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Apple iPad Mini vs. Google Nexus 7 specs comparison

Apple’s first contender in the 7-inch tablet arena was announced earlier today in the form of the iPad Mini. Now let’s find out how it fares by doing a head-to-head spec comparison with a different 7-inch beast, the Google Nexus 7.


It is evident that both tablets have different strengths. The iPad Mini has a larger screen within 7-inch but the Nexus 7 has a higher resolution at 216 ppi, plus Gorilla Glass. For processing power, the Nexus 7 has a quad-core processor while the iPad Mini uses its older sibling’s dual-core A5 processor. The iPad Mini has a 5 megapixel rear camera while the Nexus 7 doesn’t one. Then there’s the RAM, physical and wireless connectivity and of course, the price. The iPad Mini starts with a $329 price tag for a 16GB WiFi-only model while the Nexus 7 has an 8GB and 16GB models with a price tag of $199 and $249, respectively. Not to mention that Google’s about to release a 32GB model soon and perhaps one with LTE connectivity.

Like most comparisons made between Apple and Android devices, it’s actually difficult to conclude which one is better. Both are different devices that use different platforms and ecosystems. Not to mention that we’re looking at hardware specs. For now, I’ll leave it up to you guys. iPad Mini or Nexus 7?

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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96 Responses

  1. John says:

    Even though Nexus 7 has a bit higher resolution, iPad mini views more content. (If you watch the keynote, nexus 7 is compared to iPad mini).

    The A5 chip still kills tegra 3 in benchmark performance. See AnandTech

    More cores will just make the device lose battery faster and will get hot fast too. Where iPad mini have few cores but still kills the nexus 7 in performance.

    I own a Nexus 7 and I hate the fat bezel of it. It’s also plasticky feel. iPad mini feels very premium(And I like that it is very sexy, thinner than iTouch 4th) that it makes Nexus 7 and kindle looks and feels like toys(TheVerge said this too!).

    There’s a lot more things that makes iPad mini a better choice than Nexus 7.

    The only thing you want a nexus 7 is because it’s a bit cheaper.

    16 gb prices
    nexus 7: 250$
    iPad Mini: 329$

    80 dollars difference or about 3,300 php only.

    What do you think is better here? I think now you know :P

    • anon says:

      how can you claim that the ipad mini has a better premium feel when you haven’t actually touched one yet? how can you claim that the mini kills the nexus in performance? puro ka kase speculation.

      the nexus 7 is better in resolution, RAM and chip performance. quad-core can’t be denied.

    • kirk says:

      What John said is true. A5 chip kills a quad-core tegra in performance. iPad mini is an iPad 2 in reality, just shrinked in size and upgraded some components. Also, quad-core doesn’t mean it’s faster than a dual core. Everything cannot be measured on raw specs, that is why we have benchmarking software available.

  2. Marcelino says:

    I’ll go for the iPad mini since it has a camera and of course, App Store.

    For sure naman na yung next-gen iPad mini will have a Retina Display.

    • Katsura says:

      It would be impossible because if they will do that, it would eat the sales of the 9 inch one

    • Marvin says:

      Camera on tablets is overrated. You really look stupid trying to snap a shot using a tablet. Good luck with that

    • river says:

      Nothing more stupid than people using tablets as camera

    • Rigor Impossible says:

      Agree with marvin…
      It’s disturbing.

    • Marcelino says:


      Hindi malayo mangyari yun since wala na silang ilalabas na ‘innovation’ in the future. LOL

      @Marvin and @Rigor Impossible:

      Kanya-kanyang preferences yan. I don’t see it disturbing and stupid. Moreover, (kahit pa sabihin niyong overrated ang camera on a tablet), it’s an advantage over the Nexus 7.

    • calvento says:

      appstore? ano ba mahalaga apps sa apple ang wala sa android?

    • kirk says:

      Quality driven applications. Android has a fragmented app ecosystem obviously that’s why developers always release applications first on iOS. Look at Facebook for iOS and compare it to Android’s. The latter still use HTML5 wrapper which is much slower than a true native application.

    • buyog says:

      natatawa lang ako pag apps store na pinag-usapan, jail break na yan!

