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MSI unveils Nightblade 3, MI3, MIB compact gaming PCs

MSI has updated its Nightblade compact gaming desktop series with the latest Intel Kaby Lake processors along with a refreshed design here in Las Vegas for the 2017 CES. The Nightblade series are meant to be more portable compared to the regular gaming rigs and, as such, the hardware configurations, form factor and design have been given much consideration.

• Msi Ces2017 • Msi Unveils Nightblade 3, Mi3, Mib Compact Gaming Pcs

The Nightblade design features an easy carry-handle situated at the front of the chassis so it’s easier to carry around on a LAN party. To add a more personal touch, the Nightblade 3 and Nightblade MI3 comes with RGB Mystic Light which can be programmed and controlled from an app. The RGB LED lights can be configured individually or as a group to provide color and effects.

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Realme Philippines

• Msi Nightblade • Msi Unveils Nightblade 3, Mi3, Mib Compact Gaming Pcs

The MSI VR Link provides an HDMI port on the front side and ‘One-Click to VR’ software to optimize VR experience with the likes of the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

Here are the complete hardware configuration matrix for all three Nightblade series desktop:

• Msi Nightblade Specs • Msi Unveils Nightblade 3, Mi3, Mib Compact Gaming Pcs

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