Apple unveils iPad Mini, price starts at $329

Apple unveils iPad Mini, price starts at $329

Apple had saved their best device for last as the rumored iPad Mini was the last device that was unveiled during the event. Along with the announcement of the 7.9-inch iPad, the Cupertino based company also introduced the successor of the New iPad dubbed as the 4th Generation iPad.

The iPad 4th Generation features an A6X processor which is said to have double the CPU and GPU performance compared to the A5X. The fourth iteration of the iPad is imbued with the new image signal processor just like the iPhone 5. The FaceTime camera is also improved a bit which now shoots at 720p. It still has the same Retina display of its predecessor and the same mileage in term of battery life of which goes up to 10 hours. Both the iPad Mini and the 4th Gen iPad also possess the smaller Lightning port which was first introduced on the iPhone 5.

The 16GB Wi-Fi only version costs $499 while the 3G-enabled one will set you back $629.



As it turns out, the rumors about a smaller iPad was right all along. The iPad Mini sports a 7.9” screen which has the same resolution as the iPad 2 (1024 x 768). Its body is only 7.2mm thin and only weighs 308g. Its posterior is outfitted with the same material as the iPhone 5.

Some of its features include a Dual-core A5 processor, 1080 video recording through its 5MP iSight camera paired with a 720p FaceTime snapper.


The iPad Mini is available in three storage capacities, 16, 32 and 64GB which will cost $329, $429 and $519 respectively. If you want LTE connectivity to go along with your smaller iPad with it, it’ll set you back an additional $130. Pre-orders for the iPad Mini and 4th Gen iPad starts on October 26 with the Wi-Fi only versions destined for shipping starting the 2nd of next month.

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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51 Responses

  1. “The iPad Mini sports a 7.9” screen which has the same resolution as the iPad 2 (1024 x 768). Its body is only 7.2mm thin and only weighs 68lbs.”

    MABIGAT SYA KUNG 68 LBS. hhahaha

  2. RaGe says:


    bigla ko naimagine yung binubuhat ko sa gym -___-“

  3. Berkanoshow says:

    I’m interested with how the PH Apple store is going to price this thing, considering they are selling the new iPod touch starting at PHP 16,490 while their iPad 2 is at PHP 18,990.

    Who would buy a mini when they can essentially purchase a larger one with the same specs? or buy a cheaper iPod touch with larger capacity?

    Then there’s the 32 GB nexus 7 which can be ordered online for 12k + (thru johnny air) and has a higher resolution and better customization.

    In summation this is either an ipod touch killer or as Steve Jobs put it, DOA.

  4. louie says:

    if you are really fan of apple products malamang bibili ako nito pero interms of specs, NEXUS 7 32GB na lang siguro..

    • mozart says:

      It’s not always all about specs. Android devices admittedly have better specs overall, but in terms of the apps, Apple wins with quality.

    • John says:

      Google could counter this by releasing both 64GB and 128 versions of their Nexus 7 tablet.

    • John says:

      Google could counter this by releasing both 64GB and 128GB versions of their Nexus 7 tablet.

  5. Dan says:

    As an owner of the “Mew iPad,” I feel quite cheated. :/

  6. chika says:

    kahit ano pa sabihin ng iba.. marami parin bibili nito.. :)

    • Roger says:

      Mayrn ako ipad2 at bibili ako ioad mini para pnglakwatsa. Kht ano sabihin ng apple haters pinaka maganda tablet ang ipad

  7. Marcelino says:

    Onting dagdag na lang, iPad na. No I’ll go for a regular-sized iPad.

    Anyway, wawa naman yung mga kabibili lang ng iPad 3. In just a span of 7 months, may bago nang lumabas. HAHA

  8. Drey Roque says:

    I’m getting this for travel.

    Thank goodness I’ve waited. Don’t wanna waste my money on an android.

    • ecaps24 says:

      I have a friend who owns an iPad and iPhone 4S. I convinced her to switch to Note2 as it will suit her lifestyle. She used to like apple products but find it boring. Did you use android before and you come into conclusion that it’s just a waste of money?

  9. euro says:

    way too overpriced!

  10. jonski22 says:

    i am not a apple fan boy, but what can i say..they have good apps, better OS, the hardware specs is not high, but you can feel the response, and they really make a good quality. but i feel they are bully, and they are expensive.
    as for the ipad mini, i think i’ll buy it, instead of ipad3…i have i touch pad i used for gaming..the screen is to small but i can handle it nicely..playing Infinity Blade on ipad, not so…if you know what i mean..i think the mini will fit my hand…screen large enough to play quality games..and play videos…i think ipad mini will work for me…i just hope it’s more more cheaper that ipad, but if not..i’ll just buy ipad…

  11. apple man says:

    handy LTE mini ipad is way better if u have the older ipad na.. at least its more handy and wrist friendly for people who always bring their ipad. mini for me!

