AMD announces Never Settle: Space Edition

In line with the upcoming market release of the new Radeon R9 285, AMD has announced a new set of titles that will be included on the new Never Settle: Space Edition which will serve as a reward to those who will purchase the new GPU and/or other AMD graphics card starting on September 2.

The new titles on the NS: SE will be added to the collection of games that were introduced last April when AMD launched the Never Settle: Forever bundle. Some of the new AAA titles that were added on the roster are Alien VS Predator, Saints Row IV, and Napoleon: Total War.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

AMD Never Settle Space Edition

On top of this, AMD will also include two yet-to-be-released game titles on the new NSSE. These games are Aliens: Isolation and Star Citizen game offer which include access to “Arena Commander” and “Murray Cup Race Series” modes, as well as a Mustang Omega Variant Racer by Accelerated Mass Design. Both games are slated to be available on October 1 and 7 respectively.

Indie games will also be offered alongside the AAA game titles which include the Dyad, Guacamelee, Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack and The Banner Saga. Along with the aforementioned title which was also included on the NSF bundle, the new NSSE bundle will have two more indie games called Space Run and Habitat.

Space Run

AMD will still implement the same reward system wherein consumers who purchased an R9 Series GPU will be rewarded with more choices compared to those who bought an R7 and/or an R5 graphics card. Furthermore, Radeon Gold and Silver Reward holders will have access to more games compared to Bronze Reward holders.

AMD Rewards

The new AMD Never Settle: Space Edition bundle will be launched alongside the Radeon R9 285 on September 2. For more information, you can check out the links below.

AMD Never Settle: Space Edition/a> | AMD NS:SE Terms and Conditions

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