MSI Wind U100 Plus in Red, Blue and Rose

MSI Wind U100 Plus in Red, Blue and Rose

MSI has been expanding its 10-inch U100 netbook series and has now included an upgraded specs and more color variations under the updated MSI Wind U100 Plus label.

MSI announced last week two new colors — Rose Champagne and Metallic Blue — although the other color (Regal Red, announced in the 4th quarter of 2008) is something I haven’t seen anywhere before either.

msi wind u100

Aside from the color variations, the U100 Plus is also updated to include WiFi 802.11n, a 1.3M built-in webcam, Intel Atom N280 (1.66Ghz, 667MHz). MSI claims up to 7 hours of battery life on a standard battery (supposedly the optional 6-cell version).


msi wind u100 plus

Although MSI did not indicate the SRP, expect the current price of MSI Wind units to go down further while this new model takes in the previous price point of Php21k – php23k.

Not sure though if this is the same one that is being sold at PC Corner that we reported last month.

Update: According to MSI, the official retail price is Php22,999.

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25 Responses

  1. This is great for those who are vain ;)

  2. Jay says:

    what’s new?..

  3. My father asked me what country is MSI manufactured. I answered him what i thought it was from “Germany”. Unfortunately, after a research.. i found out that it was from ‘Taiwan’.

    Anyway, MSI is gaining market share in the philippines due to aggresive advertising and words of mouth.

  4. if this laptop is targeting on the “vain few” market, why don’t they just create one that has a repleable lid cap cover, and that you can easily snap on the lid of the laptop.

  5. Wind Boi says:

    i got mine 2 weeks ago from pc corner a black one.
    i hve to call them everyday, in every pc corner branches to check if they have olredy stocks
    kse nagkakaubusan daw. tsk

    Intel Atom N280 1.66GHz
    2GB RAM
    250GB HDD
    6-cell battery
    Windows XP SP3

    so i ges i got d old one..
    they dont hve this new one


  6. wi says:

    hi wind boi,

    what’s the graphics chip on your wind u1000+?


  7. Paul says:

    Wind Boi,

    I like the specs. How much was it? Also, OK ba ang battery life?

  8. Rodney Garcia says:

    The specs are sweet. Hope we can get the full list of the specs.

    The 802.11n is a welcome edition. Hope they include bluetooth in the new models.

    It’s a good thing I waited! Looking forward to MSI unleashing these netbook badboys!

  9. Fred says:

    very nice..awesome specs. ilang oras ba tumatagal yung battery life nya?.

  10. Darren says:

    SRP of netbooks dropped significantly in a really short time ~

  11. Wind Boi says:


    WI – same us d old one. the exact model that u can buy sa pc corner is msi wind u100 plus n280
    no bluetooth.tsk

    PAUL – the price 21,999php so its more like 22k
    but i know som1 selling wind with the same specs for 20,600php kso nakabili na ko nung nalaman ko! tsk!
    battery life 6 cell 4400mah bro..
    matagal den 3 to 4 hours max.

  12. Gene88 says:


    what’s so unfortunate about products made in taiwan? or even china, people? ipod and iphones are made in china.

    be aware that this places also follow certain standards being followed around the world. they also comply to ISO.

    MSI is a great product and so is Acer which is also made in taiwan. Chinese market is just saturated with fake products and clones. thats it! but as far as these products (MSI, Acer, Lenovo) are concerned, their products have excellent quality.

  13. madzman23 says:

    I agree with Gene, I had an American co-worker in our office and I was talking to him about the China fones and what’s our impression to it. He told me that China products is huge in the US, it is one their primary supplier of many products. They had a good name in the US, he told me that China products are really good and dependable. I think the illegal China products are just the one that penetrates our country more because maybe of the our (country’s) security for this matter. That is why we had that impression to their products, but we all know that buying unknown products is very risky, so its all something to do with the buyer. I would suggest that when we’re buying, we all should look for the brand, if it has a name, then you’ll be assure that they have a name that they taking care of. So dont get afraid if a product is made from those countries. :)

  14. erikjames says:

    nagtanong tanong ako sa mga pc corner branches sa gilmore qc and sm city manila through phone, sabi nila meron silang available na
    -msi wind u100 lxp8 (black);
    -atom n280; –
    -2gb ram/250gb hdd/6-cell battery;
    -pre-installed w/ windows xp home edition w/recovery disc;
    -no bluetooth. (that’s fine with me, you can buy bluetooth dongle at cdrking in sm stores for only Php250.
    you can buy the msi netbook for Php20,500 or Php20,995 daw, ano ba talaga?, just ready extra money okay. parang gusto pang tumubo ng mga seller nila. basta pupunta nalang ako in person. antagal pa nilang sumagot ng phone. pwede daw i-upgrade ung hard disk niya up to 500gb kung may budget ka talaga, un ung sabi nila sa akin, just add Php3,800. i dont know if they will charge for a service fee upon intalling the new harddisk and it’s operating system. also buy an external usb dvd writer, you know its function right? you will need that, ibm thinkpad usb external dvd writer for only Php2,990. cdrking has it too.

  15. Justin says:

    We recently bought a pink MSI Wind U100 plus for my sister. It was indicated on the box that it has no bluetooth, but when we started installing the drivers, lo and behold, it has a bluetooth driver made by Toshiba!

  16. Lexy says:

    I tried installing the Toshiba bluetooth driver on my brand new MSI wind u100 plus (red) but it always ask for a bluetooth device to be inserted, does it mean it doesn’t have a built in bluetooth?

  17. Paolo says:

    Can the MSI U100plus run Adobe Photoshop CS3 or CS4???

  18. Jan Louis says:

    @gene acer sucks. there are like three of us in class who has an acer and we’re all complaining. when i went to an authorized acer service provider in Gensan, people are lining up with the same problem as mine (optical drive and thermal module)

    well, much for acer stuff. i’m really interested in buying a netbook one of these days and this one from MSI has come into my consideration.

    -Jan Louis
    PS i’m selling my acer laptop for around 18,500. please contact me for the details>> [email protected]

  19. digitally says:

    i’ve upgraded my MSI Wind U100 Plus LXP8 Netbook to windows 7, to my dismay i can’t get driver for bluetooth and webcam driver.

    pls help….


  20. Clifford says:

    May installer ba un na pang restore ng laptop kpg nagka virus? thanks…

  21. jarred says:

    hi! does anyone has a webcam installer for windows 7.. pls help… thanks!

  22. pieRr0Ur says:

    7 hours of battery life ?? Mine’s only 4 hours !!


    XP SP3

  23. Mga bro! This might help you :)

    Have you all tried to visit MSI’s website? Meron silang Driver don, specially yung Bluetooth.

    And for Windows 7 users, like me.

    My Lola owned one. OS niya eh Windows 7. Hindi gumagana yung webcam niya. Naghanap ako ng driver sa MSI website sabi kasama na daw yon sa Windows 7 driver pack. Tapos ineexamine ko bawat button sa keyboard and I found out a solution para magamit ang webcam.

    Try clicking:

    Fn + F6

    ^yan yung button para ma-enable yung webcam.

    Hope this helped a lot. E-mail me at [email protected] kung may questions pa kayo. Or try niyo din ako kontakin sa Facebook ko. Yan din yung e-mail

    -Efreim Jude

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