Archos 70 unboxed, in the flesh!

Archos 70 unboxed, in the flesh!

So we got the most popular variant of the Archos Android tablets this year, the Archos 70. There’s a limited number of units available locally and release has been delayed twice but the local Archos distributor was able to get us a review unit.

Having tried the bigger Archos 101, I must admit that the Archos 70 looks sleeker, thinner (much thinner than the Galaxy Tab or the Cherry Mobile Superion) and lighter. I think it’s just the right size for an internet tablet.

Archos A70 Internet Tablet
7″ display @ 800×480 pixel capacitive screen
1GHz ARM Cortex A8 CPU
720p HD video playback
VGA camera
HDMI, USB ports
8GB Flash or 250GB HDD model
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 2.1
Archos 70 250GB price: Php16,990
Archos 70 8GB price: Php15,490


There’s been a huge demand for these tablets that delays in shipments are due to lack of supply. I am told that Europe got the first shipments and that units there are still in short supply. Units were initially slated to arrive in the Philippines back in November but was pushed back to December.

The only available units ready for this month would be the 8GB Archos 70 while the 250GB variant will be available by January. The retail price of Php15,490 still applies.

The device still runs on Android 2.1 Eclair but should be ready for upgrade to Froyo now (just checked firmware update to 2.0.54 is up). Although update is available via OTA, Archos recommends downloading the full update to a PC and then transfer via USB before upgrading. Will post my full review of the Archos 70 soon.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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78 Responses

  1. YuYu says:

    Hi Abe, is there a big weight difference between the HDD & Flash model?

    also, do you think this can support gingerbread? thanks. :D

  2. Jon says:

    Tsk. Still short on stocks, that kinda sucks. I have to agree. It looks like the best Android tablet so far. I just don’t know why they released an 8gb model instead of 16gb. I mean, there are smaller Archos devices that have 16gb version. Even though you could add more storage via the microSD slot, people who prefer flash storage over the hard drive version may find 8gb to be very small.

  3. yuga says:

    @yuyu – yes, weight and thickness. The specs I believe can handle 2.3

  4. JKisaragi says:

    Looking forward to your review Sir. I especially want to check out its battery life. :)

  5. YuYu says:

    i see. thanks so much.

    now i’m really torn between getting a Galaxy Tab, a Galaxy S, a WP7, or this tab + some cheap froyo phone. :S

  6. NineSwordz says:

    Alright! Thanks sir yuga. Will definitely wait for the full review here.

  7. Jucato says:

    I would have actually preferred an Archos 70 over a Galaxy Tab except for 3 things (in order):

    1. Most important: Local service/support/warranty. I don’t think Archos has any local service centers, unlike Samsung. So if something bad happens, you’re left to 3rd parties.

    2. Screen size: 1024×600 would have been the best resolution for this device, as it would have a higher DPI/PPI, and therefore better for reading.

    3. Least important: The HDD variant is worrisome because of moving parts. The 8GB SDD is a bit too small compared to its contemporaries.

    But one can only cram so much features into a Php 16k device. Something has to give. Unfortunately for me, #1 and #2 are the top problems. But then again, I can’t afford a Tab either. Will wait for more options. :)

  8. chris says:

    Sir abe, Where do you buy these gadgets? Ang hirap maghanap ng tablet. Lagi nalang ipad nakikita ko.

  9. NineSwordz says:

    For me, I think the 8gb is enough for applications. You don’t need to put your files, music and movies into the ssd rom. There’s no difference in speed AFTER you loaded them I think.. frame rate improvement? sound quality boost? nah.. The important part is that the ssd rom is for your APPS only.

    Nag-tyaga nga tayo sa mga 8gb ng iDevices eh, na magkakasama lahat ng music, movies and apps.. jan pa kaya? =P

  10. mary says:

    Wow… may point ka NineSwordz. :)

  11. Jon says:


    Sorry dude, but according to the archos forum, not all of that 8gb can be used for app storage. I think just a few hundred MBs (300mb i think) are available for apps. The rest is for storage of media (pics, videos, etc).

