Google Nexus 7 to arrive late August for Php15k?

Google Nexus 7 to arrive late August for Php15k?

We got some very reliable sources telling us that the Google Nexus 7 tablet will arrive in the Philippines sometime before end of August.

Of the two variants, only the 16GB model will be eventually released in the Philippines.

This is probably because a lot of people will be complaining about the lack of expandable storage (no microSD card here).


Also at $199, we don’t think Google is making any money out of the hardware but there could be some margins with the 16GB $249 variant. Google’s introduction of their own branded Nexus tablet is mostly an exercise to showcase their latest Android platform. Where Google can benefit in the long run is with the purchase of the apps and content in the Google Play Store and the dependence of the device with “search” (which is really their core business).

While we were not told what’s the exact retail price, the best case scenario is the Nexus 7 will be priced around Php15k. It’s pricier than the $249 price tag in the US but at Php15k, you’re still getting a quad-core Tegra 3 tablet running Jelly Bean.

Not really that surprising since when the Galaxy Nexus arrived in the Philippines, it was Php5k to Php8k more expensive than in the US.

Note: We pre-ordered our own unit in the US and the price did not include the $12 State Tax and the $14 local shipping.

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66 Responses

  1. JmBalicano says:

    Well, that blows.. I was hoping for the 8Gb variant at something closer to the 10k spot. Oh well. Quad core at 10k was just too much to hope for.

  2. Norman says:

    At first I’m now not anymore that the 8Gig model won’t be released. I’ll just wait for the reviews before purchasing because there were news about display issues. Maybe I’ll just wait for the $199 Acer tablet with phone functionality and with expandable memory

  3. No MicroSd card but with quad-core Tegra 3 for 15,000 Pesos. Not bad. :-) Thanks for this post!

  4. Edsar says:

    15k I’ll add 3k more for an iPad2, never mind those cores anyway hindi optimize ang android kahit sa single core. 10k for this and It’s a steal

    • walang pambili says:

      wag kna lng kayang bumili.puro reklamo.d ka nman pinipilit bumili nyan e.its for the people who wants to experience android 4.1 first.bumili ka ng apple mo.may new ipad na bat ipad2 pa rin gusto mong bilhin.

    • Epal si walang pamba says:

      Epal din eh no…. Kumomment ka mag isa.. Totoo naman eh… 18990 ang ipad 2 at 23990 ang ipad 3… Maxadong mahal ung nexus if nasa 15000 sya…. Considering na maganda economy ngaun… 250 usd x 42.00 (est) is only 10,500.00 angtax maybe nasa 1500 lang kc ang ipad 3 q ay nasa 2500 ang tax. So dapat 12000 lang. Hindi ito issue ng may “pambili” we should get what our money is worth… Hindi puro patong. Pareho lang naman na nasa Us ang google at apple. So hindi makatarungan ang 15 k…. Just do the math + tax….. ,,,,,

    • proof says:

      sir, kindly prove “code-wise” na hindi optimized ang android kahit sa “single-core”. and how would you really define optimization?

      i just need a technical explanation for your claim. i know you just read this somewhere else, but AFAIK, they dont have enough proof as how android is not optimized.


  5. anoni says:

    @esdar your wrong with optimization on android . . .ang android lang ang kayang kayang optimized ang speed or overclock at i balance ang performance ang . . . ang apple hangang jailbreak lang . . . pahirapan pa…. walang mga recovery kung ma brick …. eka nga ng iba “kung mayaman ka APPLE ka and kung matalino ka ANDROID ka” . . .

    • boom1987 says:

      I like that because I’m not really fond of Apple products. As for the Nexus 7, I’m will just have to ask my relatives to buy me one from the States para mura.

  6. Ramon says:

    15k? =/

    Gonna pass, that’s already 1.5x the intended price :-(

    Will just wait for reviews on microsoft’s surface and decide from there XD

  7. Jason says:

    May point naman si yuga kung tutuusin kasi if you look at history mas mahal ang Galaxy Nexus around 6k than the original USA price.

