Deep Blue H1 Mini Notebook Review

Deep Blue H1 Mini Notebook Review

The Deep Blue H1 mini notebook had an early mover advantage in the UMPC market but it seems it wasn’t able to hold its ground against the newcomers. Let’s check out and see if this unit would have made a good competitor to the Asus Eee PC 701 series.

Blue Digital Systems went with a Via processor with the H1 — a 1.0GHz Via C7-M. It also has 1GB of RAM pre-installed and a 40GB HDD. In my 7-inch UMPC Rounds-Up last April, the Blue H1 came out on top as the cheapest and feature-packed among the four. (See unboxing pics here.)

Blue H1 Notebook

Many claimed though that the Via C7-M processor was no match for the Celeron 900MHz. Of course, I had to test this myself. Using SuperPi, it took 48 secs. on the Celeron 900MHz and 7 mins. 26 secs. on the Via C7-M to run 1M digits. Either Via CPUs are too slow or they’re not built for floating point calculations (my guess is the latter).

The Blue H1 has a compact built though the battery pack is protruding from its back side. Like many other 7-inch laptops, the screen real estate is barely enough and with a body that’s 9.5″ wide, the screen’s 6″ horizontal width seems a bit small which made you think the space was under-utilized. It’s a little heavier than my Asus Eee PC but that’s because of the extra weight from the HDD (1.2kg).

Blue H1


The trackpad looks a bit small but after measuring, it’s actually the same size as that of the Asus Eee PC (1.75″ x 1.25″). The distinctive left and right click buttons helps for easier navigation. And while the keyboard size and orientation is the same, the Blue H1 has more space for palm rest which makes it easier to touch type.

The 0.3 MP webcam sits on top of the screen but it’s a little distracting to see the text that states “Digital Camera” beside it, in bold all-caps print.

Deep Blue H1

The Blue H1 is cooler (less hot) too, maybe because of the low-power Via and the good ventilation at the bottom (there were 4 grill slots in there).

The default OS is Window XP and is quite responsive despite the low SuperPi results. It’s complete in connectivity too — 2 USB ports, 1 LAN, 1 modem, a 4-in-1 card reader and WiFi 802.11 b/g.

Over-all, this is a good 1st generation UMPC and could have easily surpassed the Eee PC 701 had it been marketed properly. It’s also 15% cheaper than most UMPCsd when it first came out. If Blue Systems can drop the current price down to Php9,995 today (compared to the 701’s Php13k curent price tag), I’m sure people will find it a good great bargain.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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121 Responses

  1. I believe this one runs on Linpus Linux and Microsoft Windows XP Home is optional?

    Ang Balasubas
    Pinoy Life Hacker

  2. yuga says:

    Yup, some units have been upgraded to Windows XP although the retail ones are running Linux.

  3. Blue should re-release this model with an 8.9″ 1024*600 LCD, a VIA VX800 chipset (instead of the the ULV chipset – VX800u), and a VIA Nano 1.2/1.3 Ghz processor (which should be as powerful, if not more powerful, than Intel Atom 1.6 Ghz)

    Oh, and check this out guys ->

    It’s another comparison between Intel Atom and Via Nano. And yes, I just love under dogs. :-D

  4. shing says:

    hi! I’m scouting for small, cheap, and very workable laptops…I might get myself one for my birthday December), and my only requirements are that they can work with the basic Office Suite, Play Multimedia files, etc. I teach/do seminars, and a portable laptop for basic grade computing, editing, and presentations would be nice. My bigger one can be the stay-at home and file storage. What would be your suggestion if my budget is 15K or lower? Where can I get one?

    Thanks much!

  5. Phaw says:

    Just curious Yuga, did you buy all this stuff just to test it?


  6. yuga says:

    @shing, this unit might fit you well for that budget.

    @phaw, some of them I buy on my own if I can’t source it. Otherwise, companies regularly send me test units to review.

