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Astone UMPC hits store shelves in Manila

Yet another player in the UMPC market has emerged. Definitely a hot item this season. The Astone UMPC is a 7 inch laptop that’s looking to grab a piece of the ultra-portable pie. See picture and specs after the jump.

One of the units was found in an Octagon store in Metro Manila.

Astone UMPC Laptop


The specs is comparable to the Asus Eee PC and Intel’s Neo Explore X1. The CPU is a Via C7-M (clock speed at 1.2GHz) processor with 1 GB memory, 30GB hard disk drive, a built-in 1.3MP webcam, WiFi, and 7″ LCD touch screen (with handwriting capability, WVGA 800×400).

Astone UMPC

The placement of the webcam is a little off — that’s on the right of the LCD screen. No Operating system pre-installed. Suggested retail price is Php19,500 (roughly USD$469).

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22 Responses

  1. Rico Zuniga says:

    I agree, the webcam is ugly. This could’ve been really cool.

  2. BrianB says:

    Dell XPS in Hong Kong is less than 50k Php.

  3. sylv3rblade says:

    hmmm, the specs are even better than my 15″ laptop ^_^ looks good enough for the price range but I want Atom on it.

  4. Rondon says:

    I second sylv3rblade – I want an Atom-based one too. Though I wonder if they can get a decent Atom-based UMPC below P20k. If they can’t, might as well fork out P20K for a full-fledged laptop.

    Personally had my hands on the Asus eee PC, was a bit disappointed coz of lack of processing power (i KNOW it’s not supposed to playback those 1024×768 movies but … =P)

  5. I’ll still vote for the EEE PC rather than this one.

  6. Tahn says:

    I want this but you cannot do anything with it apart from surf.

  7. andre says:

    yeah, personally i’ll wait for more competition and the Atom/Silverthorne CPU

  8. erjan says:

    another one.. wow, and the price tag is the same as teh Eee PC.

    Have you tried using one?

  9. monkeynote says:

    The location of the webcam is actually an expandable slot called MODULE for any kind of device such as VOIP Phone. it has a USB port built inside of it.

    in europe, they call this device as via nanobook.

    check out the video.


  10. Divine says:

    I have one and I find umpc very cool! it’s really cheaper than the eeepc! bluetooth enabled! I can surf anytime!

  11. phoebe says:

    i already bought mine.. but… the touch screen’s not working.. how to make the touch screen work?

  12. roman says:

    i like this Astone a lot compared to the eee (though i don’t have either. hehehe).

    however, i’ve compared the specs of the two systems and found these two things notable, astone has a bigger storage size (30gb agains 4gb of eee), the astone can (supposedly) run longer on battery than the eee (difference of like 2 hours).

    i’m quite surprised a lot of people are looking forward to intel’s new processor (atom) when the Via C7 processor already does what intel has yet to achieve through atom.

  13. Noel says:

    pano ba gamitin ang handwriting capability?

  14. Techsoulja says:

    This machine looks cheap, It can’t compete with the Eee Pc even though it has larger hard drive

  15. Rich says:

    i still love the look of asus eeepc! ofcourse love ur own! haha!

  16. prince says:

    darn! i need help with the webcam.. can someone help me use the webcam for yahoo messenger. i tried so many times with the conventional way of clicking the webcam icon. i even tried to install older versions of ym.. it simply does not register. i know that the little orange light turns on when you click that but the view registers as all black. nada. also, when i switch that on and try to access the webcam thru my computer, umpc simply restarts. wtf! pls help

  17. prince says:

    regarding the touch screen guys, there is an extra cd given away when i bought this to correct the mistake. i bought mine in octagon computers. so they gave me the cd. i really enjoy this ultra mobile pc except that the webcam is not working right.. i stl need help from that one


  18. jillian says:

    what do i buy? a umpc or a pda??
    i’m stuck. i need either for skype, pdf viewing, ms office, and internet.

  19. Ardison says:

    For the same price I would go for Acer Aspire One. Better design. Better & faster processor-Intel. Downside is 8G HD. But add a few thousand and you get a bigger hard disk.

  20. jas says:

    if ur touchscreen is not working u should have to download the application of it to work just check it out http://www.astone.au... u can have there the application.

  21. lykacruz says:

    I have already this UMPC laptop. and planning to bring this in USA Florida. I just want to ask if it will work there with wifi connection and other application like the windows of it and the webcam.pls give me a respone on my email so I will know what to do?thanks

  22. rhea says:

    oh, i am planning to buy this laptop because of the specs which is way better than its competitor. i do not go for the looks for gadgets like this, i really consider the specs…

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