MSI Wind U120H 3G priced at Php27,999

MSI Wind U120H 3G priced at Php27,999

First announced October of 2008, the MSI Wind U120 was the first netbook from the Taiwanese manufacturer to have built-in 3.5G (HSDPA) capability. Last week, MSI and Sun Wireless Broadband had a roadshow event showcasing the U120 and the U100 Plus earlier mentioned here.

Unlike the earlier announcement, the U120H is now at 10″ instead of the 8.9″ indicated in the release.

msi wind u120 cyberzone


MSI Wind U120H
Intel Atom Processor N270 1.6GHz
Intel 945GSE + ICH7M
10” screen display (1024x 600 LED backlight)
1GB DDR2 667MHz memory
250GB SATA Hard Disk Drive
3.5G (HSDPA) solution for 3G communication
802.11 b/g wireless LAN
6-cell battery
Windows XP Home Edition

wind u120Â

The MSI Wind U120 also has this exclusive MSI EasyFace (Face Identification Software) included (not sure though if it’s for login purposes like fingerprint scanners). MSI did not indicate how long the 6-cell battery would last considering there’s the 3G connection that could easily drain off extra juice. Would be interesting to see how strong the internal antenna for that 3G though.

The suggested retail price — Php27,999.

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15 Responses

  1. loadex says:

    does this mean MSI is siding with Sun for the wireless broadband service.. because Asus have Smart?

    Hhmmm.. shall we see Globe pairing with Acer?

  2. Doc Harry says:

    Looks like Globe got left behind a bit. Got busy with the Blackberry rollout? Yeah, antenna stength will be an issue, what with Sun being… well, Sun. (Yet I still find my Sun cell essential. Keeping me from using Globe Duo.)

    However, what about that upcoming Nvidia ION netbook?

  3. jpeb says:

    I just wish that this netbook will not be sim locked to Sun Cellular.

  4. Unknown Soldier says:


    why would they include that kind of feature wherein Globe Tattoo or Smart Bro USB devices are now cheap…

    you’ll sacrifice that kind of lousy specs? (if compared with other laptops in the market plus USB connectivity)

    it’s not practical i think.

  5. yuga says:

    @jpeb, don’t think it’s locked with Sun. All they did was some joint marketing effort.

    @Unknown Soldier, because Smart and Globe only covers the Philippines. MSI’s market is global.

  6. @Unknown Soldier
    Well said! How much does a USB Modem cost now? Less than 2k a pop! The significant price increase from the regular U100 is not enough to warrant this as a must have IMHO.

  7. Jay says:

    please just bring that ION netbook out.

    Q3 June or July.. let’s wait and see.

    just seeing this part of the specs “Intel 945GSE + ICH7M” make me wanna puke.. can’t we see some decent graphics.. umm like the next gen. GN40?

  8. roman says:

    27,999 mahal pa rin..

  9. braindead says:

    Is it really worth an upgrade? Of all netbooks I definitely like the looks of this one but the battery life and the 1gb ddr is keeping from buying this.

    Will it be better to get HP mini at 18k or a u100 at 23k?

    Or will an eee-HE a better option?

  10. Erin says:

    @UnknownSoldier, Reel Advice: one less equipment to lug around and if the 3/3.5G modem is really not sim-locked then it also gives the user the freedom to choose and/or use two different providers depending on their location. this assumes that the said provider sims may be purchased without buying the modem unit.

    @roman: almost a year ago i paid the same amount for my U100 with 2GB *and* 3-cell battery. the price will definitely go down but the answer is if the customer can wait.

    and i think i missed the part wherein the battery life was specified. i am still pining for a 6-cell battery for my Wind but I can’t justify the upgrade for now. :)


  11. cheftonio says:


    Yes, I agree that it would be one less gadget to lug around. This matters to me so it must matter to some others too.

    Let’s just hope that the signal will be strong enough. Can’t wait to try that out!

  12. Eug says:

    I can attest that a Smart SIM will work on the U120, and imo is the best for on-the-go access cuz of its per half-hour blocks that does not reset when you disconnect.

    Prices will surely go down – especially once the gilmore retailers get into the action.

  13. Miesha says:

    I had thought that Sun would be coming out with a broadband package bundled with the MSI Wind model specified above. I’m disappointed to know it was just a roadshow.

  14. erikjames says:

    you dont need the face identification software, baka lang maconfuse lang ung netbook sa mukha mo. buy msi wind u100 instead and it’s much cheaper, almost have the same specs to this one and you can download freeware softwares on net kung talagang nacucurious ka how it works. try mo sa, search vids of gigafide or tinkernut

  15. Pasaway says:

    Eug: Can you please point me towards good site(s) on the topic of how to use the 3G capability of MSI U123, which is 3G ready, meaning there is a slot for a SIM card, but honestly I don’t know how to continue from there.

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