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Did you regret buying the 11.6″ Macbook Air last year?

Yesterday, Apple refreshed their 11.6″ MAcbook Air that’s powered with the new Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors, a huge leap from last year’s Core 2 Duo processor.

That’s barely 8 months ago when it was speculated that the reason for using the Core 2 Duo instead of the Core i3/i5 back then was that the chips would not fit with the slim form factor of the Macbook Air (it’s possible the Sandy Bridge chips are much thinner now).


On top of that, they’ve also reduced the starting price of the Macbook Air. It used to be Php52,990 then and now it’s just Php49,990.

Then again, my old MacAir is slowing down (especially when I’m doing Photoshop or iMovie) so this refresh is definitely a welcome upgrade. One thing remained the same though — those SSDs are still very expensive.

Been talking to a number of folks who also bought the first generation 11.6″ MacAir and we shared the same sentiments.

So to the few people out there who bought the first one, did you regret it when you learned about the new models?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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35 Responses

  1. jumper says:

    “regret” buying an Apple product? blasphemy! all Apple products are perfect! PERFECT! ;)

    • Jiron says:

      I can’t tell if trolling

      or Apple fanboy.

    • boifan says:

      ^ can’t afford

    • Grar! says:


      It’s sarcasm b*tch! I know why… you just want to state the words “trolling” and “fanboy!”

      Still, you look stupid with your question.

    • facepalm says:


      that’s obviously trolling


      a lot of people can afford it, they’re just not idiotic enough to pay for something when a windows one is like half the price with better specs


      that IS trolling dumbass. look it up

  2. Jab says:

    No regrets! Love my MBA! But still planning to upgrade though…

  3. Num Lock says:

    I’ve got an old Macbook white. I did not regret when a new model came. It is always been a constant in technology, being obsolete in just months.

  4. Vignet says:

    The person who would regret it should have not been buying these things in the first place. You know it’s gonna happen.

    • lilboyblue says:

      master, hindi ba’t ang kasabihan ay: “nasa huli ang pagsisisi”?

      very illogical approach.

      on topic: perhaps a tinge sir Abe. But it’s been done, so hey, gotta live with it :)

      And it still does the jobs i make it do, i’m not that heavy using iMovie, photoshop: i do basic things with it so it’s not a bother.

      Perhaps the price reduction, but…it can be earned :)

  5. Vignet says:

    Anybody regretting it should have not tried getting one in the first place.

    • paul says:

      Worst comment ever. Kaya nga regret e. Why the hell would a person buy if he knew he would regret it. Stup!d

  6. Vignet says:

    Why regret?

  7. that costs too much says:

    If i bought a macbook air at ANY time, i’d regret it. that thing’s just too expensive.

    i used to use both macs and pcs at work and i still dont get why some people prefer to get a core 2 duo machine (at the time) over an i7 beast when they’re basically the same price

  8. razorous says:

    Soon, Core i7 or maybe squeeze a 750gb hdd on the mba at a lower price? I could wait.. :P

  9. pong says:

    Haha mga apple fans talaga indenial talaga :D, kuya ko nung una nya bili yung iphone biglang mysteriously nawala nung lumabas ung second edition para lang makabili.. lol

  10. ricregreto says:

    definitely no regrets, 13 inch naman ngayon ang bibilhin ko!

  11. bryan_mmx says:

    not buying any apple stuffs other than iPod (and ipod nano 6th gen is a fail they should call it touch nano or failed nano).

    I’d go for a more sleek looking Toshiba R700 than an all white easily scratch easily smudged overpriced Macbook Air (actually I got an R700 now and it cost only half of the Macbook Air’s price.)

  12. kebbot says:

    yeah… I regret buying this dual core, hays…. apple talaga…
    last month ko lang to nabili…. huhuhu

    • rose says:

      i think you can have your mac air replaced if you bought that a month ago. but that is if you bought that in an istore.

  13. ids says:

    in our office, we were issued mba 11″ last Dec. but it is salary deducted. Well there is still regret bec for now there is a better unit in terms of its specs. (my current when handling 16mb files, this thing really slows down, this upgrade will definitely change things)

  14. sweetscrazy says:

    I think those who bought the 1st macbook air should have done their own research before buying it. (http://techon.nikkeibp.co.jp/english/NEWS_EN/20080220/147736/) My 1st mac (a powerbook g4) seemed awesome at first, but it had many problems after a year (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PowerBook_G4#Quality_issues). So it doesn’t surprise me if old MacAirs are ‘slowing down’ (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MacBook_Air#Issues). Bottom line: do your hard research and don’t be a victim of technology, fads, and marketing tactics (viral marketing/blogs)

  15. Robin Lim says:

    “That’s barely 8 months ago when it was speculated that the reason for using the Core 2 Duo instead of the Core i3/i5 back then was that the chips would not fit with the slim form factor of the Macbook Air”

    It was not the size, but Apple did not want to give up Nvidia 320M graphics for Intel HD. Now Intel HD 3000 is much faster.

  16. yuga says:

    @Robin Lim – didn’t make sense to give up the CPU but not the GPU.

  17. MacBook Air says:

    geeez what’s the purpose of buy and sell? Go sell your old model and get the new one. Sure it’s not cheap even if it’s used!!!

  18. Earl says:

    the bigger question is… to upgrade to Lion.

    i’m already seeing Adobe officially saying in their site to hold off using Lion vs Snow Leopard, as they still need to update their CS5 for compatibility issues.

    • sylv3rblade says:

      If you don’t have anything mission critical, backup and go for the upgrade.

  19. The K says:

    Just a thought:

    Why do some people here have to always use the words “bitch”, “dumbass”, and “stupid” in their replies?

    Bakit ba kailangang mang-away? And let’s not begin with the grammar nazi.


  20. zeratul says:

    my Asus G73 will crush that macbook air.. magtulong pa sila ng macbook pro.. XD

  21. Jojo says:

    in this case
    apple pulled in a quicker bucks on some people here and is pulling more

  22. Nick says:

    If I had one, then probably not. Just like when I had my first white MB, then less than half a year later, there was a refresh, for the same price. IMO, it was ultimately better, the refresh. I had a tiniest tinge of regret but then I thought of all the time I had my Mac and all the productivity I’m made with it. And I don’t regret anymore. 

  23. Robin Lim says:

    Agree with Nick. All, I see this type of article in forums a lot. You should have not bought the XXX because now there is the YYY. The longest lifecycle for tech is one year, and often shorter. Whatever you buy, will be updated in at most 12 months, many time the price will go down even before it is upgraded. By things when you need it, and avoid buying till you really do need it.

  24. cool says:

    sana ibenta na lang ng 30k yun 1st gen mba 11′ pag labas ng bago :-)

  25. EpiS says:

    Linux FTW!

  26. Dendy says:

    Everyone will feel the MacBook Air 13 Multitasking performance is more robust than the MacBook Pro 13, even much better than the previous generation MacBook Air 13. If you want to know more about the latest Apple MacBook Air 13 , visit http://www.bestdealscomputers.net/netbooks/apple-macbook-air-13-3inch-with-intel-core-i5-2557m.html. So, why should regret?

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