    Maybe baka subsidized ng Google yung sa America. Since sila BUMIBILI talaga ng apps, unlike here talagang rampant ang root since nasanay tayong mga pinoy sa libre. Jailbreak, Root o hack, potek rampant parin nga tayo sa pirated softwares eh.

    If 16GB lang talaga lalabas sa Philippines edi mas masaya since puro reklamador mga tao pag mababa storage.

    I just hope na bumaba ng onti sa 15k, okay pa sakin 12.5k-14k.

    • Name says:

      You have a point! Kaya sila masyadong mareklamo na bakit walang microSD slot yung Nexus 7 is dahil hindi magkakasya mga pirated contents nila. looooooool

      Kung bumibili talaga kayo ng mga apps, music, etc., hindi niyo agad mapupuno yang 8/16GB dahil magpipigil din kayo sa paggamit ng credit cards niyo. Pero since mga freeloaders ang karamihan, well…

  8. Bon says:

    Wow! I never realized $250 is equal to P15000. Hanep sa conversion rate ha!

    Look, whoever is bringing this in the PH (most likely ASUS themselves), ano ba naman yung patungan ninyo ng P1-2k? To add almost P5000 to the original price is already waaay too greedy! Kikita naman kayo kasi mataas naman ang demand. Wag naman sana abusado!!!

    • test says:

      reklamo mo palibhasa gusto mo lagi libre.. magtrabaho ka!

    • Epal ung isa says:

      Epal din eh no…. Kumomment ka mag isa.. Totoo naman eh… 18990 ang ipad 2 at 23990 ang ipad 3… Maxadong mahal ung nexus if nasa 15000 sya…. Considering na maganda economy ngaun… 250 usd x 42.00 (est) is only 10,500.00 angtax maybe nasa 1500 lang kc ang ipad 3 q ay nasa 2500 ang tax. So dapat 12000 lang. Hindi ito issue ng may “pambili” we should get what our money is worth… Hindi puro patong. Pareho lang naman na nasa Us ang google at apple. So hindi makatarungan ang 15 k…. Just do the math + tax…..

  9. carlo says:

    To the gray markets!!!

  10. Yahya says:

    I thought 250 x 42 = 10500 ? 15k shouldn’t be a problem. I know a retailer who tends to sell gadgets at a much much lower price. Lool.

  11. Paolo says:

    well that’s a bust. I’m getting one delivered to a relative who will be visiting US later to avoid the patong. Really want this since Asus guys are taking too long with the Infinity

  12. NoypiGeeks says:

    Great! Looking forward in seeing the Google Nexus 7. =)

  13. niknok says:

    too greedy pricing…. bragging right na lang dahilan ng bibili nyan @15k not for the bang-for-the-buck reason…… ok sana presyuhan ng 15K yan kung tamang tax din ang ibabayad ng reseller hehe

  14. Enya says:

    Ive had enough of androids. From my very first Optimus One and to my last Galaxy Note. I can only take so much of all the lags, heating ,freezes & crashes. I’l still keeping a Galaxy S until Surface comes around. Now im using a 4S to post this. Il be keeping my Apples and replace Android with Surface.

    • Marcelino says:

      Surface or the new iPad? Hmmmmm…

    • Papapau says:

      “I can only take so much of all the lags, heating ,freezes & crashes.”

      Lags – Magbasa ka pre. “Project Butter” on Jellybean. Besides, luma na phone m, 4S gamit mo now, try mo 3GS then sabihin mong mabilis. ICS on my RAZR, gamitin mo to tingnan natin kung sabit ka pa.. Nga pala, ICS won the UX(user experience) award 2012.. nga pala, ano ba nagagawa mo sa iPhone mo? hohoho!

      Heating – Diba apple yung gumagawa ng solution para sa heating problems? specially iPad3?

      Freeze and Crashes – Type mo sa Google, “iOS Crashes more than Android 2012.” At the fact na static wallpaper lang iPhone mo na puro dull icons lang. magkano binayad mo jan? haha!

