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Intel Atom vs. Via Nano: Benchmark Results

Ever since the smaller laptops went to market and Intel started touting their new Atom CPUs as top of the line in terms of processing power and consumption, people wanted to see some comparative benchmarks. Well, I found some really detailed ones and they’ve tested the Via Nano 1.8GHz vs. the Intel Atom 230 1.6GHz — the closest chips between the two competitors.

Here are the individual CPU specs and performance tests:

VIA Nano L2100 CPU 1.8 GHz
Codename: Isaiah
Technology: 65 nm
Core Speed: 1817.9 MHz
Multiplier: x9
Bus Speed: 202MHz
Rated FSB: 808MHz
L2 Cache: 1MB

Intel Atom 230 CPU 1.6 GHz
Codename: Diamondville
Technology: 45 nm
Core Speed: 1596.3 MHz
Multiplier: x12
Bus Speed: 133 MHz
Rated FSB: 532.1 MHz
L2 Cache: 512 KB

intel atom via nano

The Via Nano trumps the Intel Atom in most benchmarks with 21.5% advantage on overall performance scores under PCMark Vantage results.

On power consumption, the Intel Atom uses lower power at 56watts/hr on idle and 60 watts/hr on full load while the Via Nano uses 59 watts and 77.5 watts on idle and full load, respectively.

source: PC Perspective & Hot Hardware

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4 Responses

  1. Lyle, RN says:

    Nice find. So much for the much touted Intel Atom.

  2. 1knife says:

    now, that’s one to consider

  3. I wonder how Intel Atom N330 (Dual Core) will fare against VIA Nano Dual Core as both will be manufactured using a 45nm process and thus will use the same power envelope.

    For the above tests they did state that although Intel Atom consumes less energy, the total energy consumed by VIA Nano for performing tasks is still less (albeit marginally) because it accomplishes the task in less time.

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