  3. Yoyo says:

    It seems that the Nexus 7 has higher height-width pixels compared to the iPad mini. Wouldn’t that oppose what Apple claimed that you can see more real estate of websites using the iPad mini?

  4. chinitoguy says:

    Google Nexus 7 for me! Sorry but as I’ve said before in my other comments, I really don’t like Apple. Yeah, they are really great piece of technology, nice beautiful display, excellent OS, etc. But what I don’t like is the price. I believe that users can do more in Android devices. I own a Samsung Galaxy SIII. Its an excellent device! Cheaper than the iPhone 5 but it can do more. Pop up videonplayer, S Memo, bigger HD display, excellent Chrome browser and unlike many Android devices. It has no lags just like the iPhone.

    As for tablets, I never bought a tablet because I know how laggy and poor performing Android tablets are in Android 3.0 and Android 4.0. But when Google announced Android 4.1 Jellybean and Google Nexus 7 and how Project Butter (no lag) goes I really wanted to buy. I found out that Google will announce a 10-inch Google Nexus 10 tablet I decided to hold on to my wallet for a little while longer. I hope it comes out in time for my birthday in February.

  5. Lexty says:

    “Did you know? That if you already have an Iphone or an Ipad and you buy an Ipad mini, then you’re an idiot.. – Carl Mortimer”

  6. roiji says:

    not an equal comparison XD

    • chika says:

      mahirap icompare s specs.. pero kung sa sales, baka maging winner ang ipad mini..kahit na mura pa ang nexus.. hehe

    • rorouni says:

      Sure na mas marami talaga sales nito. Mas marami kasi talaga idiots dito sa mundo kaysa sa matatalino. :D

    • mark says:

      idiot ba rorouni? sour graping lang yan dre pataygutom ka kasi. subukan mo magtrabaho para maka afford ka rin ng mahal na product na preferred bilhin ng MAY MGA PERA.

    • mbb says:

      @mark another stupid comment criticizing smart people who doesnt buy apple products..would you care to share how many days you did not eat just to buy your iphone?

    • mark says:

      @mbb you sure type faster than you think. or did you even care to read the comment above mine? calling people idiot just because they can afford to buy apple products sure equates to sour graping.

      and for the record I didn’t have to starve myself even a day. i’m making enough moolah monthly managing a group of IT specialists so rorouni’s argument is moot and academic at the very least and very futile at its best.

  7. Ian says:

    I like the mini ipad especially they include a 5 megapixel camera, but its better to snap photos using a P&S camera or your dslr camera.

    I think google realized that you really look stupid taking photos or videos using your tablet, why not get a better camera for that? Or maybe google will add a camera on the next version of nexus 7. We’ll never know, but im fine without a rear camera for the future nexus tablets.

    You need to pay $459 for you to have a gps on the ipad mini…. Nexus 7 has it already for $199.

    • preslee says:

      well the purpose of the camera is rather useful for professionals only, someone who do video conferencing. the ability to take picture is just part of the feature and it is to share moments of your life to love ones especially to busy people. so if u find ipad camera a little stupid then i expect that u dont use any tablet or smart phones. bcoz it all started with apple and all companies are just shadows. smart people dont have to say something negative to another company. and besides, the only negative about apple is, its too expensive for you to own it ;)

  8. kixx says:

    i’ll go for gooogle nexus 7 advantage: processor & memory + the gorilla glass & display

    • krik says:

      So you didn’t specifically mentioned Android as an advantage cause people like you always look at raw specs and not on real-world performance.

  9. Jay says:

    I kinda like the 4:3 aspect ratio of the iPad mini. this oldie is used to books. sometimes it’s not about the specs. the actual real-world performance is what counts. I’m going to wait for a retina display on this baby though

    • philip says:

      But pages on a book are usually elongated, plus the size on the N7 is almost like that of a traditional paperback.

  10. Lexi says:

    Contrary to popular belief, the Nexus is not fitted with Gorilla glass. It’s Corning “fitted” glass and most personalities in the tech world agrees that Corning, the maker of Gorilla glass, just had a hand at fitting the glass for the Nexus, not supplying their actual Gorilla glass. Google refuses to confirm whether or not the Nexus’ glass is indeed Gorilla glass. So take that for what its worth :)

  11. John says:

    Sir yuga, you forgot to post about iPad 4.
    the following are the ads for iPad 4:
    iPad 4

    Pick up the iPad with Retina display and suddenly, it’s clear. You’re actually touching your photos, reading a book, playing the piano. Nothing comes between you and what you love. That’s because the fundamental elements of iPad — the display, the processor, the cameras, the wireless connection — all work together to create the best possible experience. And they make iPad capable of so much more than you ever imagined.