  12. nexusboy says:

    i hope you can obtain a Dell Streak sir abe. :)

  13. NineSwordz says:


    i see.. if that’s the case, then that’s really a problem. well if that 300mb is for apps, and the remaining storage (7.7gb) is for media – pics, videos, etc.. what’s the use of microSD then? =(

  14. Jon says:


    Well, it is for more storage for media like videos, music, etc.

    I’m not sure if there are hacks (app2sd or similar) that work on this device. I think Froyo partially solves this problem I suppose, but the app must be compatible with this feature with Froyo.

  15. RJCA says:

    Sorry for the stupid question but I just haven’t been up to date with Android in general, can this play Xvid videos?

    If yes the 250GB one seems great for on the go video watching.

  16. Edmund69 says:

    two questions… can the usb port of the Archos 70
    1 – use for modem like globe tattoo, etc.
    2 – use for portable hard drive to read my favorite movies..


  17. islacom pilipinas says:

    No, Globe Tattoo USB Modem won’t work, that goes the same with smart, sun and wi-tribe

    No the external HDD also won’t work

    The USB is use for charging and transfering of files


    I would like to see photos of the 250GB version if it is still as slim as the 8gb model..

  18. islacom pilipinas says:

    Where to buy:


    Tel: 632 861 0020 / 63 917 6ARCHOS


    Email: [email protected]


  19. wilde says:

    I made a pre-order. The 250gb should’ve been sweet, but alas after two delays, wala pa rin…


  20. Macreeve says:


    Yes it can, along with other formats

    See link for specifications:

    Specifications for other Archos products:

  21. Aaron says:

    i was looking forward for the release of huawei s7 android tablet but then i found out about archos 70. now im really torn apart.

    which is better, huawei s7 or archos 70? should i just wait for huawei s7 to be available in the phils or should i go for archos 70? help.

  22. Aaron says:


    when did you place your order? was there a reservation fee? if yes, how much?

    i’ve decided to get this one, i won’t wait for the s7 anymore. :)

  23. Arvee says:

    @nexusboy DELL STREAK, oh yes!

    Anyway, baligtad naman ako. Nung nalaman ko from @Aaron na may Huawei S7, saka ako nagdalawang isip sa pagbili ng Archos 70! hahaha.

  24. Hajile says:

    External HDD’s work. I’ve attached both my CDRKing 2.5″ USB case, and my WD 320Gig Passport to my A101, which is the same as the A70.

    You cannot charge via USB

  25. Arvee says:

    External HDDs work on Archos as long as it’s self-powered.

  26. Hajile says:

    Oh yeah forgot. The a101 fully supports external harddrives, the a70 will also work but the devices will have to get their power from somewhere else.

  27. geri says:

    bougt my archos yesterday .few units left at willman in glorieata activity center.

  28. geri says:

    bougt my archos yesterday .few units left at willman in glorieta activity center.

  29. xtian1986 says:

    trip ko pa rin yung 101.

  30. Whew! I can’t wait for your review on the unit, Sir Abe.

    What to expect on year 2011?

    Epic War of Handheld Tablets!

  31. Chu says:

    @geri how much is it sir? I want to get one as well.

  32. Edmund69 says:

    Is there really possibility that the archos 70 250GB be available here in the philippines, because the price difference between 8Gb & 250GB is just P1,500+, some people may forget the 8GB version once the 250GB version arrive.

  33. Aaron says:

    saan po sa glorieta merong available na archos?

  34. Aaron says:

    @sir geri:

    willman po ba or villman? im not familiar with the store po eh. i’m planning to purchase an a70, kaya lang nahihirapan ako maghanap kung san meron.

  35. zeicht says:


    how much is willman selling the unit? is it the 8GB model? are they also selling the 101?

    I believe the 101 can be used with HDD’s with the standard sized USB host but the 70 can’t since it doesnt have a standard sized usb host…

  36. Hajile says:

    Actually, the A70 can support them too. But needs a micro to full USB adapter, which Archos has neglected to include in the box.

