Gigabyte Booktop M1022 Spotted

Gigabyte Booktop M1022 Spotted

Spotted at one of the shops in VirraMall is the Gigabyte Booktop M1022C — a netbook that transforms into a nettop when docked.


The Gigabyte Booktop has the typical 10-inch netbook form factor with the standard specs — Intel Atom N280 1.66GHz, 1GB DDR2 RAM, 160GB HDD, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth, 1.3MP webcam, ExpressCard slot and 4-cell battery. It’s got Windowx XP pre-installed too.


But once you’re at home or in the office, the Gigabyte Booktop can turn into a desktop PC (or nettop) but snugging it into its own docking station. The dock has basic ports like VGA, 3 USB ports, audio and LAN port together with a power outlet so it charges the battery while docked.

gigabyte booktop

It’s the only one I’ve seen in the entire row of shops and the store was selling the whole unit for Php21,990. Not a bad deal at all.

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20 Responses

  1. wow! 21k. like a two in one unit. i really want this.

    hope we can get a full review of this netbook/pc.

    also, how much time will the battery last?

  2. Dan The Beast says:

    Another good alternative. :)

  3. Jon says:

    Perfect for people on the go! Nice price too! I could only wish it had more oomph, like bigger RAM and a more powerful processor.

  4. Onynz says:

    Nice idea… who would have thought that a netbook could be used as a desktop…

    they could even have the “booktop” label copyrighted…

    If i would ever purchase a netbook i would definitely get this one….

    I bet that after a few months other netbook manufacturer would follow suite…

  5. luiboowee says:

    I think Dell laptops have this similar “docks”. Most of our managers in the office have “docks” installed in their workstations. So, they could use their laptops with their secondary monitors in the office.

  6. Oh, SWEET! I have to start saving up money for this cutie and a decent monitor. As it is, I have the keyboard and the mouse already.

    Question: can those Eneloop batteries in the 3rd picture be used as an emergency power source for the booktop, or are they just there for the “scenic value”, as it were?


  7. Actually I already use my netbook as a desktop. I just an lcd monitor then a usb keyboard and mouse and shazam!

    Anyway, I like the dock though!

  8. Boo says:

    A very good deal! Given na netbooks (or any laptop) can be used as a desktop by itself and connecting peripherals, this goes one step further by adding a dock! Mura na to for 21k!

    Other brands (such as IBM) offer docks din with ports pero those are sold spearately and can cost as much as 15k!

  9. daniel says:

    people are really taking the opportunity to experiment on these netbooks. i say netbooks are revolutionizing the hardware industry.

  10. berkano says:

    Yuga, quite a hot topic here but let me add some info here and just to add the price you quoted might simply be for the netbook itself and not the docking station. Buyqube will have this by Jan. 20 and they’re pricing it differently.

  11. bursky says:

    ^looks like the difference would be OS (qube says it has Win7). but if that would be enough for the price difference, i’m not sure.

  12. cris says:

    Why make the following hassle:
    *Plugging the LCD to the VGA port
    *Plugging the LCD to an electric outlet
    *Plugging a usb keyboard
    *plugging mouse
    *Docking the laptop
    *Plugging the dock to the electric outlet

    With all that peripherals and an Atom N280, that netbook/desktop pretender will surely OVERHEAT! :)

  13. Jon says:


    No it won’t overheat, unless you cover all the exhaust vents and fans. Also, I’m thinking you only have to plug the monitor, LAN, keyboard, and mouse once. Like if you don’t have a desktop computer at home / office, you just leave the dock there. When you leave, you simply take the netbook, and not the dock. I guess you can leave the connections be.

  14. yuga says:

    @berkano – when I asked for the price, they said it included the docking station. The one on Qube has 3G and higher battery capacity that’s why it’s more expensive.

  15. Char says:

    ang late ata ng pagdating nito dito Q1 pa of last year to available sa Singapore..

    Buti pa ang Qube may online store dito sa atin sana yung ibang brands magkaroon din ng local online store puro kasi international eh paano naman yung mga walang credit card at paypal account..

  16. yuga says:

    @char – a lot of other brand name netbooks don’t reach the Philippines. The Samsung netbooks and the one by LG hasn’t arrived here despite being launched several times in other countries.

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