NEC gets Lavie Light netbook out the door

NEC gets Lavie Light netbook out the door

Japanese electronics company NEC is introducing an 8.9 inch netbook called Lavie Light. There’s one thing this netbook isn’t — light on the pocket. If the SRP of 65,000 yen is correct, that translates to about Php31,000.

The NEC Lavie Light isn’t that any special as well — specs look kinda standard too.


8.9″ display screen (1024×600 pixels)
Intel Atom 1.6GHz N270
1GB RAM PC-4200
WiFi 802.11 b/g
1.3 MP webcam
3 USB 2.0 ports
SD Card reader
2.6 hours battery life
Windows XP Home

I guess aside from the Philippines and Taiwan, the netbooks hasn’t really caught on with other countries. Some OEMs like Asus and Lenovo even admit that Philippines and Taiwan are their biggest market so far (Japan is a strong 3rd I heard). I guess that’s why most models come out earlier here than in the US (see NEC press release).

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10 Responses

  1. jhay says:

    Is it just me or this thing looks like one of those gadgets used to check the telemetry of tanks or Formula 1 cars. LOLZ

  2. fion read says:

    Fire the designer.

  3. normanski says:

    ahahah it looks old school!

    i think ill go for a astone umpc, it was repriced to 9,995 like the blue h1.

  4. cris says:

    it looks like a photoframe! hehe

  5. Jay says:

    The Good – Asus 1000H
    The Bad – Deep Blue H1
    The Ugly – NEC LAVIE LIGHT

    heck! for goodness sake abe, this piece of junk don’t deserve a kilobyte in your blog.
    it doesn’t appeal a technophile me. take it out it’s ugly.

  6. KingKong says:

    The guy above ^ me is right…

  7. Obed says:


    If you sell that in a second hand laptop store they will not believe its a 2008 release :)

  8. otoy says:

    even the pawnshops wont accept this. hihihi

  9. iya says:

    This is hideous.

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