    The best display ever on a mobile device.
    Everything you do with iPad, you do through its large, beautiful display. And when the display is better, the entire iPad experience is better. The Retina display on iPad features a 2048-by-1536 resolution, rich color saturation, and an astounding 3.1 million pixels. That’s four times the number of pixels in iPad 2 and a million more than an HDTV. Those pixels are so close together, your eyes can’t discern individual ones at a normal viewing distance. When you can’t see the pixels, you see the whole picture. Or article. Or game. In ways you never could before.

    Twice the speed. Twice the graphics performance.
    The new A6X chip inside iPad is our most powerful mobile chip yet. It delivers up to twice the CPU and graphics performance of the A5X chip. And it makes iPad feel faster and even more responsive. Apps launch instantly and run smoothly. Graphics-intensive games are fluid and lifelike on the gorgeous Retina display. And with improved image signal processing built into the A6X chip, the photos and videos you take with the 5-megapixel iSight camera look sharper and even more Retina worthy.

    10-hour battery life.
    iPad features a 3.1-million-pixel Retina display and an advanced processor and graphics. How much of an effect does that have on battery life? Almost none. You still get up to 10 hours of power to read, watch, play, write, and create whatever you want, all you want.

  12. parangano says:

    i’d go for nexus 7 hands down. i’m a cheapskate. I love the openness of the android as a platform. i own several other android devices. it’s a nexus. ipad mini is the first of it’s kind and likely apple might be releasing some new version of it again in about 6 months. it’s good that apple has gone into the niche of smaller tablets but it’s a start.

  13. Techjunkeez says:

    Nexus could have been way a lot better but having no front facing cam? Turn off!

  14. gboydroid says:

    Yung mga feeling sosyal lang talaga bibili ng ipad mini kasi may totyal pakinggan at stupido and for noobs.

    Nexus 7 for advance users at wise.


    • Marco says:

      Yea. Nexus 7 rocks.

    • r41 says:

      Sorry but your completely biased and baseless OPINION is not a FACT.


    • Momo says:

      I agree with r41. Di lahat ng bumibili ng Ipad ay dahil mas sosyal. Some are buying it like me dahil sa iOS which is more stable and more optimized ang mga apps compared to android na kahit high specs na ang hardware eh laggy pa din.

      At sa tingin ko di naman ako stupido/noobs, since
      I was working as a programmer for 5 years up to now :)

    • Bruno says:

      Maraming programmer nag ffeeling magaling at matalino, pero wala naman ibubuga…

      Isa ka siguro doon…

    • derrick says:

      @Momo: I agree with you. Programmers also look for stable and less fragmented app ecosystem in which they could release more apps at a lesser time. Comparing to Android’s ecosystem, it is so time and resource consuming to create an application with compatibility that covers most of the OS version and hardware.

    • preslee says:

      well IPAD is chic and the performance is amazing. its undeniable that apple is the leading company for its innovative design.its the apple of the eye for most people. they redefine how a computer should work and they just remove the unnecessary junk out of it and made a break through. those who oppose IPAD or ipadmini obviously doesnt have money to buy it. nowadays, jealous people have so much to say about a thing that they cant afford to have. like people always assumed that neat and gorgeous guys are gays, and that straight guys should look and smell like a garbage man. lol what a stereotype! well let me tell you something. the modern age guys looks neat and clean. when u look good, you feel good, and when u have more than enough money you dont settle for second best.

    • sam says:

      Don’t tell me iTunes is not unnecessary junk.

    • potpot says:


      sabi dito mas madalas mag-crash ang mga apps sa iphone kesa sa mga android devices. tingin kasi ng tao sobrang stable ng apple kasi wala namang message or notification pag nag hahang or nag-crash ung application, pero this study shows na mas madaming app crashes sa iphone, di lang pinapakita ng app.

