  20. Mat says:

    Welcome; not free.

  21. jo says:

    Very Nice One form HTC!…. but i like to share you guys… dito sa place ko, one of the latest release from htc (HTC Inspires) and i’m planning to buy. pro im comparing the price here and in the philippines. pro wala ako may na kitang model na ganito. dito nag cocost cya ng 64,000.00 DZD or Algerian Dinar. aprox nasa php+-38K. kaya hindi ko malaman kng mura na ba ito. anyway regards nlng po!

  22. jo says:

    about the Sony xperia X10, wala na po akong updates regarding the existing price right now…last 2010 pa ang review at may nag sasabi mas mura daw dyan sa pinas compare dto. SE Xperia X10 cost here 37,000.00 DZD, so i guess nasa less 20K PHP na po. baka kasi mas mura na sa pinas. i hope may mak pag reply ng existing price, salamat po.

  23. jerrmey says:

    Cellphone poh ba ito? may GPS?

  24. Kaloy says:

    oo nga may cellphone functionality din ba ito? if it does have, i guess i have to sell my desire & BB and buy this instead. big fan of HTC rather than Apple

  25. frankmac says:

    Guys, antayin niyo ilalabas ng wi-tribe 4G..

  26. marivic says:

    ahm yup i agree htc is good.. but they should lower the price cause its expensive .. especialy here in the philippines not all people can afford it.. and if you want costumers buy it low your price.. thats over price sorry..

  27. Viola says:

    Anyone knows how to activate the internet? I bought a broadband sim already but I can’t connect to the net.

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