"How to Overclock": Pinoys Most Searched

“How to Overclock”: Pinoys Most Searched

Just finished a taping for one segment of QTV 11’s “Ang Pinaka” and our topic was January 2009’s most searched “how to’s” in the Philippines.

Among the top searched “how to” related topics were — how to overclock a cpu” and “how to install”. When asked why those are among the two searched terms, I was tempted to say “it’s because Pinoys are very geeky and cheap”.


In my entire computing life, I’ve only attempted overclocking a CPU thrice and succeeded in two of them. The overclocking crowd is divided into two groups.

  • The Practical Overclockers — those who are pennypinchers that buy cheaper and lower-rated CPUs so they can overclock them and save some dough for other PC parts. This also includes those who have older CPUs and want to upgrade but don’t have the budget.
  • The Enthusiast Overclockers — people who overclock their CPU just because they can.

In the Philippines, I think a lot of Filipinos belong to the first group. I know because I used to be one.

How about you? Do you have any experiences with overclocking?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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32 Responses

  1. McBilly says:

    Haha. That’s cool Abe. I sometimes watch that show “Ang Pinaka” and it’s pretty good depending on the week’s topic.

    I have to agree on why people overclock though. Especially pinoys, a lot of filipinos buy cheap parts, build own CPU and overclock to save money. :D

  2. McBilly says:

    Oh pahabol, when does this air? Para aabangan kita sa tv. Haha. :D

  3. manu says:

    Overclocking is totally new word to me. Thank God we have Google.I got fully understand the term. And one thing for sure, ill be watching that show on QTV. Kelan airing nun? Para ma abangan ko din. ehehhe

  4. Jay says:

    gotta save..

    if overclocking’s ur game..
    gotta consider some of these..

    >CPU Cooling and Ventilation
    >Power Supply


  5. jox says:

    When will it be aired? so we can watch it.
    I’ve tried overclocking once with an old PC. but i never did it again.

  6. Huan22 says:

    I overclocked my CPU because I just wanted to and I can. I think aside from the added speed to your CPU, overclocking also gives a sense of fulfillment to those people who have done it successfully because it requires a lot of patience and setting adjustments before successfully making a stable overclocked system.

  7. I’m part of the first group, was still in school and I could not afford to upgrade, so a little overclocking helped out to get a little bit more juice.

    But careful and practical enough not to require an additional cooling source as well as destroy the cpu.

    A bit of a challenge back then but I would also agree that it was fulfilling to have done it.

  8. sky says:

    I’m not familiar with CPU overclocking. With dual, and even quad cores now ever so common, I don’t believe I need the extra CPU power.

    However, what I am very familiar with is GPU overclocking. My graphics card is a midrange NVIDIA card, and those few extra MHz can make all the difference. What was once a choppy game at high settings becomes very playable at the same settings.

  9. iva says:

    i didnt even know “overclocking” as a word.. but then again, maybe it’s tech geek speak.

  10. drew says:

    im guilty. i search the google too on how to overclock a cpu. hahaha i wanted to try it but it’s not easy to overclock a cpu and im afraid to do it.. hehe

  11. Maurice B. says:

    i overclock my cpu just for fun… I even overclock my laptop’s video memory so that it will be abit faster… but i am not cheap but i admit i am practical. Yeah i may have a Blue h1 umpc which is CHEAP but its the practical choice compared to other 7″inch netbooks.

    and let’s be honest guys… with the economic crisis and series of layoffs and inflation? who would be stupid enough to buy a highend stuff and burn money. We always have this mindset before we enter into a decision to buy a thing that whether it is a “bang for a buck” or not.

    I say lucky for those who can still burn money despite the crisis we’re in, and lucky for those who are pennypinchers that buy cheaper and lower-rated CPUs so they can overclock them and save some dough for other PC parts.

  12. paul farol says:

    Hi Yuga,

    Did I miss your show? Hope I can watch it again.

    More power to you.

  13. comment ba ako??? bIRTHDAY KO..

  14. ernie says:

    Okay I’m gonna watch Ang Pinaka, Sunday right? 6pm I guess. I just want to see you Abe.

  15. vaughn says:

    i believe i’m part of the first group. i have my very cheap cheap processor which i bought 2nd hand for 1k (pentium dual core e2140) running at more than twice its stock speed permanently(from 1.6ghz to 3.4ghz). my motherboard is kinda high-end/enthusiast level but i also bought it 2nd hand.

    the reason i’m doing this is so that i can eliminate bottlenecks with my graphics card while playing games. when i replaced my old video card with a more expensive one, konti lang nakita kong improvement although more than twice yung price nung bago kung card…after overclocking ayun pwede na maglaro at very high settings. this way i can concentrate on upgrading my gpu instead of buying faster CPUs. you cant gain any significant performance when you try to overclock a cheap gpu unlike a CPU.

    my processor has already lasted a year at this state, kung masira man ito due to this abuse ok lang siguro sulit na sulit na yung 1k for 1 year’s worth of use & abuse hehe

  16. Jay says:


    pa OVERCLOCK nga!

    very inspiring nman nyan.. wish i could do it with my mid spec’d rig. lol..

    sarap mag build ng rig pag ganyan.. super sulit!

  17. yuga says:

    Hello everyone,

    Not still sure when it will be aired. Could be this week-end or next, no confirmation pa from them e. Will update once ma verify ko.

