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MSI Wind12 U230 gets priced

A nice upgrade to the Wind U210 is the new MSI Wind12 U230 with the same Athlon Neo processor but on a better. The suggested retail price — Php23,994.

MSI Wind12 U230
AMD Athlon Neo X2 L335 1.6GHz Processor
AMD RS780MN + SB710
2 GB DDR2 667MHz (up to 4GB)
12.1″ display screen @ 1366×768 pixels
ATI Radeon HD3200
1.3MP webcam
4-in-1 card reader
Gigabit LAN
WiFi 802.11b/g/n
HDMI port
3 USB 2.0 ports
6-cell battery

MSI promises up to 4 hours of battery life on the 6-cell battery. The 9-cell (8200mAh) battery I’m using with the Wind12 U210 registers 5.5 hours on full charge so the 4 hours on the 6-cell isn’t far off.

Villman carries the model for Php3,999 for 6 months at zero interest. The unit does not come with Windows OS though (just DOS) so you’ll need to shell out at least Php7k for Windows 7 for that one.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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76 Responses

  1. MannyV says:

    Does this have an internal 3G modem where we can insert a sim card, Yuga? Thanks.

  2. yuga says:

    @MannyV – nope, not on this model.

  3. jerb says:

    Still no bluetooth?

  4. Eileen says:

    what model or what brand does have an internal 3G modem where we can insert a sim card?

  5. LunaTech says:

    im planning to buy u210 but you said its better. bakit po? dahil pa sa processor o graphics card? just wondering…

  6. yuga says:

    @jerb – no bluetooth, again.

    @eileen – check out the U123 model

    @LunaTech – better graphics

  7. Pusang Kulog says:

    They say that using Windows XP, the HD 3200 seems to have problems with current and older drivers, as there is no 2D acceleration. This leads to very slow interactions with windows and scrolling (especially with Firefox as reported in various discussion boards). More information on the topic can be found at Planet 3D Now or the AMD forum.

    Might as well put a Windows 7 OS on this unit…

  8. Pusang Kulog says:

    Here’s the link to the video posted at 3D Planet Now as to the issue of the ATI HD 3200 having problems with scrolling on a Windows XP OS.


    Sory for the long link but it is the translated to english version webpage. The original webpage has some Germanic language on it.

    Again, might as well put a Windows 7 OS on it if you plan to get this unit or any unit that has the same graphics chipset.

  9. Pusang Kulog says:

    Sorry for the third reply. This is not to SPAM. Here’s the AMD Forum link to my stated issue with the ATI HD3200


  10. Calvin says:

    only 4 hours with the 6-cell? must be the ati radeon draining the battery that quick.

  11. vepa814 says:

    sir abe, may SIM card slot cya sa likod, right? Compatible ba cya sa Globe and/or Smart? Thanks.

  12. rlug2 says:

    PC Corner advertised in Tipidpc that this has a sim card slot and therefore makes this way better that the U210, aside from the graphics card.. PC Corner’s ad may be misleading.. but then again they may be talking about the slot only, not the modem.. hehehe

  13. will it run Visual Studio 2008, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator on this rig?

  14. gee… thanks for the info sir yuga! :)

    btw, i saw you last night on Q-Tube :) nice review about blackberry storm :)

  15. travisthetruth says:

    crap, i just bought a u210 last december, i shouldve just waited for this one..pareho lang naman sila ng price..

  16. JKisaragi says:

    Sir Abe, question po. I’m torn between getting this one or a Compaq CQ40-416AU.

    Which one’s really worth it? @[email protected]

  17. Mawi says:

    Sir Abe,
    I’m torn between buying this and hp mini 110 [pink chic]
    I’m going to use the netbook I choose for:
    *internet [reading fanfiction, mail, video streaming and facebook]
    *Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Movie Maker

    I like this MSI model because it’s screen is much bigger than the screen of HP Mini 110, but it comes only with DOS.

    I’d be thankful if you will help me. You could also suggest other netbooks/laptops that you think suits me.

  18. MSI u230 Fanboy says:

    you know if in Korea or Philippines the msi u230 come with W7 home premium english version (languaje)? please answer me, thanks.

  19. JKisaragi says:

    I’d be using it for casual games (maybe even a bit of online gaming) and the basic stuff (surfing, word processing, etc).

  20. NineSwordz says:

    sir yuga, how much memory does the HD3200 have? is it the same with the Nvidia ION which has 512mb? err.. which is better then?

    btw, can you make a review on Asus Eee PC 1201N.

  21. Wind says:

    yuga, you kwon if come with windows 7 home premium in english(languaje)?

