MP3 turns 10!

MP3 turns 10!

This day, 10 years ago, the famous MP3 audio compression technology was born.

On July 14th, the name “MP3″ celebrates its tenth anniversary. On this day back in 1995, the researchers at Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS decided to use “.mp3″ as the file name extension for their new audio coding technology. Soon MP3 became the generally accepted acronym for the ISO standard IS 11172-3 “MPEG Audio Layer 3″.

The original email announcing this was written in German:

Date: Fri, 14 Jul 1995 12:29:49 +0200
Subject: Layer3 file extension: .mp3


Hi all,

this is the overwhelming result of our poll: everyone voted for .mp3 as extension for ISO MPEG Audio Layer 3! As a consequence, everyone please mind that for WWW pages, shareware, demos, and so on, the .bit extension is not to be used anymore. There is a reason for that, believe me :-)

Juergen Zeller

First time I encountered MP3s was the thru WinAmp, the premiere MP3 player way back in 1997. It was an uber cool thing then since you can pack hundreds of songs in your 540MB Seagate hard drive. IRC was still the primary source for sharing them.

On the sma ethought, WinAmp has gone a long long way. The earliest version I used then was WinAmp 1.5. View old WinAmp screenshots here (You can even download them and install!).

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  1. Kates says:

    Yeah, I remember those days. It even came with its own ripper and encoder. I had fun converting my cd’s then.

  2. pag may 3 kang mp3 sa pc mo dati, kakabilib ka na e. hehehe. ang dami na agad gustong kumopya para meron din sila…

    lalo na pag may winamp ka sa pc mo. astig pc mo nun. kasi yung pc nung iba, DOS mode lagi… :)

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