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HP outs Spectre One All-In-One desktop PC

HP’s top of the line ultrabooks are not the only products that will carry the “Spectre” name. In fact, it will represent HP’s latest All-In-One desktop PC, the HP Spectre One.

The HP Spectre One is a 23.6-inch AIO desktop PC which is only 11.5 mm thick. It has an aluminum frame, a tilting 1920×1080 pixel display and runs Windows 8. However, it does not ship with a touch screen, TV tuner and an optical drive. The reason for doing so is to keep the device as thin as possible. To keep it finger-friendly with Windows 8, it will come bundled with a large and very familiar wireless multitouch-gesture touchpad.

Other features include four USB ports (two 3.0), WiFi 802.11n, HDMI, Beats Audio, Ethernet jack, memory card reader and optional discrete graphics and SSDs. HP also included an NFC chip inside the Spectre One to make it work with NFC-enabled smartphones – allowing you to automatically login to Windows 8 or stream content with just a tap.

The HP Spectre One will be carrying Intel Ivy Bridge CPUs, 1GB Nvidia graphics card, a wireless keyboard and programmable NFC tags. It will arrive in the U.S. on November 14 and will cost $1,299 or almost Php54,000.


This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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23 Responses

  1. Yuja says:

    Wow, this could be the best gift ever. Nice job HP.

  2. mcometa says:

    What the hell HP? What the hell… That base looks like a Macbook Air. That Keyboard and pad on top view looks like the one from mac. I see where you got your inspiration.

    • Ryan says:

      basta manipis at light colored MAC na agad?

    • Ice says:

      I hate to say this pero kahit ako MAC din kagad pumasok sa isip ko nung makita ko hehehe

    • grayscale says:

      I usually defend PCs kung remote ang similarities (wedge-shaped, etc) pero andaming ways naman para hindi magsumigaw ng iMac ito. Have you seen other AIOs? Pwede namang maging unique yung design, and manipis, and light-colored ng hindi nagiging similar sa Mac. Also, have you seen their Envy line of notebooks? Nagsusumigaw din ng MBP yun. HP is to notebooks as Samsung is to mobile phones (pre-SGS3)

    • PinoyPride says:

      Damn! Akala ko redesigned iMac.

    • roland says:

      i agree… kailangan ba talaga laging apple ang baseline nila? hehe nagsusumigaw na copycat ako ng iMAC.. even the keyboard and the magic trackpad

  3. copycat says:

    haha what the hell!!!!! it should be named as HP-mac….. I guess Mac should sue all these copycats not only samsung

  4. grayscale says:

    Yuga, why not use Disqus or your own login system for the comments? Suggestion lang, medyo hassle kasi na everytime magco-comment ka, kailangan ng credentials. Suggestion lang naman.

    • aianonymous says:

      the same point i have been raising with the owner of the site. pero mukang ayaw or baka may ibang plans. i was thinking may they can associate the comment box to facebok, that will sure pull more readers.

  5. franz says:

    Somebody will get sued. lol

  6. imock says:

    Sabi ko na nga ba, mukang iMac, lalo na yung keyboard at trackpad. Pwede namang gawing black and white yung keyboard, para at least indi maikumpara sa iMac, na ganung ganun din ang design. Pati base, halata kung kanino pinagkopyahan, pero at least may effort na maiba, hehe.

    Pagtingin ko sa comments section, indi lang pala ako nag-iisip na muka siyang iMac, haha.

  7. FelixTheMatt says:

    ….and still, people hates Apple for suing other companies

  8. Dreb says:

    Looks really like a Mac but i’d probably get this if it has the same performance with Mac.

  9. Ice says:

    “ismell” a lawsuit

  10. wha says:

    iMac copy cat = Apple will sue . .

  11. Iyan Sommerset says:

    No thanks. HP hasn’t done anything in the past four years to show it has stopped making cheaply-built, defective products. Will pass.

  12. HP < APPLE says:

    Congratulations HP

    You’re on your way to be the next Samsung…

    Bunch of copycats!

  13. ghendoquicoy says:

    It has become a stereotypical notion to label a thing that has similar idea to a predominant and renowned one. The question is, did Mac acquired a patent for the idea of “all-in-one computer?” Also, take note that long before MAC invented the “all-in-one computer,” there has been few all-in-one desktops existing. The only problem why they weren’t as renowned as MAC’s similar computer is that MAC’s computer outweighed the specs and performance of these existing desktops, leaving them behind and disregarded for a while until now.

    • Roland says:

      Its not the all-in-one desktop in question here, the design itself…

    • grayscale says:

      No one is saying it looks like an iMac because it’s all-in-one. It looks like an iMac BECAUSE IT LOOKS LIKE AN IMAC. Look at other AIOs and they look nothing like the iMac.

  14. RaMi says:

    The keyboard and trackpad is VERY similar to iMac. There are a lot of possible great ideas/concepts. Wala bang imagination and innovation ang HP design team?!

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