  7. Phaw says:

    That’s cool. So after testing them, is it yours already? If yes, are you selling them for a discounted price? :D

  8. yuga says:

    No, I return them back. The review units are passed on to other journalists and bloggers. If someone is interested to buy them, maybe I can get them a discount from the manufacturer.

  9. Clint says:

    Hi yuga,

    I have a blue h1 which I bought at PC Express, and to date, I’m loving it (I installed XP Home). Yes, it is slow at floating point calculations (as expected of a via), but nevertheless, if you don’t use applications for it extensively, you’ll get along pretty fine.

    I sometimes use it as a secondary work laptop – when I don’t like to tug along my 12″ laptop. In fact, I installed Dreamweaver CS3 on it for my work and it works pretty fine (especially when I’m on the go and need to do emergency work). I use the generic via v800 graphics driver from via arena to get 800×600 (and even 1024×768) on the small LCD screen. As a side

    @shing – you can play xvid/divx/mpeg/mpeg2 videos quite fine. H264 videos can play, but not really well (it stutters from time to time), which is expected as H264 videos require lots of CPU juice.

    Also, if you’re into linux stuff, you may want to check this out. It even shows how to use the hardware encryption capabilities of the via processor – quite good info on the h1 capabilities.

  10. TMR says:

    I am very interested in a small device like this as a backup and side kick at work. Can anyone tell me how I can purchase one from here in the United States?

    I would greatly appreciate your advice.

  11. Mark says:

    Love this Blue H1, very compact and lightweight. the performance is satisfying considering its size. The battery life is as truthful as published (4 – 4.5 hours). always watch movies on it. and i seldom turn it off. all in all its a UMPC that gives you value for your money. :)

  12. Mark says:

    wow this worth it planning on getting a new umpc would this be worth it?

  13. MPS says:

    I recently bought this cute UMPC with windows XP. However I can’t get my projector to work on it’s VGA out, tried pressing fn f3, but it won’t switch from H1 LCD to my projector, however if i restart it, while booting it’s view is on my projector, but before it logs on to windows, it’s view returns on my H1 LCD. I also tried using an ordinary VGA Monitor and I got same results. Can somebody help me?

  14. RDD says:

    @MPS, you might want to check your windows display setting first. Normally, if the display setting is not compatible with the software installed in the projector, it will not normally work. This also happen for laptops as well.

  15. RDD says:

    @yuga, in you opinion, which among H1 and Astone is better in terms of features given that both are priced the same at P9995.


  16. mon says:

    Hi Yuga,

    I’m planning to buy a UMPC.
    Can u help me decide on choosing the right device for me. In terms of specs, affordability and reliability.
    Where can i find the best deals and when is the right time to get one. Are there ones coming out w/ better specs i hope i can read it on your reviews before I purchase one.

    Here are some devices from your reviews that im planning to chose from:
    1.BLUE H1 vs
    3.NEO X1
    Prices at 10k bracket.

    Thanks! and More Power!

  17. Zack says:

    Regards with the blue H1… Since the unit is running 1GB of RAM on it, how come in the system properties shows 960MB of RAM. Could someone explain it to me? It should said there 1GB instead 960MB

  18. mark b. says:

    @ Zack

    The true capacity of the memory of the blue h1 is 1024MB the thing is it has a shared memory with the video so if you are using 64MB of video the RAM that will be displayed is 960MB instead of the full 1024MB so technically it still has 1.024GB of RAM :) hope this helps.

  19. doms says:

    I just bought one as my christmas gift to mysel last December 19. :)

  20. clowee says:

    just want to ask how to reformat this Deep Blue H1? i got linpus linux…just want to change the OS to windows XP…

  21. mark b. says:

    @ clowee

    you need to have a external disk drive so you can reformat it via windows xp or windows FLP which is more recommended. its just like reformatting your desktop. :)

  22. Ike says:

    Hi guys! i’m choosing between the h1 or the astone. I like astone coz of its 60G HDD and VIA C7-M 1.2GHz plus touchscreen
    but i like the fact that h1 has better ventilation and longer batt life( i think its 1hr better than astone). And I’m worrying about astone getting too hot after an 1hr or so.

