Gigabyte M528 Mobile Internet Device

Gigabyte M528 Mobile Internet Device

We’re seeing a lot of these lately. From Sony VGN-UX50 UMPC, OQO Model 02, Toshiba Utopia to the HTC Shift, Gigabyte will release one of its own – the Gigabyte M528 MID.

It’s touch screen with a size wide enough at 4.8 inches and a screen resolution of 800×480 pixels.


gigabyte m528

Intel Atom CPU, 800MHz Menlow chip
WiFi 802.11b/g
512MB of RAM
HSDPA/3G via USB port
Bluetooth 2.0
0.3 MP frontfacing webcam
3 MP autofocus camera

Will retail for about $700 in the US. Not sure if it will find its way here in the Philippines though. We have the concede to the fact that we’re really a small market here for these type of gadgets/toys.

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  1. Jan Alvin says:

    watch the solar eclipse live here.

  2. AnnaE says:

    Just wait for flat-rate 3G/HSDPA access, and you’ll see the beauts take off! (:

    I was a computer shop awhile ago and saw a 47 year old looking over a Fujitsu Lifebook. And she told the people in the shop: “I just want to email my friends. Are you sure this tiny computer can help me do that? The simpler the better, ok?”

  3. 88shoppe says:

    wow! this is a cool one. I’ll watch out for it.

  4. kurtmikel says:

    hi im new here how can i buy mobile phone usin a VISA CARD

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