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Cherry Mobile taps Ainol for cheap ICS tablets

A number of readers have pointed out to me last week that Cherry Mobile is already selling what could be a co-branded Ainol Paladin tablet so I confirmed it with the folks from CM if this as indeed true.

We posted our review of the Ainol Paladin here back in January which was a huge hit for being the first ICS-powered tablet in the Philippines. That, plus the fact that it was really very affordable at Php5,800.

Cherry Mobile’s official statement was that “Ainol is an exclusive ODM Partner” (Official Device Manufacturer). This means CM can actually carry any or all of the tablets that’s being manufactured by Ainol. That also means you get local warranty and support service for those units as well.

I was also surprised that Cherry Mobile is doing a sale on this unit and priced it at only Php4,999.

Check out the poster above for details of this sale (along with all other Android devices from CM).

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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38 Responses

  1. Yahya says:


  2. dan says:

    Finally they woke up from the public clamor, could this be much better than those cd-r king fastpad that carries the A10 processors?

  3. kimkae77 says:

    nice one..affordable tablet.

  4. William C says:

    Here’s hoping they’ll carry the one with IPS screen as well (Advance 2). Php 6500

    As far CDRKing fastpads, the 8″ (android 2.3)one with Allwinner CPU is actually very good, save for the screen that washes out at slight angle (although to be fair, most, if not all cheap (non-IPS) Android tablets have pretty much the same deficient screen. The CPU is up to task, though, it promises to play HD Videos without hiccup, and it lives up to it’s promises!

    The 7″ Fastpad with Rockchip CPU is still good, and have a better built quality than the 8″one but it does not decode HD videos as well. Php 5800

    The Pavizio (sold at Toy Kingdom!) also has the Allwinner CPU and is a good performer as well, but like the Ainol review at Yugatech, it’s gyroscope will not work on Temple Run (tilted to the left). But cheap at 5,500.

    • William C says:

      Errata: The Php 6500 refers to the CDRKing Fastpad 8″. The Ainol Advance 2 is in the vicinity of 9k per widgetcity pricing, if I remember right.

      I am using my 8″ Fastpad as an on-the-go media player, that’s why HD decoding dominated my post above… They play all my files (Avi, MKV, mpeg4, etc) natively via hardware decoding (will not rotate when you rotate the Android device) or via software decoding (with MX Player) (will rotate as you rotate the device , important because the screen viewing angle differs if you view it from the top or from the bottom, the screen is not IPS, after all).

    • mrt says:

      Re: Temple Run tilted to the left, try to set the gyroscope to normal mode from compatibility mode.

  5. Jackie says:

    Not worth the money of people,

    STOP SAYING ITS 50% OFF! No one in the IT industry makes money in a 50% sale!

    Like the W900, would I really pay a 14,999 Phone?

    Its ridiculous how Cherry mobile is doing the same tactics of saying 50%, 70% off like Alcatel or Fila shoes.

    Just for everyone who reads this, compare the CHERRY MOBILE service center and the Samsung Mobile Service center both in SM North Edsa Annex Building.

    I guarantee you that CM has 2x more waiting customers EVERYDAY. So simply think about that.

    • maico says:

      I agree, I have 3 samsung smartphones. But I dont get the fila shoes part lol.

    • Chris says:

      I agree too. I think CM has good products..and i like how they make them affordable. But they are definitely lying to sell more. The W900 was P9999 to begin with. It was never P15K. I have a Cherry Mobile Stellar (and I’m actually having some issues with it) and I bought it at its original price of P7899. During the sale above, the poster says it was originally P10K and is 50% off at P5k which is a complete lie.

  6. milanaorly says:

    tempting ung Cherry Pad Advance

  7. Noir says:


    Is the quality of Cherry Mobile Android Phones/Tablets good enough? reliability wise?

    The prices look tempting

    • Marco says:

      Cherry Mobile’s quality is VERY VERY BAD. Nasira nga agad ung Cherry Pad Turbo ko ee. So, Wag kayo bibili nyan.. Kung gusto niyo parin, wala na akong magagawa.

  8. Noside says:


    Does this deal will hit Cebu stores? I bought my wife last year a cherrypad turbo and have been satisfied ever since… I sometimes even borrow one… I would like to buy my own tablet from cherry mobile

  9. jon dela paz says:

    i went to megamall and saw the poster but they don’t have the unit yet said the saleslady.

  10. Jay Quing says:

    their prices are unbelievably great but the question is the quality and longevity of the device…

  11. Nigel says:

    Don’t waste your money on these cheap gadgets. After 4 to 6 months, sira kaagad.