  15. Robin Lim says:

    US$250. That should be 12.5K local max, with VAT and room for currency fluctuation. Maybe Google does not plan to subsidize the model to be released here.

    • Guest says:

      How about import duties? That one is different from VAT. There are many charges in customs that will form part of total landed cost of the item.
      How about the logistics also?

  16. Louie says:

    So sa multiply rin pala ang bagsak ko. HAHA

  17. JVL says:

    I think the price was somewhat fair since imagine if you buy this direct from the google play store (us) it would somehow reach the $290 mark considering the local tax (depends on what state) plus the 13.99$ delivery fee, add to that the shipment from states to here, i bet gray markets could have a hard time pricing this lower than 15k mark

  18. miguel says:

    dami nag rereklamo may widgetcity naman, at baka ma yugadeals pa to xD

  19. Shakey says:

    I guess gray markets will sell this at around 12K, hopefully.

  20. daxter says:

    lol… mas mura to sa widget city. dun nalang ako bibili

  21. Name says:

    Sabi mo nga, “we were not told what’s the exact retail price”. Binibigyan mo ba ng idea ang mga telcos, o kinokondisyon ang isip ng mga tao? Or both?

    Calling kimstore, lazada, Widget City, etc. Beat that!

    Or better yet, ipa-Johnny Air nyo na lang.

    • yuga says:

      Bought my own Google Nexus 7 from the US and here’s the computation and charges I had to pay.

      SRP: $249 = Php10,500
      State Taxes: $12 = Php520
      Local Shipping: $14 = Php600
      International Shipping: Php2,400 (est)
      Philippine Customs: Php2,800 (est)

      Total: Php19,620

      So the answer to your question — yes, I am giving them the idea that it might end cheaper if it’s distributed locally rather than bought and shipped internationally.

    • JVL says:

      ^ Totally agree with this computation, after all the added charges that $250 wont be feasible talaga kasi just by adding the sales tax and delivery charge for the US would already total the item to $285. I doubt if someone could offer the 16gb variant lower than 15k not unless a local authorize reseller would dictate it.

  22. Roegan says:

    If you have a relative in the US, just buy the 8GB / 16GB one and have it delivered on your relative’s US address. And then ask your relative to ship it to you. Just pay the shipping fee. It’s not that expensive.

    8 GB = $200 (P 8,342)
    16 GB = $250 (P 10,427)

    Shipping fee is $8.99/lb for “Electronics”. This tablet is only 340 grams. So you just have to pay the least expensive shipping fee of $8.99 (P 375).

    Not bad eh?

    • Etc says:

      Sir pero you need to add the local sales tax being imposed by each state so there are some states that imposed 0% pero most higher talaga, as for the delivery I think this would also mean an additional USD13.99 since google charges all deliveries in the states so papalo din ng USD280 or more not unless you chose the states that has no sales tax, take note this is still google’s price and this does not include the freight going in Philippines so I think the total cost of buying, importing this would reach like 14K, hmm I wonder how much would this cost with gray market sellers if the above total cost was quite high already.

      Ordered one already thats why the sales tax and the additional delivery charge by google was a main cause of why my order reached to $285 without it arriving in the Philippines

  23. Wreek888 says:

    Wait for ipad mini

  24. StewFeed says:

    Maganda to super bilis nito kesa sa iPad. Ang problema lang ay yung storage malamang puro could storage na naman to ^^ at OK na rin ang price mga dude!

  25. jackal says:

    why you charge a lot of money..this unit cost only $199/$249 in the US…dont buy in the philippines…people are so greedy…

  26. Vic says:

    Greedy talaga mga tsekwa na yan!

  27. miongb says:

    inunahan na sila ng samsung! newly released galaxy tab 2 wifi is only 12,990! ung wid phone capabilities 17k lng!

  28. dave says:

    the nexus 7 has issues with screen.. asus had only 4mos to make it, no rigid testing… there’s a definite compromise on quality.. think twice guys…

    • John says:

      Only pre-production units are affected.

