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G.ho.st stands for Global Hosted Operating System and works like a Virtual Computer that runs on your browser. It is still in the Alpha stage so it might be very buggy.

Ghost OS

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Actually, it is. I’m having a hard time shaking off the browser as it resizes whenver I move the mouse around. There’s not much apps inside there — just a browser, the file managers, RSS reader, sticky notes, a clock, calculator, Ghost notes, etc. Everything seems to run on the Flash platform and its a bit slow on mouse events (well, it really depends on your broadband connection).

Similar the the earlier eyeOS (which, btw, is much more developed now), it’s still a fun thing to try out.

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  1. Khe says:

    I understand the purpose and functionality of G.ho.st, but I don’t see the relative benefit of it versus using something like Google Docs and Delicious bookmarking.

    I’m willing to be convinced.

  2. Erik, I think you’re missing the point here – the goal of G.ho.st is not to replace your PC or Operating System (yet!). G.ho.st is a Virtual PC that is accessible wherever you have access to the internet. You can walk into an internet cafe and, within minutes, have your own VPC, with your settings, bookmarks, files etc up and running the way you left it.
    While you may not have much use for it on your own PC, it gives you the ability to easily access a familiar, personal environment from any other PC. Store your document on G.ho.st and you can be sure to access it almost anywhere. For example, it is perfect for students who may not own their own PCs – they can access the same virtual PC at campus, their friends’, and the internet cafe down the street.
    To normal users, the value of the PC lies in the Personal part. G.ho.st gives you the ability to take that part with you everywhere.

  3. Erik says:

    But why?

    Don’t you think these guys are taking it too far?

    I mean, if i wanted to browse a site, launch a calculator, view the time, why would I take the extra trouble/effort of launching it on a fake OS GUI. I just don’t get it.

    Simply, this is a case of putting too much effort on “style” while neglecting the “substance”.

  4. Youngmaze says:

    Hello, i like the interface of g.ho.st, but when i first so it i thought it’s like a typical operating system but i was shocked, i never thought that it’s only a virtual computer… lol

  5. Let me add that the bug you mentioned will be fixed and many apps added by this weekend! Also you do not need a particularly fast connection but a good CPU and RAM on your machine is helpful to the perforamnce.

  6. Rami says:

    Thank you so much for reviewing G.ho.st the Global Hosted Operating SysTem. As mentioned our alpha is live at http://G.ho.st including 3GB of free storage. Our beta is due this summer packed full with free applications. G.ho.st will provide a real Virtual Computer for anyone who wants their computing environment to be mobile and accessible from your office, school or Internet Cafe. Please try G.ho.st and send us your feedback at http://g.ho.st/forums.

    Thanks again

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