  37. jumi says:

    hehehe, kuha ko na ang aking a70 8Gb. ok na ok!
    already upgraded it to froyo! yeah!

    meron ngang 250Gb pero HDD sya. dami sana mailalagay. 250 GB! mas malaki pa sa laptop ko! kaso takot ako sa pagiging HDD nya. bka mas mainit at matakaw kumain ng battery. at onting bagsak while using th e device e bye bye na.

    nasa 300mb nga lang ang pwede installan, pero ang froyo kaya nang mag-install sa SD card. ngayon wla pa ako SD card (naghahanap pa ang 8g or 16g sa market), but i was able to transfer some of my installed apps sa partition na pang media files. (using apps2sd).

  38. Aaron says:


    sang store ka nakabili ng a70? how much kuha mo?

  39. jumi says:

    dito. isa ako sa mga naunang nagpareserve kaya 15490 lang kuha ko, sa iba 15990 na benta nila.. nagkita kami sa glorietta para kunin yung item.


    Tel: 632 861 0020 / 63 917 6ARCHOS


    Email: [email protected]


  40. geri says:

    cash 15k,card 12 mons bpi madness sale at glorieta activity center look for willman computer booth.meron sila 7 and 10 inch version.

  41. Miyer says:

    Magkano po kaya yung 10 inch version sa Glorietta? Up to when ba yung BPI Madness Sale?

  42. Aaron says:


    sir do you have the contact number of willman? i’m planning to inquire kasi if they still have stocks and if they do accept citibank mastercard. pls. thanks.

  43. geri says:

    18-19k yata not so sure,until dec 12,last tues meron pa cla 3 stocks

  44. Ozzy says:

    Tama ba yung nakita ko sa isang mall kahapon? Arcos 70 binebenta for just P10K?! Chineck ko ng mabuti, Archos 70 naman talaga!

  45. Ozzy says:

    ay sorry, Archos 7 lang pala yung nakita ko

  46. neiru says:

    hanggang kelan kaya yung booth sa activity center? wala pa akong pera ngayon eh.. T.T

    meron bang store na nagbebenta non na talagang store? ung hindi booth lang? ung matagal tagal bago sila mawala..

  47. Psionics says:

    was wondering what to buy now… There’s also this Miu Miu device that runs on android 2.1 and has a pretty nice . available at SM North Main Bldg. 4th floor near the CR. It has a china Rockship RK2818 chipset, supports 720p videos, 256 MB RAM(boing!) and 8GB on-board storage. I’ve tried it and its not bad for a Php 7,900 MID with decent speed(unlike those epads ^^). Was wondering if you have any infos with this bro?

  48. DJ Alyaris says:

    @Psionics MIDs are really sold at a relatively good price. Saw some in Quiapo, though those are not really good looking nor fast or durable either. Still have to try the one you just found sir. Though, a Rockship chipset is not really a good processor. Qualcomms are still the generic for good processors IMO.

  49. Psionics says:

    Thanks for the answer bro :) looking forward on your feedback when you tried one

  50. allan says:

    ask ko lang kung pwede ba mag yahoo messenger dito? at supported ang video calling? nag hahanap kasi ako ng gadget e. thnx

  51. makenzo says:


    yup supported ng archos 70 running froyo ang ym messenger with video calling. got my A70 from villaman last week. dami din gusto bumili nung pinakita ko sa xmas party ng company namin.

  52. allan says:

    @makenzo tnx bro!

    by jan. pag hindi dalawa bibilihin ko e tatlo! 250gb! :)

  53. hart says:

    If you can afford 250gb archos 70 is more better. From my experience if you have a external hard drive added like micro sd card for archos 8gb you going to have a problem if you using the sd card for the files or pictures or video. The good part of archos support, they are always there when I have a problem of downloading. The support is good. If you want to avoid any problems just stick with 250gb. They are still waiting for the adobe flash 10.1 to upgrade to 2.2 android. You can’t download anything from on line video because of the flash are not supported. I hope this will help you to decide what to buy. Good luck

  54. Bench says:

    as long as there is an update I will definitely go for the 250GB version..


