Neo Basic B3325 N drops to Php9,999

Neo Basic B3325 N drops to Php9,999

Neo has just dropped the price of their entry-level netbook, the Neo Basic B3325 N, to just under Php10k. This Atom-powered netbook comes pre-installed with Ubuntu Linux.

Prior to this, the netbook was selling for around Php12k in stores. This netbook is among the very few ones in the market that have crossed the Php10k-barrier.


Neo Basic B3325 N specs:
Intel Atom N435 Processor 1.33GHz
10.1″ display @ 1024×600 pixels
Intel GMA 3150
1GB DDR3 Memory
3 USB 2.0 ports
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
VGA Webcam
3-cell Li-Ion
Ubuntu Linux

This is also probably in response to the newly released Meego netbooks from Asus and Samsung. In fact, the Neo Basic B3325 N has almost the same exact hardware specs as the Asus X101 for the same price point.

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25 Responses

  1. johan says:

    this is the same brand that released the earlier defective sandy bridge chipsets
    and have not withdrawn them from the market.
    ( what was it, ~30K for an i7 ? )

    a friend tried their midrange offer once, only
    to confirm the battery issues that is the
    common complaint for Neo.

    it is a cheap price point. but it’s like
    throwing away 9k.

  2. Fordie says:

    Problem with Neo Products if ever you lose your CD drivers and try going to their website and support section, chances are you wont get it there for sure. For example their Basic B4200 they dont have drivers for it.

  3. aze says:

    does anybody know Neo Basic B5110N? is it worth my 20k? coz i need to buy my brother a new lappy.

    • sani G says:

      @aze For that budget you can purchase one of the following:

      Lenovo G460e T4500 / 2Gb / 500Gb @ Php17,500
      Lenovo IdeaPad G475 | AMD E350, 2Gb, 500Gb, HD6310 @ Php17,995.00
      Acer-eMachines (EMD-644, 4Gb, HDMI, BlueTooth) @ Php18,995

      There are so many entry-level laptops from known brands in the market. Well, the choice of laptop will also depends on it usage so choose wisely.

    • aze says:

      thanks for the info dude.

  4. bwahahaha says:

    Neo is like buying chery mobile with lots of issues…tht’s what you get when you buy cheap oem china products! Lol

  5. Joseph says:

    Basta neo bulok talaga. imo.

  6. Justin says:

    I will never buy Neo again, No driver support in their website, incompetent staffs and just want money sales sales sales sales is all in their mind.

  7. AJ says:

    Hmm , nasa nagaalaga ng laptop yan IMO . My NEo laptop is already 4 years old at hindi pa cya nakakaexperience ng reformat and all.

    • rt23 says:

      very true! I have a NEO Laptop that I bought in July 2003 which until now is still running smoothly. Nareformat lang a couple of times and napalitan lang nang keyboard once (dahil nabasa)pero eto buo pa dn, I think nasa gumagamit na rin yan. Kung talagang maingat ka tatagal talaga yung laptop/ notebook sayo. Keep in mind na notebooks are not like desktop computers, mas delicate talaga and kailangan talaga nang maintenance.

    • can you believe it? i am a NEO-notebook (model M3S) user since December 2004, i had the OS change from MS-Windows to Linux-Ubuntu, and from MS-Explorer to Google for obvious reasons… i normally take it with me on bumpy-rough roads as a social worker, at times, i took a bus ride and for several occasions the NEO-notebook do falls (6’+) from the baggage rack to the passage way of the bus, and STILL!!! it work very well today!

    • i just hope, this “NEO” Filipino Company would wisely keep-up with the market demand and stride with the market competition… +639063462244
      [email protected] “Buy Filipino”

  8. kapitan says:

    sir abe, pwede pong installan ng win7 to diba?

  9. Staying in the market with competitors no matter what happen. Nice gift for college students.

  10. Jazz says:

    Battery life could suck, support could be horrible, but with just enough patience and carefulness these dirt-cheap netbooks are just what some people might need. :)

  11. angeli says:

    i’m a neo basic (core2duo- 33k bili ko) user for 2 years pero infairness…di ako nakaranas ng problem. 2 times na xang nahulog as in galing sa sasakyan tapos nahulog sa road.. pero thank God ok parin magfunction…

    same thing with my co-worker.. 3years na yong sa kanya..careless nga yon sa binabad at abuso tlga kun gumamit ng laptop pero wala din syang naging problema..

    yong isa kung friend acer na bago..ilang ulit ng nagpareformat..pati yung HP ng pamangkin ko nagkaproblema sa battery..taz ngayon sira na talaga.

    as for me…hindi talaga sa brand yan. minsan yung akala mong yon pa pala ang durable at functional talaga…

  12. dj says:

    I am using neo noteboook for almost 4 months and I dont have problem with my notebook. Promise, you wont regret buying neo. PROMISE

  13. luffy says:

    puwede bang installan ng windows 7 ito? thanks.

  14. Terry says:

    Just bought this brand for my father. I am crossing my fingers he’ll be happy with this for at least a year ehehe.

  15. Marj says:

    Hello! Does anyone know kung ano ang magandang laptop na yung range lang is 15 to 20k.

  16. To all says:

    I want to buy neo netbook but im afraid that, im not familiar with ubuntu linux os, haha

    • noel says:

      there you are kabayan, hindi ka familiar sa linux-ubunto… so, get yourself acquainted with or be familiarized with. after-all, its always accessible online with lots of tutorials and its free! have fun, and enjoy the rest…

  17. Francis says:

    Hi mga sirs and mam,

    Interested po ako sa model na ito ng neo Basic BC2BL, ok pu ba sya? gagamitin sya for excel, word, surfing the net, skype and other simple task. limited po kase yung budget ko and with 10k price tag im realyy considering buying it for my dad.



  18. xa paggamit lang yan qng ma.ingat k. kac pag barombada k oh barombado wala talaga kulng na lng mukha m eh mosmos

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