    • Papapau: says:

      So yung mga ibebentang million units ngayon eh nagawa na 2 months ago pa?

      pati yung mga ibebenta next year 4mos lang rin gagawin? ay grabe napapaisip na nga ako..

      Give me a gadget that has no aftersales problem, which by the way, can be fixed or serviced..

  29. zer0ice says:

    I am waiting for the right tablet and when I learned about the Google Nexus, I said, this is it!

    Sir Abe, this ‘news’ truly exciting! I really wish it’ll come really soon coz I’m buying! :-)

    I wonder.. if they’re selling the tablet here, would that mean other sections of the Play Store be available to us as well? Like Music, Videos, and Magazines? It’s interesting.. if Google wants to really be successful, it’ll follow what Apple did to the iTunes Store… OPEN up other contents for the Philippines and in more markets across the world!

  30. ekek says:

    it’s also non-removable battery, should i be concern?

    • Papapau says:

      No. As the technology continues to improve, battery these days last longer, no need na removable pa, mas sturdy at mas sleek.

  31. Papapau says:

    USER INTERFACE (Lags and Crashes.)
    “Project Butter” by Google, implemented on Nexus 7(Jellybean), gpu and cpu parallel, and predicting your next move… in short.. NO LAGS! Besides, AOKP ICS ko (linaro Kernel) eh wala na lags now. Nga pala wag nyo sasabihing crash lagi android, type nyo sa google to..

    “iOS crashes more than Android 2012”

    Google is promoting their services, google drive, dropbox, box.. diba nga meron silang chromebook? yung laptop na walang storage, all WEB.. parang ganun.. pero still badtrip pa rin, parang iPhone, walang sd slot.. Well you can try these..

    – Maximize Web storage.
    – USB Flashdisk(OTG cable) or better to use USB HUB.

    Nagugulat kayo sa presyo, eh ganyan naman kahit sino, yung 37k sa mall, 29k sa widgetcity… at the mere fact na hindi rin naman kayo bibili sa ASUS, widgetcity, multiply, kimstore, tipidcp din naman bagsak nyo, kung maka-react naman kayo.. hehe.

  32. Ryan says:

    Natawa nlang ako sa nababasa ko. Sbi nga will be around 15k. means nde pa sure yun. tpos kung makareact mga tao d2… hehe

  33. artho says:

    Ang laki naman ng tubo… P15k agad!!! Grabe po ha…

  34. raymond says:

    For Google to make up for its lack of an SD expansion slot it should level its price point with that of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 2 which is currently priced at P12,990.

  35. beh says:

    mahal naman ng 15k. dapat 11k lang yang 16gb version at 9k lang dapat ang 8gb.

  36. Bella02 says:

    If Google will subsidize the product in the Philippines like in the US (which of course will probably not happen), and if the PH government will cut the 12% vat, customs charges, and if someone is willing to ship throusands of units here for free definitely it will be equivalent to more or less $249 in Pesos. It’s the same principle as buying Calvin Kleins or Nine West shoes in the US and comparing it to the price here. Yeah, you can get it definitely for $249 in the US, if you are willing to shed the extra cost of the ticket or shipping it here with all the duties.

  37. ian says:

    Asus planning to sell this at 12,990. Sana totoo!!!

  38. Che Mercado says:

    guys i was planning to buy Nexus 7.. dami kuna din nabasang news and rumors.. well sa price naman
    yes $249 sa tax not included pa po yan depending sa state ka naka tira at sa shipping so more than $249 dollar.. usually aabot ng 12k php..

    beside guys sa US lang sila mura talaga..
    in UK 199 pounds X 66.8 = 13,293php
    in AUS 319 aus dollars X 43.7 = 13,940php
    in HK (grey unit)2850 hk dollars X 5 = 14,250php

    guys with nexus 7 @ 13k to 14k php pwedi na
    compare with galaxy tab 2 with only dual core processor..

  39. louie says:

    So, what’s the latest here?

    Is it available in the Philippines already?

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