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Local Tablet Round-up for March 2011

In expectation of newer generations of tablets, the current ones available in the market have made some price adjustments of late. I’d like to share this little round-up to give you a better picture and help you decide if you’re not still sold to the idea of owning a tablet.

I did an earlier comparison back in October 2010 between the Archos 70, CM Superion and Galaxy Tab here.

The line-up has since increased to include the iPad, WindPad and other Android tablets.

Apple iPad (1st gen) 16GB WiFi
Suggested retail price: Php19,990
Pros: Tons of iOS apps, solid build, great performance & battery life
Cons: No Flash, 3G model is more expensive

Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000
Suggested retail price: Php21,990
Pros: Tons of Android apps, portable/handheld, 3G SIM card slot included
Cons: plasticky, a little thicker than most tablets


Archos 101 Internet Tablet
Suggested retail price: Php19,990
Pros: Affordable, tons of Android apps, thin and light, decent battery life
Cons: Low screen resolution, no 3G option

Archos 70 Internet Tablet
Suggested retail price: Php16,990 for 250GB and Php15,490 for the 8GB
Pros: Affordable, tons of Android apps, thin and light, decent battery life, huge storage option
Cons: Low screen resolution, no 3G option

Cherry Mobile Superion
Suggested retail price: Php19,990
Pros: Affordable, tons of Android apps, thin and light, decent battery life
Cons: Un-impressive build quality, significant number of bugs

MSI WindPad W100
Suggested retail price: Php27,990
Pros: install any Windows 7 applications, possibility of multiple OS or multi-boot
Cons: Expensive, Windows 7 OS not fit for tablet, laggy and a bit slow

RedFox WizPad
Suggested retail price: Php31,999
Pros: install any Windows 7 applications, possibility of multiple OS or multi-boot
Cons: Expensive, Windows 7 OS not fit for tablet, laggy and a bit slow

Huawei S7
No SRP, locked to Globe at the moment.
Pros: tons of Android apps, thin and light, has 3G SIM card slot included
Cons: network-locked

From the looks of it, it’s a toss-up between the iPad and the Galaxy Tab while the Archos 70 250GB warrants a special mention for the huge storage capacity and very affordable price. The Galaxy Tab also enjoys brisk sales from the recently announced discounted price.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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38 Responses

  1. mark says:

    Any tablet than can run windows 7 is the real deal for me, because of the possibility of running multiple Os’es, you will never run out of options. Plus, they are the most future proof among them all, cause their counterparts life ends once a new gen is released or the new version of OS is not compatible with the hardware anymore.

    • Joe says:

      Yes, it can run a thousand OSes not fit for a tablet.

    • mark says:

      but it can also run those OS that are fit for tablets. Android, Ubuntu, Meego. e kung yung not fit for tablet kaya, ung fit pa kaya. stupid response.

    • adp says:

      Unless MSI released the drivers/driver source code for different OSes, it’s not really a stupid reply. You won’t be able to get that tablet to run the way it should. You can probably do workarounds and get it to boot, but that will be unoptimized and buggy, with some hardware features not functioning as desired, if at all. So yeah, your ignorance just showed.

    • cirrus says:

      i agree. his just to ignorance to think of it :)

    • LOL says:

      edi dapat nag netbook ka nalang.. lol

    • mark says:

      depende yan sa preference. gusto ko ung walang keyboard para madali mahawakan at magnavigate. at portable. and windows 7, pede ako magkabit ng virtually unlimited input devices, keyboard or mouse. talk about endless possibilities.

    • lolipown says:

      Unlimited options, about 1-2 hrs battery life. It’s a huge tradeoff really. But as you said, it’s about preference although at this point, it might be a better option (since you’re pointing out to having support to a multitude of devices) to go with a PC with a touchscreen monitor rather than a tablet.

    • Non-Techie says:

      Kahit natawa ako nung una ko nabasa comment mo, parang nakikita ko yung gusto mong sabihin. Gusto ko rin ng tablet na may ‘power’ to run a desktop OS and still retain portability and flexibility. Nde ko lang gets yung concept mo ng ‘future proof’ – the moment MS releases a new Desktop OS (even a new win7 service pack) or a new tablet OS, hinde ba deads na rin yung device mo – like their competitors? I’m not even sure if the current windows 7 tablets can install Win7 SP1.

      Anyway, IMHO, the closest you can get to a ‘future-proof’ tablet is if the device has a huge following – lots of active devs and communities keeping the devices alive by continuously releasing and updating apps. So far, Android and IOS devices ang nakikita ko na ganun.