  56. bench says:

    @shiela magkaiba ang archos 70 sa archos 7…

  57. ehrine says:

    To all

    @islacom pilipinas

    I just like to know if there’s any other way that we could use USB broadband, like the one that was done on the epads’ of china. If it was with android maybe there could be a way right? Please let me know. I want to buy one and would love it if could be connected with USB broadband. Thanks guys!

  58. ehrine says:

    guys you can purchase the archos 70 250gb at, it’s a verified online shop, and they even have a showroom at quezon. You can visit their site.

    ARCHOS 70 250gb- 14,500 (bank to bank payment)

    Cheap right? =)

  59. ISHA says:


  60. Ehrine says:


    Nope, not yet. Why? Do you know anything about this site? Aren’t they real? And have you ever tried a USB broadband in the archos 70? Is there any way that we could use USB B. in that a.70? Please let me know. Thank you!

  61. chanreii says:


    been following weemall sa facebook and twitter. mukhang totoo naman. planning to buy the 250 gb from them siguro april pa. heheh.

  62. Ehrine says:

    @ chanreii

    Really? I hope I can wait for your review, hey do you know anything bout the USB broadbands? I really like to buy an A. 70 if it could be plugged to a USB broad… please help! =)

  63. jojo says:

    sir yuga, when will you publish your review of this device?

  64. Abby says:

    is Archos 7o available in Mall of Asia already?

  65. Denise says:

    yes there is available archos 70 in mall of asia

  66. Dysnerie says:

    Where can i buy Archos Brand in Philippines???

  67. Edward J. Boado says:

    Where can I have my Archos 70 Intenet Tablet 250gb be check by service center in the Philippines

  68. Lovely blog post you have hereabouts. I hadn’t investigated this.

  69. Mrjulius says:

    Love this Tablet. kahit walang 3G nagagamit ko parin siya Thru CellPhone Thetering. Bluetooth connected sa Sony Ericsson Aino.

  70. sir gie says:

    i got one already. when i showed it to my co-employees, i ended up buying another. and another. and another! hahaha!

    it’s truly a good buy, to think that one can have that lofty 250 GB storage much like the portable HDD – plus all the advantages of an android tablet!

    i was able to update the firmware to the latest version, which is 2.4.19 (Android 2.2.1).

    i am enjoying it a lot now. it’s a pc in a very handy size.

  71. Edmond says:

    Can you read clearly a medical ebook using archos 70? I mean with a book with pictures.. Pls reply

    • sir gie says:

      with my experience of several ebooks with illus, a big, big YES! you can actually use various downloadable free software to open varied files. adobe acrobat reader is available free. other programs like Documents to Go can open and edit word, powerpoint, excel, and pdf files, too. its built-in ebook reader is Aldiko. its preferred files are epub. Nook from Barnes & Nobles is downloadable. its practically so flexible. enjoy a real many-in-one gadget with a very big space for your precious files!

  72. Melo says:

    Magkano ba ang Archos 70 na 250gb kung bibili ako by next month, September 2011? Please recommend a reliable dealer. And yes. How may I be able to use the Microsoft Excel software there? I wish to use the tablet sana for checking attendance of my students using Excel software. Please reply. Thank you and more power.

  73. Name: crashvash says:

    Archos70 250gb meron ito sa Pc corner SMSOUTHMALL BRANCH bakasaibang branch meron din php14,995.00

  74. len says:

    hi ask ko lang kung worth it ba yung ARCHOS 10.1 INTERNET TABLET?MAGKAIBA PALA SILA NG 101 G9 TABLET.. plan ko kasi bilhin yung promo sa yung Archos 10.1 Internet Tablet 13k nalang with 1 year warranty until today oct. 26, 2011 nalang yung promo.. okay ba yung archos brand? quality nung product hindi ba siya sirain? meron service center ba siya? @sir gie: hope mabigyan mo din ako advice since nakabili ka na ng archos product thanks

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