    • kirk says:

      Crittercism is funded by Google Ventures. No wonder who wins that survey.

  15. sam says:

    kanya kanyang preference yan… bilihin mo yung device na angkop para sayo, hindi dahil matalino o tanga kang consumer, ofcourse.. kung gusto mo ma satisfy.. bilihin mo parehas! Lol!

  16. John says:

    Nexus 7. The iPad Mini looks very very cheap man. I’m waiting for the cellular variant. Release it Google for fuck’s sake. NEXUS ftw ! Ahh as much as I love my iPad 3.

  17. Krisx says:

    Fail. Nexus 7 starts at $199 while the iPad Mini is at $329 for the entry level. They’re not even in the same price bracket. Might as well compare a sub-compact sedan with a compact sedan.

  18. Marco says:

    Nexus 7 still rocks.

  19. chopotka says:

    Specs wise, Nexus 7 beats the iPad mini hands down.

    • shifter says:

      Dual-core A5 beats a quad-core Tegra 3 that is why specs isn’t everything.

    • chopotka says:

      @shifter Since when did a dual core beat a quad core? What benchmark did you use? The A5 chipset is the same chipset used in iPad2 which if I’m not mistaken is already old; it is obviously under-powered.

      Moreover, the A5 chip can’t push the same amount of pixels when compared to Nexus 7’s by as much as 25%, and therefore the iPad mini has a lower resolution compared to Nexus 7.

  20. tantan says:

    d ako bibili ng gadget na may updrade after 6mos… dun ako sa sulit ang pera ko. not because your a programmer exempts you from being an idiot.. basic knowledge and common sense can be used to determine which is better. bilib ako sa apple for the iphone4 and ipad2, then after that wala na. no more innovation.
    i’ll go for nexus7.

  21. gboy says:

    @momo – momo yang mukha mo. hahaha

    IN FACT. most of the chips and mobile parts of iphones and ipad are manufactured by samsung company and selling it for a higher price with a obselete specs. PAK ME. hahaha

    at isa pa, hindi na innovation ang ginagawa ng apple, puro nalang patent sue. bla bla….

    • lions_arch says:

      I’ll give you a fact: Samsung just manufacture the design given by Apple to them. They didn’t design Apple device’s processors. It is just like how a printer works. You just send the data to the printer for it to PRINT, but it doesn’t mean it created the design to print, it just followed instructions sent to it.

    • Wag tanga please? says:


      Wag kang tanga please? wala ka cguro talaga alam sa computers, both sa HW and SW. Halata naman sa post mo eh, parang squatter lang eh..haha

      Kundi dahil sa iPad 1, eh hindi ganito ka successful ung tablet industry.

      kaya eto lng mapapayo ko sayo..

  22. kokoy says:

    okay ako sa nexus 7. the problem is the tablet apps (both in quantity and quality).

  23. Drey Roque says:

    Initially, I was set to get the Nexus 7 mainly because it’s cheap and not laggy. But since it was launched, most prices are way beyond the budget for me to spend on an Android. 199 USD wasn’t promised as I’d hoped.

    When I tried using an iPad for five days of traveling and journal taking. I had one specific app that sold me to buy an iPad. Already planned my workflow and it’s just amazing having to work with it with no fuss.

    i’m excited on getting the iPad Mini. And despite how many people would try to compare it with other tablets. I know I am going to be happy with it.

  24. Nob says:

    I go for Ipad mini, iOS yan, hindi tulad nang Android na laging may bagong OS.. kaya yung froyo ko na phone, napag-iwanan na…

    • buyog says:

      nob ka nga talaga!

    • chopotka says:


      Natumbok mo! LOL


      Pede mo naman upgrade yan sa Gingerbread, isa lang dahilan kaya nde mo ma-upgrade IT illiterate ka at sadyang nOOb or para mas magandang pakinggan, bobo! LOL

    • chika says:

      kung makapagsalita ng bobo wagas! cge kau na! ang importante masaya kami! tseh!

  25. WOOT says:

    Nexus 7. I also like the ipad mini but what really sold me to get hte nexus is the personalization option on android and FLASH.