  22. Wind says:

    ok, but the w7hb come in english?, thanks for the answer

  23. Wind says:

    well, thanks. now a friend is buying this model for me in korea but i don’t know if the w7 come in english. thanks for ask, and i wait to try it. bye

  24. Wind says:

    well, thanks. now a friend is buying this model for me in korea but i don’t know if the w7 come in english. thanks for the answer, and i wait to try it. bye

  25. Max says:

    Nice machine :D

    but no bluetooth, and just 4 hours battery…windows 7 home basic :(

    great performance…waiting reviews and videos

  26. Iggy says:

    I just got mine yesterday from Accent Micro – Cebu.

    MSI U230 is by far the best “muscle” netbook in the market today from price to specs aspect.

    All effortless….from OS (Win7) multi-applications’ responsiveness all the way to BluRay HD 1080 playback via HDMI!

    For hours of operation, this netbook doesn’t even feel warm unlike others as if your laps gonna melt.

    Battery lasted almost 5 hours under normal operation (internet browsing & MS Office apps).
    You could still squeeze more hours (+2 maybe — I’ll test this out in the next few days) by using its eco-engine technology developed by msi.

    It was just a WOW impression!!! what an amazing package.

    Please allow me to share this link:


    .. a very similar experience that I can honestly relate and agree upon.

    Hope this personal comment of mine helps to the undecided ones.

  27. Hypermind says:

    Yes meron sim slot ang u230 but u still need a mini pci 3g modem for it to work… (just my guess)… :D

  28. the hatter says:

    so it works well with HD videos? nice! one last thing though, has anybody tried playing 3D (call of duty, etc.) games on this unit? how does it fair?

  29. Hendrix says:

    sir yuga ask lang kung ilang hours ang charging time ng MSI Wind U230? because i just bought it, thanks hope you can help me and where can i buy the mini pci 3g modem? to work the slim slot…Thanks!

  30. franciselmer says:

    can someone please try playing heroes of newerth on it?hehe thanks.

  31. Cuayo says:

    So my only concern is battery life, iggy says it goes up to 5 hours, has anyone tried underclocking the unit? perhaps it could go to 6 probably 7hrs.

    oh and one more question, will this fit those 9 cell batteries of other msi models like u210?

    thanks. :)

  32. Hi Mr. Olandres,

    I am planning to buy this model but I’m concerned about the absence of an optical drive. Can I install Windows or Linux to it using an external optical drive? How about thumb drives?

    This is my first time buying a laptop actually. Are there any other means of installing an OS to it?

    Kenneth Calamay

  33. Ah ok. Thanks po. I’m not used to booting from external devices po kasi. I trust that I can install an OS to this laptop using an external DVD. Thanks again.

  34. vinZiii says:

    @Kenneth: yes! you can do install an OS using USB flash drive. :)

  35. JKisaragi says:

    Just got one of these babies at Accent Micro yesterday for 22,900 (0% 12 Months installment).

    Was scared when I updated Windows 7. After restarting the netbook, the screen went all crazy in a few seconds (like literally, the screen got blurry and all jumpy on the Windows 7 loading screen), it all got smooth again on the log-in screen. I still have to thoroughly test this to see if it happens again.

    Any of you guys experienced the same? Parang gusto ko isoli tuloy (OC lang). T_T

  36. vinZiii says:

    I haven’t experience that on this unit. Maybe its adjusting on the resolution that’s why its a bit flickered on the win7 loading screen. Is it a fresh install of windows 7? or updated from an old OS?

  37. JKisaragi says:

    Thanks for the reply vinZiii.

    Updated from a trial version of Windows 7 Home Premium.

    I guess you’re right. Maybe it was just adjusting on the resolution, as I did notice that one of the updates for Windows 7 was for the graphics chip (3200).

    I’m not taking any chances though and I’ll still monitor for any “flickering” that it might show over the weekend.

  38. amielDH says:

    sabi sa isang review at may video pa na may simcard slot sa ilalim nang battery..

  39. Joy says:

    I just bought one and it does have a SIM card slot. I haven’t tried it out, though.

  40. mawi says:

    Para saan po ba yung sim card slot sa laptop/netbook? :D

  41. NineSwordz says:

    siguro pang tawag.. hehe. cellphone narin ang laptop these days. ^_^

  42. Hi again guys,

    Nakabili na ko. Pano nga po pala gamitin yung bluetooth functionality nito? May kailangan ba akong bilhin? Thanks a lot. Nga pala, anyone tried running from Linux through WINE yung globe tatoo?


  43. donn says:

    where can i buy u230 around metro manila with same specs which has cheaper price?

  44. @donn, I got mine at MSI SM Megamall. 22950 siya pag cash basis. That’s 1k cheaper. Or naghahanap ka ba ng 2nd hand?