    What i really need is umpc that can support XP or Vista, Photoshop, Surfing, Office and a snappy performance. I know both can support my basic needs but weight, batt life, durability would be a plus. Both are now in the same price range so i really don’t know what to get.

    I’m leaning more towards the astone model hoping that it would be be faster in performance than the h1 but i might be wrong. So i’d like to hear the comments from other users of both models first before i buy one.

  23. elian says:

    hi yuga.i just want to know if this is the cheapest laptop you know that a student like me can afford to buy.
    tnx in advanz

  24. edwinz says:

    i bought one last feb 14….i was impressed of its capability, esp the batt life….i think this is more ok than that of Eee PC mini notebook, besides it is less expensive than the latter…..

  25. edwinz says:

    can anybody give suggestions on other possible applications to be installed (useful)for Blue H1 without affecting much to its capability…..thanks..and more power to yuga!

  26. edwinz says:

    by the way…truth to tell the one i bought was already 60g HDD (on same price huh!) instead of original 40g….it’s the one i’m using whenever i visited Samal Island (beach hopping….lol)… bought it at PC-EXPRESS, Market market, Global City..

  27. dee says:

    which one is better po ba this one or astone? im from butuan city and im looking for sellers online that will sell these products with windows xp na. if you guys have info please share:) thanks a lot

  28. dave says:

    hi yuga… can you pls help me on what is the best umpc… im choosing from astone, blue h1 and packard bell… from which all umpc price are all the same… and im planning to buy one asap… tnx n advance….

  29. Cyd says:

    ei yuga!

    im caught in the middle! looking for the best UPMC for school,work and gaming/videos,top choices are Astone and Deep Blue H1,but i cant decide what to get,do they both play DVD’s?

    pls help…cyd rodriguez

  30. Cyd says:

    ei yuga,

    Astone and H1,can they play DVD’s?


  31. dave says:

    tnx yuga… just got blue h1 and its working fine.

  32. Lynn says:

    Hello. Ask ko lang po if you have any problem turning a blue h1 laptop. I bought 1 last november and so far wala namang problema but when i sold it just yesterday, the buyer keep on complaining it won’t turn on not until nakaplug ang adapter. So far naman, with my experience, wala namang problema about turning on. So after daw fully charging, it won’t turn on not until isasaksak ulit ang adpater to the power source. May I ask what’s really the problem here? Or may may mali lang sa process ng pagturn on or pag gamit?

    Please help.
    Thank you so much.

  33. fran says:

    please let me know if you are selling your Blue H1 laptop, i’m interested to buy.thanks

  34. Lynn says:

    Hello po. I sold it already. Yun nga the buyer keep on complaining na it won’t start if it is fully charged not unless the adapter is still plugged. I haven’t really experience this before. By the way, its Os is XP professional. Anyone having trouble turning on your blue laptop after charging, please share your thoughts about this. Thanks!

  35. Lynn says:

    Hi. My husband installed XP professional over linux. Meron din Corel Draw, encarta 2008, torrent, office 2003. Very nice laptop but too small screen plus i cant play Pet society there due to super low flash player.

