Intel drops SSD prices this Christmas

Intel drops SSD prices this Christmas

Intel Philippines just sent in word that they are slashing down the prices of their SSD storage units this Christmas. They’re still relatively expensive but nice to know the prices are going down.

We’ve tried on of the smaller drives from Intel before, the 40GB Intel X25-V SATA SSD and results were pretty impressive.


The new Intel SSD prices are as follows:

Intel X25-V 40GB SATA SSD: $99 (Php5,000 in PC Express)
Intel X25-M 80GB SATA SSD: $189 (Php9,500 in PC Express)
Intel X25-M 120GB SATA SSD: $239
Intel X25-M 160GB SATA SSD: $399 (Php17,950 in PC Express)

These prices might vary a bit once they hit the local stores. So far, we’ve only seen the equivalent units at PC Express but they should go down now that Intel has slashed the prices.

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18 Responses

  1. tipler says:

    even with this price update, it looks like ssd’s with sandforce controllers still trump them value-wise

  2. Larry Miranda says:

    For an average consumer like me, I still think it’s better to hold off buying ssd. It’s still pretty expensive…

  3. LagaoLugaw says:

    if they take off around 25% from the price im going to think about it.

  4. Jhay says:

    Still too expensive. And Christmas this year isn’t like Christmas a few years ago.

  5. beats_master says:

    kinda expensive, yes, but the benefit is surely felt. currently using the 80gb flavor paired with a core i5 750 and the system boot time and apps are really fast compared to using an HDD.

  6. lolipown says:

    this is why you have TRIM

  7. arvindelacruz says:

    I bought an Intel 160Gb SSD from PC Express Pasong Tamo last week and it is truly the SINGLE MOST BANG-FOR-THE-BUCK upgrade to a NEW notebook.

    Its an even better upgrade to buying 8Gb RAM (P17,000 from, that I also put in my Vaio CW26 a few months ago.

    I was thinking of buying a G-SKILL Sandforce SSD (240Gb, P23,000) but the 2 week wait was too long and Intel drives are still more energy efficient, per Anandtech’s article.

  8. manaka_junpei says:

    nagiging mura na ang SSD sa taong ito, pero mahal pa rin ang larger capacity….panimula palang ang 40GB SSD mo

  9. Green Apple says:

    what improvement do i get and how much improvement is it compared to an ordinary IDE or SATA harddrive on a laptop running Windows 7? Is it really worth it?

  10. arvindelacruz says:

    @greenapple imagine your Windows 7 Machine booting in 10 seconds flat! Mine took almost 5 minutes to load Win7 when it was on a 500Gb Seagate Momentus 5400rpm drive.

  11. lolipown says:

    if an SSD is way beyond your budget, you can always jump on those hybrid drives

  12. Fleeb says:

    Trim only delays the inevitable.

  13. Les says:

    Guys, can anyone tell me where i can purchase an enclosure for this? that will fit in my desktop casing coz i dont have a 2.5″ slot.

  14. lolipown says:

    It’s called a 2.5 to 3.5 converter. Most reputation computer supply shops carry this.

  15. vince says:

    I bought a hybrid hard drive. Like most hybrids it has all the advantages and disadvantages of both SSD’s and mechanical HD’s

    see here for the review and decide if it is a worthwhile compromise

  16. According to the tipidpc SSD thread, the price drop is not enough. There are other brands of locally available SSD’s that are supposedly slightly faster than those intels and all intel did was to match their price. Its not a good deal since the speed is slightly slower. Intel should have made the new price maybe 10% lower

  17. ald1012 says:

    I just bought an HP Tablet PC with 160G SSD running Windows 7.

    Cold boot is under 80 seconds.

    From sleep mode is under 60 seconds.

    Office 2010 launch time is blinding fast!

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