    • Benchmark says:

      Hmmm I don’t think there’s a “future proof” device…kasi I am sure ilang years, tablets will be replaced of something else…maybe ilalagay na dyan sa katawan mo yung computer…you don’t know di ba?

      And I am also sure na any gadget you buy today will still depreciate its price. And devices that can be upgraded will have its limitations na din for upgrades due to technological advances.

      As for me, right now I am happy with my Samsung star and Acer i3 laptop. With tablet? Hmmm Another “WANT”? Maybe if I have to think twice, or trice. :-)

  2. Benchmark says:

    Perhaps soon, Windows will release a version of their OS fit specifically for Tablet PC…like Android’s Honeycomb 3.0

    • mark says:

      actually it already exists, kaso hindi pa formally nalalaunch. I know the an upcoming ASUS tablet comes with it. It’s called WINDOWS embedded 7, something like that. Same OS power, but with touch friendly interface.

  3. Jon says:

    I see more and more people sporting these tablets lately, but personally, I am still not sold on the idea of having a tablet replace a laptop or netbook. Hybrids are still tacky and expensive at best too. Yep, I’m still going to stick to my Android smartphone and netbook. ;)

  4. I hope prices would decrease further…….thanks for the round-up.

  5. I hope prices would decrease further……..
    thanks for the round-up.

  6. jojo says:

    All samsung devices are
    PLASTICKY yet PRICEY, except LED TVs

    Even their handsets, please DO inspect first the body built before buying..

    HTC and APPLE – solid and sulit

    see below thread kung gaano kabulok pati service nila…

  7. jojo says:


    Samsung warranty sucks big time:

  8. johan says:

    Sana maging available sa local market natin ang Notion Ink Adam. My business partner had ordered it online. http://www.notionink.com/

  9. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    Seems PLDT’s tablet is missing from the lineup

  10. adam says:

    Cherry Mobile Superion Suggested retail price: Php19,990 – ang mahal naman nito? I’m expecting that this is a china made dapat medyo mura or dapat hindi nalalayo sa price ng china apad/epad.

  11. sonny says:

    From the prices, it seems that ipad becomes the most affordable at present

  12. YOPINTECH says:

    If u want to see the video of samsung


  13. wreek888 says:

    With the new price, panalo gaqlaxy tab. its a smart phone/tablet. dont forget that it has a free samsung bluetooth headset worth 2.5k.

  14. Messie says:

    The pros and cons above are inconsistent. The Cherry Superion, Archos 101 and the ipad1 is priced similarly at 19,990 yet the ipad doesn’t include affordable as one of its pros?

  15. otepsphere says:

    Wow! ang gara naman nyan! Sana may pa contest si yuga..eto ang ibibigay heheh..! malay natin di ba?!

  16. EdwinC says:

    Ah, basta hintay pa rin ako ASUS Tablet. Kailan ba talaga, kuya?

  17. yuga says:

    @IC DeaDPiPoL – did not include it since my PLDT landline requirement.

  18. *All* Samsung products are “plasticky” and “pricey”?

    Well…I guess you could call me a happy exception to that statement. At the moment, I am the happy owner of two Samsung phones, the Corby TXT and the Champ. Got the first at about 6K, the second at 3K. Neither of them feel “plasticky”, and so far, both are working well after many, many months.

    But then I suppose you are familiar with the expression “your mileage may vary” in reference to techno stuff; not everyone has the same experience with any given piece of equipment.

    My two centavos’ worth. :)

  19. Harley Son says:

    i will go for samsung tab! that is my next gadget! yippee!

  20. Gumz says:

    Galaxy Tab or IPad….

    bababa pa yan next few months…

    • They are slowly removing the stocks in the market, expect the galaxy tab gen-2 this Q3 and iPad 2….

      I am an android fan but for the price of iPad first gen, its a good deal…

      The galaxy tab 7-inch is kinda small for me…:)

  21. arj says:

    good wrap up in order for me to decide what to buy.

  22. metal1369 says:

    the archos 70 is what i’d like, 250gb at around 17k Php. no 3g nga lang.

  23. arj says:

    no 3g ang archos, is it possible to install a globe tattoo stick or a smart bro in android stick? it would be awesome. otherwise, a superstick will be better but they are costly

  24. dinoalbert says:

    hehehe kahit ano pang sabihin nyo…..ANDROID is the future. Look around…observe. :)

  25. Edwin C says:

    Wala ka bang bagong reviews tungkol sa mga tablets? Wala na ba? Bagal naman ng tablet news mo.

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