  36. lexis_tech says:

    Hi people, I’m selling Blue H1 units. It’s selling like pancakes!!! Much lesser price compared to other stores. for more info, call or text 0917.822.3696 / 0923.2700.186

  37. jolly_nong says:

    hey lexis_tech! how much lower with XP os? plan to buy one for my wife…best buy with budget! thanks

  38. carlo says:

    hello guys…
    my blue h1 is perfect for my research work…
    from linpus i changed to xp then… currently am using vista…

    with vista os…. it is as fast as when i was using linpus…. vista makes my blue faster operationally than when it was xp pa….

    and am using ms office 2007 na…. much faster na sya ksa sa 2003 ko dati….

    so i kept my on vista…

    ang galing pa nga dahil sa S3 video controller i use my old computer monitor as an extension display…
    parang i have two different computers in one…

    further more with my virtual machine… parang i have 5 computers operating in one… can even have 5 yahoo messenger online at the same time….
    super galing…

    i have a lide 100 canon scanner… i just scan the journals i need from the library… no need to photocopy… with the dual monitor capability i can read, cut and paste while typing the main manuscript….

    during presentations… by changing the primary monitor settings i can easily read the manuscript from my laptop while presenting using multimedia projector…. and a handy presenter…

    super galing and all for a price of Php 9995

  39. joan says:

    hi… lexis how much for the H1…OS–>>windows XP, plus ms office

  40. punkypaige says:

    Sir yuga Interested po ako bumili ng Blue H1. please help me naman to buy para maka discount. Thanks po. Please email me po.

  41. jampfong says:

    this thing is really really slow..

  42. Anonymouse says:

    My personal experience with it.

    Sobrang bagal; is it just me or as in ang tagal mag respond nito even slower than my cousin’s very old sempron 900mhz with 700mb+ ram desktop.

    Ginamit ko sa MS-Powerpoint for a group project.
    Pag press ko ng play slideshow, ang tagal magrespond; then while playing, slow motion or rather very laggy.

    I only used it for a few hours coz sa classmate ko ito so hindi ko na i-test any further and I wasn’t able to tweak the system but my first impression of it is very slow. Btw, I tested this more 5 months ago. Also, since di akin yung notebook, chances are maaring mas mabilis pa pla to if tweaked.

    However, yung 4-4.5 battery life is tempting. Kung aus naman ang playback ng 200-300mb HD mkv, then ayos na rin siguro to. Otherwise, yung Asus with N280 kaso more than 2x yung price nun.

  43. amor_malaya says:

    where can i buy this now (june 2009)?


  44. daphne says:

    oh, may i know where i can buy this? i need one asap. :(

  45. niko says:

    buy first gen eeepc. lots of support at
    iv tried h1, its fast if only linpus.

  46. mark b. says:

    hi guys no complains with my blue h1 been with me na for almost a year. still functioning as it should. running on windows flp. office 2007. happy with it so far and very useful for my school work. microsoft one note is very useful tool too!

  47. benj says:

    good afternoon, in terms of durability and performance combined, alin ang mas okay? kasi im willing to buy an external hard disk to compensate for the small memory of the eee pc as long as it performs better all around…what can you say guys? maraming salamat sa mga magrerespond. God bless. :D

  48. anton says:

    where can you buu the notebook at the price of Php9995?

  49. Jesmon says:

    Anybody here where I can buy blue h1 keyboard? I’ll appreciate any info regarding this. thanks!

  50. lhez says:

    I recently installed XP professional SP2 and im having problems configuring the video card, ive already installed the latest adobe flash player. java and direct x but when i browse the internet the pictures wont appear, plus if what Mr. Client said that he was able to adjust the resolution to 1024×768 can somebody help me do that, i’ve been to different websites (s3graphics, via, etc.) but i still cant the correct driver for me to adjust the resolution, I cant even run dinner dash which is a low resolution game..! can someone pls. help… tnx!

  51. Sanctuarian06 says:

    I Have this notebook and selling it for 9,500 only, for only slight usage, with installed OS and programs, and with complete on the box accessories if you are interested. we make our deals asap…… for complete information please email me at [email protected] for questions or you can text me at 09154459109.


  52. july says:

    hello po, i have also deep blue.kya lngsan po kya makakabili nung s charger kc ang hirap mag charge. parang may poblema n un, kailangan galawin p maige.ung pinakawire n kinokonek s laptop.para magcharge.