  26. bogs says:

    para sa akin depende pa din kung saan mo gagamitin. Kung ang gagawin mo lang naman sa tablet ay net/casual games/at ebook reader.. hindi importante kung ano ang processor, kahit pa A20 yan o Octocore.. sayang lang sa pera.. hindi naman tayo yayaman dyan e.. sila sila lang din..

  27. wired says:

    iPad Mini looks good but still it is huge compared to Nexus 7 and half the price pa…

  28. asazine says:

    IPad Mini – another boring device from Apple.

  29. Aton says:

    What the hey hey? Guys, guys. Nakakainsulto na yung mga pagiinsulto niyo sa isa’t-isa. Di’ porket nag-Android, patay gutom na kaagad. At di’ porket nag-iOS not-wise na.

    It’s all because of preference. Mag kakaiba tayo ng needs, and magkakaiba ng devices to use. Like my Brother, Mom, and I:

    I use Android (HTC Desire HD, but I’m planning to get Google Nexus in future) because I love to root and optimize it, making it 120% better than it used to. It’s like a rough gem na ikaw pa mismo ang magpapasmooth. You have a hand at making it better, to personalize it.

    My Brother used Windows Phone (HTC Titan, an import from AT&T, and planning to get Nokia Lumia 920 next year) because he wanted smoothness and simplicity. Nothing goes wrong in a phone mostly made up of elegant fonts. But becuase it made up of fonts it is entirely smoother than both iOS and Android…and it just uses a single core. (Note: Both Desire HD and Titan has both the same processor line. Snapdragon. I O/C clock mine to 1.5Ghz to match Titan’s 1.5GHz…but the latter beats me in every corner) he doesn’t care about the lack of apps because he have a ASUS Transformer TF101. He said, “it’s a phone! Kung games lang din aatupagin mo, mag Tablet at Phone ka nalang. Sa Tablet ka mag-games dahil maraming battery mga Tablets.” Tama naman din siya, kasi malakas makaubos ng battery ang Apps. And that’s why I’m planning to get Google Nexus 7, to delegate tasks so my phone won’t ran out of juice more.

    My Mom uses iOS (iPhone, no plans on upgrading) because it’s much simpler to use, and things are not confusing. One button to push when you get lost, etc. It’s a refined gem.You buy it as it is, you use it as it is. Don’t expect more as it is tightly locked. My Mom just uses it for call and texts anyways. Apps doesn’t really matter. Browsing? Nah, sa laptop parin siya.

    Dad uses an Android, pero sa tingin ko mas bagay sa kanya yung iPhone. Nahihirapan siya sa Android eh. Too complex.

    So yeah, we have money too. Mom, Brother, Dad, and I are working. We can all buy iPhones if we want, for every year or change phones every month. Pero hindi siya practical eh. I just chose what I want and stick to it until the end of it’s life (why change phones when you have one that still perfectly works?). And di’ porket nag-iOS, tanga na, it’s simply how a users use their device. Don’t force opinions on other people.

    With that said, I’m going to buy Google Nexus 7 32Gb as soon as it hit shores. Keepin an eye to both eBay/Multiply. 16Gb was never enough, 32Gb I’ll go for. And buti nalang may Google Play Gift Cards na. I can actually buy apps now without risking my Credit Card. I want to support Apps and Developers. Maybe Music too.

    • poorguy says:

      good for you may money for you to change phones every month… wala kayong 3rd world problems?

    • noodles says:

      I’m totally agree with you, it’s about the personal preference kung ano ang gadget na gusto mo. At the end of the day , what your gadgets are reflects to who you are.

    • Justin says:

      “And buti nalang may Google Play Gift Cards na” … bro, I’ve got bad news for you on this one. Google Play credit will not work on Google accounts tied with PH credit cards. You need a US-based Google account, with US credit cards enrolled, to use this.