  45. donn says:


    brand new tol… tnx for the info….


    can war craft, league of legends, generals, nfs, diablo2 can run on this laptop without any problem? and also… does radeon 3200 HD have 256 dedicated graphic memory… if so… can we still share memory from your RAM? how many? tnx tnx tnx

  46. maeco says:

    @kenneth calamay

    just bought mine yesterday at msi shoppe sm cebu. you need to buy a bluetooth dongle, i bought one at cd-r king at 220. im still iniatilly charging it now. im looking forward to using it in a few hours from now. :)

  47. vinZiii says:

    @Donn: Try mo nga search sa megamall. Ive heard na may nagoffer dun ng 21.5k for the netbook. I bought this netbook @ Pc Live SM North for 22.5k libre mouse + nagpainstall na din ako sa knila ng kung anu anu :)

    @Kenneth: Either mag bluetooth dongle ka katulad ni maeco or pwede ka din bumili ng internal bluetooth adapter kaso dadayo pa ung netbook sa service center :)

  48. Wally says:

    This netbook has a good specifications, I wonder if this can support some graphic softwares such as Adobe Photoshop???

  49. jsj says:

    Pinag iisipan ko talagang ibenta ang 1.5 year old MSI Wind U100 ko at bilhin itong U230!

    Syempre resale value niyun <16k na lang.
    So iniisip ko kung worth it talaga para makuha masmabilis na processor at HD playback at hi-res screen.

    I've heard may basic games kaya.
    Has anyone tried heavy Photoshop, Lightroom or Picasa with lots of files?
    It'd be great if I can use this for a lot of photo post processing.

  50. Joy says:

    Mine is a few weeks old now. It’s a lovely, elegant machine… runs Window 7 like a charm. I haven’t tried heavy GIMP work though, jsj. I’ll try to give feedback once I do my tarps on this machine.

    May I ask if anyone knows where I can buy a 3G mini PCI internal modem? Nasasayangan lang ako. Getting an internet connection could be as easy as plugging my SIM card into the slot but I can’t do that until I have the modem.

  51. sirches says:

    I tried playing online games to this unit… I’m playing runes of magic and world of warcraft.. running smooth…

  52. donn says:

    can it run windows 7 64 bit?

  53. Issa F. says:


    Im planning to get the MSI U230. I asked PC Planet if they have a package that includes an OS installed to it already and they said it only comes with Windows 7 Basic, is that the same as the Windows 7 Starter or trial version? Do you guys have any idea how much would the MSI U230 cost if I wanted it with the Windows 7 Home Edition? And do you have any idea if this comes with MS Office installed already??Please help!thanks! btw,does this have any other color too other than black?

  54. NineSwordz says:

    Sir yuga, is this unit different from this? –>

    MSI Wind12 U230 with AMD Congo MV40

    They have the same name actually.. but this “Congo” thing has only 1 cpu core? I dunno..

    Here’s the link for more info –>


  55. NineSwordz says:

    Or are they just the same? sorry I’m not very techy and aware of these things..

  56. sirches says:

    @NineSwordz: they are the same..

  57. jsj says:

    Mga sirs,
    I read that the U230 throttles down to 800mhz cpu speed when the unit is on battery only. Thus diminishing performance.

    Is this correct?

  58. Yzorderrex says:

    You can turn off CPU throttling at the BIOS, just disable PowerNow!

    MV-40 is a single core processor and the L335 is a dual core processor. Same laptop, different processors. Dunno the price difference between the two.

    Just got this laptop a few days ago and it serves me well in school. A little oldschool gaming and GBA emulation every now and then tops it off.

    Has anyone here used the flash 10.1 beta? Does it work with the Radeon 3200? I don’t know anyone who uses the beta version of flash. Any thoughts about it?

  59. JM says:

    i love this device so much. its more than i ve ever asked for a netbook. works like a laptop. its fast and very efficient. i heard that u250 just came out i cant wait to see that one ill get one for my mom. =D

  60. bratinela says:

    will this run on windows xp service pack2. im planning to buy 1 later hope someone can help. thanks

  61. bratinela says:

    im back. just got a dell inspiron mini.
    trying it out now. 7hrs battery life.
    it has bluetooth also. nice glossy pink color for P21,000 at SM Clark.

  62. pakol says:

    hi po sr…pa anu po ung sim slot nya kasi d namn kasya du ung sim!!!!tnx poohh

  63. aya says:

    This can be used for 3d modelling and v-ray rendering ^^

  64. TheGadget says:

    it’s a monster machine that will do all your need..

  65. blinksclue says:

    pls. make a review of this unit.. I’m currently having this as on option along with Acer 1551-5448 and other 11′-12′ laptops that’s under Php28k tag price. thank you.:)

  66. blinksclue says:

    one more thing. can i ask for it’s windows experience index? thank you.:D

  67. Lhon0901 says:

    @blinksclue : Here’s my index, though I would warn you that it sometimes varies, and had my RAM upgraded to 4GB…

    Processor: 4.1
    Memory (RAM): 5.7
    Graphics: 3.2
    Gaming graphics: 4.7
    Primary hard disk: 5.9

    That’s out of 7 on a Windows 7 Experience Index… Hope this helps!!!

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