  53. july says:

    ung pinakawire s adaptor. un ung may problem… so wer can i buy kya. its hard to charge, gagalawin ko p maige hahanapan ng magandang pwesto. pero ok nmn ung deep blue ko i love it..

  54. jAye` says:

    Hi! I bought my BLue H1 last December 18, 2008 and as of August 2009 I have problems with it’s LCD screen. It’s total blackout. It has power on its LED, it’s charging because it has still lights. But i can’t use it anymore. Time to drop by the megamall branch where i bought this piece of shit.

    BLue H1 is not a good product. if you’ll buy a netbook don’t choose this one.

    you’ll regret your 10K for this.

    + i was chatting on facebook when all of a sudden the monitor turn blackout.

  55. jaye` says:

    Pinaservice ko yung BLue H1 ko sa PC CORNER MEGAMALL last September 3. Kapag LCD Screen ang Problem aabutin ng more than 1 month ang service. Ang panget sa PC CORNER wala masagot sayo ng exact date kung kelan maayos yung netbook mo. til december na lang ang warranty.

    And i bought a piece of s-h-i-t!

  56. Maricel says:

    I had the same problem last year. I bought my H1 in September or October, and after just about a month, the monitor won’t turn on, yet the LCD shows that there is power. If I remember correctly, I also bought mine from PC Corner, SM Megamall.

    Anyway, when I had that problem, I brought the unit to Servimax, the Blue Service center, which is at Gilmore. I didn’t waste my time coming back to the store. When I bought the unit naman, the people at the store told me that if there are problems, Servimax na ang kontakin.

    When the unit was being checked, the woman at the counter just removed the bat, put it back it, and restarted the unit while pressing Fn F1, F2 (I forgot) – and the unit worked.

    My fault is that I did not note what the woman did to correct the problem. I am having the same problem now, and I don’t know which keys to press. Does anyone know?

  57. jAye` says:

    Good for you. I dnt have time to bring it pa sa Gilmore kaya dun ko na lang dinala sa bulok na PC CORNER MEGAMALL. tutal warranty period pa. sabe nila bibilin pa daw parts para sa nasirang LCD. it’s been 3weeks na asa PC CORNER pero palpak service.

    Kaya do not buy products sa PC CORNER kung wala kayong tiis mag antay tulad ko sa matagal na service. Sayang lang pera and time nyo.

    Sino may number ng Servimax sa GIlmore?

  58. keisi says:

    here’s the contact number for servimax

    Servimax Technologies, Inc.
    Unit G, Gillmore Commercial Plaza
    #10 Gilmore Avenue, New Manila
    Quezon City, Philippines

    Phone : (+632) 721-9102 and 722-2992
    Fax : (+632) 721-6819
    E-mail : [email protected]

    anyways, i bought mine last year, december, so far ok naman sya, ang main problem ko ngayon is yung adapter nya kasi parang nadidisconnect sya. nagtanong ako sa pc corner, 2K daw isa yung charger.

  59. Ghost0815 says:

    I just bought a Blue H1 notebook from a friend and it had XP installed. It had issues with its graphics when goin to full screen. So I reformatted and installed Windows 7 Ultimate OEM. Whats great about Win7 is that it finds the latest and best drivers for this laptop. So far so good and no more problems going to full screen.

    My only complains are it lags in most applications. Does anyone know if the memory on this notebook or HDD be upgraded? If yes, could you please give me some sites or contact numbers to where I can get this upgraded? Thanks.

  60. edil says:

    may mabibilhan p b ng brand new nito?
    wala n s pccorner, pcx, pcgilmore. san p kya?
    pls help…

  61. paul says:

    i had no problems with my Blue h1, however maybe with abuse my HDD i think is broken, i tried bringing it to a computer shop to replace HDD however it is not the conventional 2.5″ HDD but rather the “Ipod Video-Like” 1.8″ HDD from Toshiba. Im planning to order from hongkong a 1.8″ HDD from toshiba also LIF/ZIF connector. However i am not sure if the connectors are the same.