  12. jonski22 says:

    what did is say??

  13. Ian says:

    Ill get the real ipad instead of the mini.

  14. Les says:

    Thumbs down! No retina display! many will be fooled again by Apple! At $329 they should at least included a GPS for the wifi-only model.

    So not worth it!

    • John says:

      I think i’ll just wait for iPad Mini 2 next year. For sure that will have the retina display and maybe a new processor called A7.

  15. wreek888 says:

    Buti na lang hindi pa ako bumili ng ipod touch 5gen. Now i can buy ipad mini and use it as my media player.

  16. bobby says:

    Kahit anong product ang gawin ng Apple, palaging apps ang lamang nila.

    Tama si Steve Jobs, they don’t need to create a 7-inch tablet. Ang maganda sanang ginawa nila is re-create the iPod line and make the iPod Touch bigger with 5-inch screen and with optional 3G/LTE. Sobrang lost na ang identity ng iPod Touch, parang iPhone lang siya na strictly wifi.

    Although I like the idea that they retained the screen resolution of iPad 2.

  17. Irelan says:

    Dual core a5 lang yata processor ng ipad mini

  18. Irelan says:

    Dual core a5 lang processor ng ipad not a6x

  19. reader says:

    a dry run product..low spec. if it sells then next year you will have the retina and A6X. just keep on buying apple fans. hehe

  20. Real Estate Broker says:

    I’m sure to get this one =)

  21. John says:

    Ew. This is a disgrace for fuck’s sake. Why would anyone want this anyway ? Getting a Nexus 7 basically means you’re paying less for more. It’s a win – win.

  22. sarabee says:

    Win RT tabs and Win 8 tabs hurry please! save me from this…

  23. nameless says:

    Ainol flame pa din! :D Who cares? after one year magpapalit din naman double the specs at the same price. :p

  24. brul says:

    apps lamang ng apple sa android? ano ba mahalagang apps sa apple na wala sa android?

  25. chevii says:

    natawa naman ako sa mga comments bumili ka ng the new ipad in span of 7 months luma na sya..
    bili ka ng ipad mini, ilang months kaya bago lalabas yung bago? hmmm

    • tbone says:

      Di naman naluma yung ipad. It still functions the same as yesterday di ba? Its not about having the latest and greatest device. Kung ganun din lang di ka makakasunod kung hindi malalim ang wallet mo. I am not a fanboi kasi I have different devices in my eco system. All I am saying is if you are always after on the latest and greatest di ka talaga makakasunod. Di naman kailangan mag upgrade to the newest model lagi. :)

  26. ecaps24 says:

    Apple logo is quite expensive.

  27. ecaps24 says:

    If you’re tired of carrying two devices, phone and tablet, then go for the note2. The 5.5″ HD AMOLED is already a great viewing experience. It will fit in you pocket unless you wear tight

    • Mozart says:

      But it’s still not Retina display. It’s still huge in my opinion (as a phablet).
      And Apple is expensive because it’s really high quality. Matibay ang Apple products. If your device is under warranty and it broke down or something, just bring it to an Apple store and they’ll ship it off for replacement.

    • seven says:

      i agree with you escaps.. nway whats the use of retina display if you cant do so much with your ipad.. other than android i think windows 8 tablets will rape ipad or mini.. i think apple is not innovative as it was before..

    • ecaps24 says:


      what would be the ideal size for a tablet? i’ve seen a note in samsung store and it actually fits in my hand.

      what are the other things you can do in an ipad mini or iphone apart browsing and apps which mostly can also be on android phones. Note 2 in my opinion beat the apple in every aspect.

    • prophylaxis says:

      galaxy note II is really stunning, but I don’t think it’s worth the price. A major deal breaker for me is the display (yes! the gorgeous display). It’s AMOLED: a younger, unstable display technology (compared to LCD), it’s Organic and gradually degrades with time,sensitive to light and very prone to screen burn in (screen ghosting).

    • ecaps24 says:


      Good points. However, my experiences with S-AMOLED are not on the same track as the things you said. I have a phone called Samsung Wave, which I am planning to replace next year with Note2, for 2 years and got no complains with the display.

  28. Sherwin says:

    I have a feeling the iPad mini would be the best selling iPad …

  29. mar says:

    The good thing is that, all the apps working on the current iPAD models are compatible w/ the iPAD mini. The app devs need not to make the same app w/ a different screen size unlike in iP5.

  30. prophylaxis says:

    i think $329 is the right price for it. compared with its main competitor, the nexus 7 (which is $250 for 16gb), it has an aluminum body, a larger screen and good quality rear and front facing cameras. Though it has a lower resolution (1024×768 vs 1280×800) display, i think it is intended since most of the ipad apps are created in this resolution. Making the display retina class will significantly increase its price (maybe even higher than that of the ipad 4) because a it will have a 2048-by-1536 resolution (greater pixel density=more difficult to process=more expensive).

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