      Heck, don’t take my word for it. Check it out here -> http://play.google.com/intl/en_us/about/giftcards/ (click on ‘Redeem it here’)

  30. jason says:

    Device Comparison: ios vs android
    CPU: blah-blah vs blah-blah
    Display blah-blah vs blah-blah
    RAM: blah-blah vs blah-blah
    etc, etc
    Device management: itunes vs drag and drop

    ^The only spec that really matters to me. I have to pay 80$ more to use that P.O.S. software called itunes? No thanks! The only apple devices I have left are an ipad 1 and a 5-yr old macbook. The former is still being used by my 5-yr old son and latter is booted up when I need to sync movies on my ipad for my 5-yr old son. Haven’t had itunes on any of my windows machines since I sold my ol’ iphone 3g. I’m not sure if it was an issue with windows or itunes, but despite setting it not to check for updates, it kept on asking me if i wanted to a) update itunes, b)install safari and c) install quicktime. I don’t use safari, i don’t use quicktime, and if I had the choice then, I wouldn’t use itunes. Especially after discovering that if you replace your motherboard and do a fresh install, you have to sync ALL your music and videos all over again. I mean, WTF?! Now with an android device, I HAVE THE CHOICE to not use any program except the basic windows explorer to manage my device!

    That said, I wouldn’t mind buying an apple device if ever they decide to do away with itunes completely. I’m pretty much brand agnostic. But for now, I’m with android as they offer the best in terms of flexibility and ease of use.

  31. Les says:

    I have only one thing to say. You are stupid if you say that the winner is the mini!

  32. Bernz says:

    I go for Nexus 7 if you are a tech guy, pero kung fashion ang hilig mo, mag Ipad mini ka na lang… ^_^

  33. Ryan says:

    Ang ipad mini prang si Anne Curtis…
    Ang Nexus 7 prang si Christine Reyes…

    Kanino ka?

  34. kimkae77 says:

    Christine Reyes syempre, c”)

  35. Jay says:

    Please stop comparing gadgets to women. Hindi materyal na bagay ang ang mga babae (o lalaki) para paglaruan.

  36. anunsyo says:

    nexus7 fot me coz iPad mini is the same spec with ipad2..

  37. Frhw says:

    We use ipad and android tablet but mas gusto naming gamitin ang ipad kasi pag dating sa keypad winner ang ipad at naaarange namin ang mga icon sa home screen di tulad ng adroid magulo.
    Hindi rin kami nagsasawang gamitin ang ipad, sa adroid boring habang tumatagal.mas flexible lang ang andriod sa connectivity kasi pwede akong magstream ng movie sa ipad galing sa android.

  38. Anunsyo says:

    Iba iba nman po kasi pananaw naten pagdating sa gadget :) saka kaya po siguro nasabe nyo na boring sa andriod kasi every month madame po bago nilalabas na andriod..pero kung alam nyo lang po ang gamit ng andriod..very useful

  39. ipad mini vs nexus 7 says:

    I’m buying the ipad mini, I don’t like the IOS because its programs are limited to itself unlike the android but nexus 7 doesn’t have the rear camera I need…so sad

  40. wildfire69 says:

    I want both ipad mini 64gb and nexus 7 32gb for my movies and tv series viewing And some free games for the play store, ipad mini for the fluid user
    Experience, games look good, magazines and comics looked awesome at the 4:3 aspect ratio. The app department has the ipad mini in a great advantage for those who have experience it.
    I’m an android galaxy y gamer but last October I won an ipad 2 16gb from a raffle at SMB Oktoberfest.
    I was blown way the fluid experience from iOS and the games, uploaded mp4 movies 1080p and it rocked my world, thou now there’s no movies in my ipad because there’s no more space in this tiny 16gb storage hence I wished for a 64gb ipad mini, the mini is a shrunken ipad 2 but with better camera and a little better battery life than the 10 hours of the ipad 2. Buying apps is more secure in the Apple App Store, I’m yet to test the google play store, but I’m using my credit card with apple AppStore and no problem since October.
    Nexus 7 a better hardware tablet than the mini less the tablet optimized apps, movies will look great bec of the 16×9 screen, It can use USB drives and will wait for the 3G version due 1st quarter next year.
    There’s no versus between this two devices, but if I have to choose, budget wise it’s the nexus 7.
    But having the iOS experience, tablet optimized games and apps, knowing all my 1000 plus mp4 1080p and 720p movies will play on the mini. I might use the credit card for the ipad mini at 26k for the 64gb wifi version, I’m just waiting for my wife’s approval. If this push thru it will be a happy Christmas for me while I wait for the nexus 7 32gb 3G or a 64gb version.

    Btw, the ipad 2 is locked in my wife’s clutches, so I want my own, and the form factor of the mini fits my active lifestyle.

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