    If someone/somebody has more knowledge about this, pls contact me 09185498812. Ive been searching all around and i even tried the posted PICS to compare the connectors however im still not sure. my HDD is MKGAL2009 i think, its 40GB. and there are others versions oute there like 30GB MKGAL3006 and 3008, there are even 120GB versions. Are these compatible?

  62. paul says:

    sorry from my post above my HDD is not 22009 but MKGAL4009

  63. gelai says:

    im planning to get an astone umpc tonight. got a good deal from 8k. :)) but then i saw a blueh1 at the same price.. what you think is better?

    please help. :)

  64. akhris00 says:

    please help.. i have a blue h1 sinwap saken kpalit ng psp ko ska p990i. wla akng gnong alm s computer kya nkipg swap ako kc gusto ko sna mtuto. at first ok wlng problem, nung nag browse ako s net nag update microsoft ng genuine, hndi sha mavalidate meaning peke pla os n nkainstol gnawa ko pina reformat ko nangyri nwla wifi ska sound. nagrent ako ng pc nag hnap ako ng wifi ska audio driver, nka kuha ako s official website ng blue. yng wifi ok n, pero yng audio wla p dko alm kng pno ko iinstol ska kng ano dpat kng gwin. kelngan ko pba sha ipareformat ulit? ano b dpat n os ng blue h1? s annong site mkakpg download? mhal kc mgpareformat eh. help me please.. tnx. [email protected] 09235668016 or 09227491932

  65. Maurice B. says:

    @gelai: is it the new astone with 60 gig of hdd? then its much better than the blue h1 umpc cuz it has a faster processor and bigger hdd. But, if it is the older Astone, then I would choose Blue h1 because its cute hehehe but comparable specs with the older Astone. For me, Astone is a like a vtech toys. (no offense to astone users)

    My Blue h1 umpc still works brilliant for 1 year, and all those bugs that I encountered were addressed by simply cleaning all the mess after using it then doing some maintenance every month by defragmenting and clearing all junk files, and always run the update with microsoft. I sometimes use it as my DVR for my video surveillance with the help of portable HD.

  66. Andrei says:

    My GF and I bought a Blue H1 last October 2008. She takes very good care of it, and always warns me to put it down softly even when I was going to place it on her bed! Anyway, this brand has a lot of harware problems, particularly the keyboard. For the past year, she encountered malfunctions (or no function whatsoever) of the keys. This has occurred multiple times. Then just as the warranty expires, the keyboards fail again! So be warned. Another friend of her’s also junked her Blue H1 less than a year from buying it. Your better of buying the more expensive brands than this piece of sh*t.

  67. july says:

    hey andrei, u r really rite.. dis unit is a big b*ll Sh*t…. my keyboard now is not working anymore….i dont know wat happend all of sudden its not working…to all of readers here, pls dont buy dis kind of laptop.

  68. mark b. says:

    so far so good pa naman blue h1 ko. been using it for more than a year na. running on windows flp. formatted it. for those having problems with the drivers of the unit you can download all the drivers in the blue website, i got all my drivers there so far no problems after the reformat i just hope it wont bog down on me.

  69. purple says:

    me too.. been using my blue h1 mini laptop for 6 months, gamit ko lang pag out of town pang farmville lang and ym (have to harvest para makahabol sa level! haha)

    so far okay naman siya.. kaso hindi ko na nagagamit coz my husband bought me a pc set..

    so yun lang, sayang kasi masstock lang siya, if anyone of you wants to buy my blue mini laptop please do text me 09176655500 lady owned po and 100% working condition.. :) 8.5k polast price thanks!

  70. mark anthony says:

    san po kaya ako makaka hanap ng site to download the driver ng blue H1 pls help nman po kasi i change my OS to XP. dati po kasi linux thanks po

  71. janboy59 says:

    i bought my blue h1 last february and its still working well. don’t plug it in unless the battery is completely drained or it turned off on its own. you can save the battery lifespan by doing that.
    if you need a driver disk, i can possuibly burn one for you. i still have the original with me.