    • Mon says:

      In fairness to Ainol, they have relatively well made products (for that price). Lahat nang narinig at nabasa ko na nasira na Ainol device, dahil sa gumagamit (nahulog, naupuan, nabitawan ng anak, etc.)

    • r41 says:

      You better know who the OEM’s are before labelling the products ‘cheap’. There are some chinese branded products that aren’t half bad.

    • Tristan says:

      I can guarantee that Ainol Novo Advanced Tablet is a great tablet. I’ve been using it for months and already sold 3 tablets to my friends. It has the features and durability unlike those APAD or CherryPad Turbo before.

  12. john says:

    haven’t tried any cherry mobile device yet. but with this price,the quality can be a little underrated yea?

  13. Bon says:

    Can anyone confirm if these devices have Google Play or Google Market?

  14. don says:

    The ainol paladin has some hardware issues which include the MIPS based processor that gives a lot of android apps incompatibility but as compensation gives great battery life and great video decoding. Additionally, there is the phantom touch issue which the tablet has some random presses hopefully cherry mobile could fix this issue.

  15. jhep says:

    sinisira lang ng Ainol ang pangalan nila dito sa Pilipinas, wag sa cherry mobile.

  16. Onnie says:

    I checked their store last Tuesday, they showed me the Cherry Mobile Advanced and I noticed that the LCD is sticking out on the edges. I was about to buy it when the sales person pointed this out to me. Then they brought out another unit and still the same problem. I ended up not buying any tablet from CM. Credit to the sales person for being honest though.

  17. limitedbdgt says:

    so the cherrypad advance is the v1 and not the v2 IPS where they have fixed the screen issue? i hope CM releases one with the v2

  18. roices says:

    if u hav d money,do buy the expensive ones but if u intend to buy cheap w/ comparable quality go 4 CM Ainol..it’s worth 4 ur money…:-))

  19. Perky says:

    I purchased this device. It’s not bad for 5900. Sulit n rin s features. I bought it kasi nga gawa ng Ainol! So far I’m enjoying it. I can play 3D games.. Ok din ung HDMI output. Responsive din ung touch screen and the speed is OK. Videos OK din. Can Play any format. Actually, if you hve a USB Keyboard, LCD TV meron kanang mini laptop. Very nice for 5900.

    Cons; Walang volume button for easy access. I have to install volume widget para mablis ko ma adjust ung sounds. Pero pag nsa loob kana ng Games dmo malalakasan at mahihinaan and sounds.
    Sablay din ang Audio, mahina kelangan p naka headset para talga marinig mo ung mga pagpindot mo ng keys (if keypad sound is enabled). Alam ko mgagawan p nila ng paraan un.. I just have to wait for updates.

    Kung afford nyo mamahaling device dun kau. Pero kung nagtitipid kau OK n to!

    Overall good device!!

  20. justin says:

    bakit kaya sinasabi nila na hindi daw pwede and broadband stick sa CM paladin, almost lahat ng store at saleslady,,, pwede nman eh,, dali lang set-up and need lang ng cable mini usb to female usb,wla kasing free na kasama, ginamit ko yung free cable sa ainol advance 2,, maganda pa paladin kasi clear and picture if browsing sa advance distorted ang picture, thanks na rin sa cable,,

  21. eden marie says:

    i just bought new cherry paladin last june 15 , 2012 after 14 days, hindi na siya nag ON biglang nag shutdown..kaka charge ko lang at full talaga…discouraging talaga kaya wag pa loko sa mura

  22. chrizon says:

    .. hi.. ahhmmff capable po ba yung yahoo messenger xa cherry mobile paladin ???

  23. Perky says:

    Uu nman. Download ka s Android Market… Pag di pedi YM dyan di yan Smart device! :P

  24. Chris de Vera says:

    I really don’t like Cherry Mobile as well based on experience. I bought a Cherry Mobile Stellar and it’s battery life was ridiculously short. I think mine was an isolated case since other reviews said that the battery life of it was adequate. Anyway, it’s in the service center right now and it’s been 3 weeks already because the USB port got REMOVED and I gotta pay P600 for a part that costs P50 (due to the labor costs). I really would discourage anyone from buying CM except for their really basic cheap phones but for something more high-end, I suggest just pass on it.

    • Marco says:

      I don’t like CM also. I have a CherryPad Turbo. When I saw the specs, I was impressed. But when I got it, Oh my God. The battery life is only 3hrs. even though the batt is Lithium Polymer 3500 mAh. and then, nasira ung speaker, ayaw nung wifi, etc. Pinaayos namin sa Service Center. May dent daw. (moist sa loob ng unit) Sinisingil pa kami ng Php660… Eh 1 Yr. nga ung free warranty ee.

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