  18. I guess I belong to the “cheap” and “no budget” group. You know the saying “necessity is the mother of invention”. :)

  19. silk says:

    I’m a gamer so I fall into the 2nd type. Every year I buy a new CPU and, in the past couple of years, new video cards every 6-8 months. Sometimes this forces me to buy a new mobo and entire platform. So I might as well spend a bit of extra time getting my FPS up with OCing my CPU, video and ram.

    There are two problems with this here:

    1) Overclocking parts (liquid or even just decent air coolers) are hard or impossible to find. Forget about find mosfet coolers and the like.

    2) Everything is darned expensive compared to our neighbors Singapore and HK.

    My solution is I don’t buy local, sincei can;t even get many of the parts locally. Its too bad, they need to fix this as I spend a ton of money on computer parts and buy 90% of my computing hobby outside the Philippines.

    Between GMA’s VAT, a stranglehold on certain brands by distributors (meaning price fixing at the retail level). Over aggressive “crackdowns” on so called smuggling. Ridiculous return policies and broken components exchange policies. I mean, when I put together a computer, I need time to put it together and discover if everything works. I do have a real job. Most stores give 7 days! Some go 30 days but with such ridiculous terms that they call everything user damage and refuse to exchange!

    Given that, I would rather buy outside and I do. Heck I had a bad video card 4 months after I bought it from a retailer I frequently buy from in Sim Lim and they accepted it back via DHL and sent me a working one.

  20. I belong to the second group. My first overclocking experience is with an AMD Athlon 1ghz overlocked to 1.4 using the pencil mod trick. And I’ve been overclocking eversince from CPUs to video card to even a CD burner.

    There’s like an adrenaline rush when your pushing your system to its limits. Kinda addicting to be honest.

    Right now my Intel Q6600 2.4ghz is overclocked mild 3.2Ghz. I can hit 3.6ghz but I need to raise the voltage and get a better cooling to get it past prime95.

  21. Oopss typo… I mean pass prime95 torture test. Hehehe. Need to get some sleep…..

  22. im on the 2nd group. i OC and sell it to cybercafes who wants an OCed system. they buy their own system and pay the OC service fee.

    i started with a 486 unit when a friend dared me to OC it and he will buy me a new pc if it’s 100% success. from that time, i OCed a lot of system even a video card.

  23. Daddy Mike says:

    Overclocking is certainly not for newbies. You can totally damage a CPU if you don’t know what you’re doing. I haven’t dared OCing my old dual core chip yet, mahirap na wala pa naman budget pamalit, hehe.

  24. Bijz says:

    in addition,

    you need an above average motherboard too. you should have those quality capacitors.
    and RAMs that can withstand higher clock speed / voltages

  25. jhay says:

    Tried to overclock my very first cpu but chickened out because it was the only PC in the house at that time! ;)

  26. Irvin Ching says:

    I overclock just for benchmarking, its fun to see how far you can push your PC. The biggest overclock I was able to manage is a jump from 2.0 to 3.1 using a Pentium D 505 I think. =)

  27. mary says:

    syempre, i-g-google na tuloy namin lalo yan! hehe

  28. Yeah…Overclocking has become a facinating hobby to pc enthusiast here in Phil,,,like me…i dont buy any pc parts just to use it…i bought them to be overclocked…. Gnyan tlga minsan ugale ng mga pinoy, 2lad ko na nbili lang ng mga gamit like my q9450,GA-x48-DQ6,palit Radeon 4870 in xfire and mah patriot viper series not just to play or use it as a daily basis but to have the highest overclocking capability…As far as i go im now at 4.25 ghz running on a dangerden Tower-21 water cooling kit with my aircon in front of my radiator and load temps only reaching at 56 celcious… this is only a shared topic… para may mapag usapan nman about sa OC ^^

  29. Katsune says:

    guyz im in the second type too,..
    i have amd sempron 2.1ghz, to 2.9ghz..
    temp: idle 17c max load 37c

    ^_^ ok ba? (5 80 mm case fan and 1 92mm casefan)

    most people do overclocking kase nakakaramdam sila ng challenge sa sarili nila,..

    ung iban naman dahil lang sa pangagailangan ng precise speed,…


    one thing that i cant figure out right now is the effectiveness ng ram ratio, they say 1:1 is the best set up…

  30. marion says:

    hey guys.

    i need some help on overclocking. my system is the new amd dragon from amd, i have an amd phenom 2 x4 940 black edition, mobo asus m4a78-e, sapphire 4850 toxic, 2gb kingston hyperx ddr2 1066 dual channel memory and a good cpu air cooling coolermaster v8, i was able to able overclock the cpu only until 3.5 ghz its stock speed is 3.0 ghz. i only used the precustomed o.c from the asus utility to obtain the speed however i wish if i can overclock it to 4.0ghz because i read some blogs and reviews they were able to o.c it to this speed. thanks guyz.

  31. kenneth says:

    mga kua para sakin…tama c @katsune..kc i was just a 15 y/o kid and mahilig ako sa overclocking nag search lng ako ng nag search…about overclocking my amd athlon 64 3000+ Processor..1.8Ghz stock now. at 2.0Ghz kahit maliit lng ung nadagdag…ang problem is.. ung memory..ndi overclocking memory ang gamit ko…my feeling was great kc ngaun ko lng nalaman..may ganun pla akung talent…

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