Facebook users showing signs of inactivity?

Facebook users showing signs of inactivity?

While there’s a lot of talk about the new web-darling Facebook and its apparent overtaking of MySpace as the largest social networking site in the world (over 200 million), there’s this lingering question whether Facebook will be the next Friendster.

From April 16 to 23, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced it will open to the public the voting for site governance.


With over 200 million Facebook members, and being the most active and fastest growing social networking site, one would expect an avalanche of participation. Didn’t turn out to be that way,


Facebook’s own statistics suggest that around 589,000 people have voiced their opinions so far. Those individuals support the proposed, user-sourced documents by an almost overwhelming margin, 74.48 percent to 25.52 percent. {source}

Zuckerberg needed 30% (60 million) for the vote to take effect but only about 600,000 voted.

The first ever user vote on Facebook got a participation rate of under 0.25%. Big numbers are great but this one doesn’t look good in terms of user activity.

So to my fellow Facebook users, did you vote?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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20 Responses

  1. yuga idol says:

    sir yuga..

    I took a screenshot in your blogs error:

    kindly look at this..

    Im using 3 PC (IE and Firefox) and same error occurred…

    -yuga idol

  2. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    a lot dont care?

  3. yuga says:

    And when we say “a lot” in Facebook, it means in the hundreds of millions.

  4. I think a lot of people just do not care with the red tape that is happening in Facebook. Why are they even having this governance vote in the first place?

    Me as a user, I just don’t care. I use Facebook to socialize and have fun – not ponder about the fineprint!

  5. Darren says:

    I don’t even know this until I check here the second time today. I’ve logged in and out twice on Facebook today but didn’t know at all. LOL

  6. I am not paying any attention to it.

  7. yuga idol says:

    thanks sire yuga!

    it was okay now!

  8. ako din di ko masyadong pinapansin to.

  9. jaime.lyn says:

    They/we don’t care that much at all most FBers’ are just typing in lousy statuses and takes annoying quizzes. FB is beginning to disappoint me, I’m not sure if this is FB’s fault or I just have a set of lousy friends who is thrilled by taking quizzes all day just so that I will know how not boring their life is

  10. Doc Harry says:

    I think that the number of FB activists, or Internet activists for that matter, who will care about how our personal information and shared media is not as high as tech-watchers believe. Or maybe the revised terms of use were enough to pacify the activists.

    As for Filipinos, I don’t think most of our online countrymen are that worried about identity theft. It’s not that big a crime here. At most, you have to worry about physically stolen credit cards and hacked profile and email accounts.

    No I didn’t vote. I do not share as much content online aside from what I write, especially on social networking sites. I should see how the whole “your pics are ours” policy has been resolved. Would you know Abe?

  11. Doc Harry says:

    @jaime.lyn There’s a userscript you can install (if you’re using FF and the Greasemonkey script) to remove quiz results from your front page newsfeed.. here you go —-> http://userscripts.org.twi.bz/b

  12. Ed says:

    @jaime.lyn — to be honest, the only people out of my hundreds of facebook friends that do the quizzes are the ones living in the philippines.. all the filipinos i know that ventured over from friendster are the ones blowing up my page with quizzes and such.. all my friends in the states stray away from that… also, there are settings to clear your homepage of quizzes..

    as for the governance — im on fbook ALL DAY and i never noticed it hahaha… either im just oblivious or their ad wasn’t visible enough..

  13. I read the guidelines. They were written quite well with the basic user in mind. Not much mumbo jumbo.

    But was the time enough to get everyone vote? Perhaps no.

    If I were in Facebook’s shoes, I would have first fixed the new “template” of the site. I was loving the previous one. The current template just made things more cramped with quizzes and stuff. I had to install the Greasemonkey and script too.

    The point: It would have been better that Facebook focus on making most of the users happy and not just stir the beehive all over again.

    I think if your users are very satisfied with the experience, they will take the time to really care about these guidelines.

    You gotta soften them up a bit before you make any changes. You have to make them realize that these changes are good…(or are they?)

  14. Jhay says:

    I didn’t know there was a vote to begin with! I missed it because I seldom login to my FB account, save for accepting friend requests and answering messages.

    Going in to the matter, I really don’t care because I don’t post that much content on FB. My photos are on Flickr, I have my blogs for written content, FB is just another way for me to connect with friends and colleagues.

  15. KDMLRYS says:

    One of the reasons behind this is perhaps Twitter. I’m a member of both FB and Twit but I must admit that I spend more time on Twit than on FB.

    And if I have to choose between Friendster and Facebook, I would choose Friendster due to its simplicity.

    I don’t know about the active ones but I just find FB a bit complicated.

  16. calvin says:

    the note regarding a vote is inconspicuous so plenty of people didn’t notice it. di ko rin ito napansin.

  17. jared says:

    vote what? inactivity not.
    users are active regardless if they vote or not.
    its like in real life, people are still there, alive. but during elections, some prefer to have no preference, getmi? :D

    and friendster is for kids lol

  18. Guinevere says:

    facebook, their multiple staff around the world, their associated apps, are all doing incredible harm on people’s privacy, they have been using cyber abuse (their staff), and add and remove whatever they like anytime! It is attrocious how they are allowed to continue on innocent victims or should I say people who love to stay ignornant about their activities!
    As I read above some of the comments, they don’t even care, as long as they have fun? Is that what this is called? Then they don’t know what fun is all about. After all, fun is participating in real life. Facebook is for people who lack this!
    Games can be played on the internet on many sites! One does non need to go on facebook. Fear not from the individuals you connect with, but the real fear is from facebook media, who are there to strip you off your privacy, your security, your personal identity, who watch everything, to place adds for you on your page, which supposedly are tailor made according to the information they ripped off!
    The innumerous staff around the world, act aggressively, abusively, and add and remove whatever is the right to your privacy, or any decent feedback you try to give about the wrong things they do!
    There IS NO privacy or security in facebook, and though just for the saving face…facebook has written suggestions of how to protect it, it is only a cliche….because it is the inside of facebook work, that does the damage,and try to keep clean,by stating that you can adjust your privacy settings.
    All intact….remove all contacts, and they send you contacts without asking you!
    People are rediculous, when you try to warn them and like the fun?? What part is fun, which does not exist anywhere else? They say it is free, and abuse you when you ask assistance, or give feedback, yet this is the dangling carrot! IT IS NOT FREE! THEY ARE WORTH BILLIONS BECAUSE OF THE USERS, AND MAKE MONEY ON THEIR EXPENSE! Not free!!! Neither is peaple’s dignity which is compromized! Integrity is lacking, checking back on their staff, developers, graphic designers, media….and the list goes on, would correct the lack of integrity, but they don’t even respond to your complains!

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