  72. poy says:

    after 9 months of slightly using my deep blue H1, the keyboard failed, bought an external usb keyboard para lang magamit ang computer. Please help saan pwedeng dalhin ito for repairs.

  73. mark b. says:

    at last my keyboard failed me. Just bought a usb keyboard sa CD-R king for 200 pesos. not much complains though. asked servimax on how much to get the keyboard replaced… rather not talk about it na lang so just bought the external. hahaha far more cheaper.

  74. Down and Blue says:

    Hello, I’m trying to find drivers for XP for my Blue H1 but at the moment is DOWN.

    Does anyone have a link to a mirror for XP drivers?

    Would be someone so willing to be kind enough to upload if the drivers are not too large?

  75. Down and Blue says:

    Found a mirror for the XP drivers @

  76. carlo says:

    my blue H1 is down… the DDR2 memory has failed… it is impossible to replace it because its fixed to the motherboard… need the motherboard replaced… does anyone know where i can get a replacement motherboard?

  77. den says:

    @ carlo contact me if you need a motherboard replacement 0923-960-5594. i’m looking for an lcd replacement, and somebody offered me a blueh1 unit with defective keyboard.

  78. den says:

    @ paul, if you need hdd replacement for your blue h1 contact me in this number also 0923-960-5594.

  79. ej says:

    where can i buy this?

  80. Beu says:

    Wonderful post! it really got me thinking online coupons

  81. doms says:

    Hello, fellow blue users. Maybe you can help with my problem.

    Our netbook has small screen. There are occasions when the the pop window i.e during installation can be fully seen.

    I am left using tab and guessing that I reach the proper button to click and then press enter.

    Is there a way to go over this?


  82. doms says:

    sorry for reposting. had some booboo on the previous post.

    Hello, fellow blue H1 users. Maybe you can help with my problem.

    Our netbook has small screen. There are occasions when the the pop window i.e during installation, can not be fully seen.

    I am left using tab and guessing that I reach the proper button to click and then press enter.

    Is there a way to go over this?


  83. den says:


    search, download and update mo yung display driver ng blue h1 mo para makapag adjust ka ng mataas na resolution.


  84. Mei says:

    Linux ang OS ng H1Blue ko at wifi ang gamit ko sa internet for almost 2 years na.. Para sa akin best ang linux sa h1blue, excellent condition pa rin ung unit pero ung charger lng talaga ang defective 2009 pa bumigay. Ngayon, gusto ko sana gamitin ung wireless broadband ko sa Linux is it possible po ba? parang gagawing virtual modem ung usb bband? naisip ko lang na baka possible parang tulad sa concept ng mga emulator at virtual cd roms??

  85. kalyzta says:

    Hello,I got H1 unit and its a bit lag when opening files i’m planning to reformat this but dont know how to. How do i reformat this ? please do share some ideas.

  86. mark b. says:

    if you have an external drive you can use that to reformat your Blue H1. XP or if you can find a windows FLP OS would be best for the H1.

  87. benjamin says:

    before you reformat make sure you backup everything in your blue h1 drive.

  88. benjamin says:

    does anyone have a copy of a recovery disk with the linux program for the blue h1?

  89. gara says:

    san pwede bumili ng unit na to? magkano na sya ngaun? do u think its advisable to purchase?pls let me know asap,, 09232508227,, thanks!

  90. JC says:

    I bought my deep blue h1 (with 60GB HDD) laptop last march 2009 and until now, I didn’t encounter any problems.. it started with linux, then I switched to windows xp sp3 and now I upgraded it to windows 7 ultimate.. although my WEI (Windows Experience Index) score is 1.0, my blue h1 can still run the OS’s aero glass effects.. i love this “cutebook” very much.

    Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials (runs only on Genuine Microsoft OS)
    Browser: Firefox 4 beta 4
    Application: MS Office 2007
    File Sharing: Limewire Pro 5.5.8 / uTorrent 2.0.4
    Messaging: Yahoo Messenger 10
    Tuning: Tune Up Utilities 2010

    One thing, this is very interesting.. I can adjust my screen resolution as high as 1280 x 800. Very useful for my powerpoint

    Sadly, i think this unit was already phased out. Not lucky for those people who didn’t see the beauty and portability of this netbook..

    I like blue…

  91. jekjek says:

    kuya hindi p0h ba pwede inta11an ng ibang 1aro??
    kung pwede aman p0h pan0h naman??

  92. Tremendous information and facts for upload files for getting myself begin. Most definitely i’ll keep this particular website link and get back to this.

  93. Jed says:

    help on my friends Deep Blue H1, she forgot the BIOS password…her Deep Blue H1 is loaded with windows 98 and wanted to upgrade to windows xp…but since she forgot the BIOS password…i can’t set it to boot from the xp setup…how could I help her? what should I do? thanks in advance.. :)

  94. I assumed bed bugs was a thing a long time ago, precisely why are many of us currently having this kind of big issue across the country with these kind of parasites?

  95. mark b. says:

    Hi, still using my blue H1. oki pa din hanggang ngayon though am having problems with my battery kasi super bilis nya na maubos. i can only use it for 30 min then it goes dead so its always plugged on na lang. though other than that it still wonderful. using globe tattoo for internet connection and also impressed with the browsing and dl speeds. :)

  96. chrischelle says:


    please..i need help..
    I lost some of the drivers for my blue H1..
    anyone knows where i could download it?

  97. Jaycee says:

    what are the items affected.. Basically, you can google it… Please list down the affected items… maybe i can help…

  98. jaye says:

    Closed na ba website ng BLUE? i guess so. Where can we contact them for netbook for repairs?
    Thank u!

    @chrischelle: i still have BLUE H1 drivers

    • JOEMEL says:

      good day. penge po nang drivers nang h1 notebook :d thanks

    • jaye says:

      @JOEMEL – hi there! it will be a problem uploading a 100MB file into the net especially sa mga torrent websites because of my poor internet connection. i dont want to meet up or anything. but i would love to help you sana regarding the files. I know how it feels like to look for something and see a worthless crap i mean company like BLUE.

  99. Kyrille says:

    ilikeblue website’s already down. the drivers uploaded at asianic’s website’s also down. can somebody please put the drivers up on the net? been having trouble with the webcam after reformatting it. D:

  100. jaye says:

    my Blue H1 is still working after 3yrs. I got a little scare for a couple of months this year nung naging unresponsive ng battery. but all of a sudden gumana na ulet sya kaya ito muna gamit sa bahay while sira yung PC namin. keyboards are still ok kahit na parate sya ginagamit dito sa bahay.
    Current poblems:
    a)memory slot not working anymore.
    b)no more output ng sound sa laptop – u may only use it kapag meron kang headset.

  101. Jaycee13 says:

    My 3 yr old Blue H1 is still running ok with Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 installed on it.. Everything works perfectly.. I’m planning to replace my OS with Windows 8 Beta… I’ll keep you posted…

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  104. jAYe says:

    late 2011 bumigay na mga keys ng keyboard ng H1. Nagagamit pa rin using on-screen keyboard. no more sound output so need na ng headset. Inaantay ko na lang sya bumigay at masira ng tuluyan. Nagagamit ko pa sya pag may need akong idownload kc nakakapagod umupo at mas maconsume sa kuryente kapag PC.
    I believed wala na ring service centers ang H1 kaya hindi rin maganda bumili ng not branded netbooks or laptop.

    • joemel says:

      hi. can u txt me please :d 09274743371. i really need drivers for blue h1 notebook. thank you and godbless :)

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