Smart reveals new logo

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74 Responses

  1. Epstein says:

    Looks “kiddie”

  2. Jayvee says:

    Yup. It looks hip and young. The “professional” look and feel look is gone. I find it cute though.

  3. jojoc says:

    So where are the clowns?
    Send in the clowns.
    Don’t bother…they’re here.

  4. Jay says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but those dots seem to form a pattern of some sort.

    • kahang says:

      YES.. that struck my mind to,
      i think its like an arrow that does this
      ->–> or, NOT lol..
      lets decipher this :P

  5. vonnvs says:

    looks like much affordable interconnection between other network carriers ^__^

  6. Bob Reyes says:

    Still have to check, but the dots resemble to that of Braille that may mean something.

  7. Laess Apolo says:

    Looks like the world map to me.

  8. pokinatcha says:

    it looks like they got the inspiration from the designers boxer shorts ..LoL

  9. droly23hp says:

    will the smart araneta coliseum logo change too?haha

  10. JM says:

    well, changing the Logo is fine..but the hell! Change their service! so freakin slow!!

  11. rcsaint says:

    It doesn’t look smart…

  12. Jack says:

    Its so girlie the corporate appeal was gone. Well all beckies will rejoice coz i think its intentionally design for beckies

  13. RC says:

    Looks like there’s something “big and new” that we’ll be expecting from Smart.

  14. IsFOR says:


  15. kimkae77 says:

    dots …
    looks like my cherry mobile’s caller id

  16. crazyadmin says:

    sana wala nalang yung dots.. parang off eh, plus it takes so much space… well thats only my opinion..

  17. yo says:

    dip n dots!!!!

  18. jonski22 says:

    It doesn’t look like an Technology/Telecom Industry logo. It’s not “strong”, kinda soft, esp those colored dots. The logo is plain text and dots.
    I remember when Globe introduce their new logo at the Fort, that was fun.

  19. techie_kuno says:

    para namang hindi pinag-isipan, effortless…

  20. chinitoguy says:

    It looks really hip and cool but I like the old Smart logo more. That logo was being used since Smart was established in the late 80’s. Just like when Globe changed their logo, i still like the old Globe telecom logo because its more “corporate” looking.

  21. Bogcess says:

    Looks sweet.. Skittles sweet. Hot or Not? Not!

  22. Edgar says:

    Reminds me of that antacid commercial.

  23. Marco says:

    What’s the dot means? Hehe. Parang nasa kiddie party lang. Hehe

  24. killrfillr says:

    Medyo ok naman ung font..di ko lang ma-gets ung mga dots.:p

  25. i still like the old logo, for a corporate organization, it is most fitting.

    i bet Smart will start selling yoghurts too.

  26. If you observe the bubbles from left to right, you’ll notice a transition of uniting circles. Maybe that’s what smarts new logo symbolizes… “To connect to a whole new way of communication”

  27. dan_md says:

    Not hot… Looks like a kiddie/diaper brand. Smart diapers.

  28. Val says:

    I still like the old logo. If they want to stick with the new one, they should remove the colored dots, IMHO. :)

  29. they should improve their services not their logo.

  30. Mac says:

    I think the yellow dots represent SUN Cellular which correct me if im wrong, smart wants to acquire. The red represents red mobile and the sky blue ones represent smart.

  31. Gary says:

    New logo. Same old services. What’s new with that?

  32. junjun says:

    Smart should lessen their corporate greed.

  33. flynster says:

    Ugh! Looks childish. More like a colorful candy rand or kiddie logo. I’m sure everything has a meaning (colored bubbles and all) and all but who cares if it doesn’t fit the brand at all.

  34. Rich says:

    Looks to me like a brand of Cotton Candy! LOL
    Same shitty service, different logo! FAIL!

  35. ckhieth says:

    The logo doesn’t represent or symbolizes or implying any communication or telecommunication means for me.

    On first look it look so juvenile and naive.

  36. Change happen when it needs to be productive. Maybe the previous is unsaleable.

  37. Aj Banda says:

    What could be the reason of this change.. I wonder.. hmmm

  38. Noel says:

    looks like crap

  39. sancel says:

    hmmm… i am waiting if SUN Cellular logo will change to dots too! para connect the dots silang dalawa :D

  40. arman toga says:

    greetings to all…
    looks nice in here and informative…
    perhaps the new smart logo implies they have finally acquired sun cell and will be riding their 4G and other enhancements thru sun’s new technology cell sites… arman, bacolod city

  41. arman toga says:

    greetings to all…
    looks nice in here and informative…
    perhaps the new smart logo implies they have finally acquired sun cell and will be riding their 4G and other enhancements thru sun’s new technology cell sites… arman, bacolod city

  42. lawrence says:

    guess they are trying to break away from the bit formal and corporate appeal of their old logo.

    the new looks lame though. not very smart looking

  43. Jerwin Paglicawan says:

    The logo is so Gay!!! Kulang na lang ng rainbow.

  44. Sonofa says:

    CLOUD yan!!! cloud services yan pero since konti palang meron nila nag mumukang balloons!!!

  45. Ian says:

    Definitely not a SMART move imho. It looks like a candy shop or something with all the colored dots. It also fails to give a youth-ish feel, if that was their goal in the first place.

  46. benchmark says:

    Probably it is a braille (means SMART) for the blinds… If it is a braille, it might be a GOOD move for Smart.

  47. Ernie says:

    the font looks cheap to me.

  48. Edwin C says:

    Damit lang ang nagbago. Ganon pa rin ang serbisyo.

  49. Yuhsaku says:

    SMARTies? :-)

  50. Alden says:

    Maybe it has something to do with the merging of Digitel and PLDT. :)

  51. Anne says:

    If those circles symbolize balloons then it(the logo) suggests celebration. Conveying positivity.

    The new logo looks professional yet fun unlike the old one which looks professional yet too serious. This new one is more appropriate I think but not necessarily the best one. :)

  52. dockre says:

    Polka dots

  53. Bigmindsky says:

    Spots for a spotty service? Hit n’ miss ang smartbro.

  54. Joel says:

    Not Smart!

  55. kap says:

    It sucks napakakenkoy…why do they have to change their branding…reminds mo DOT and BSP logo..

  56. magnus says:

    sexy font style.

  57. It forms an arrow pointing to the right, i think. :P “moving forward” i guess is the theme?

  58. oscar cunanan says:

    childish look!!!

  59. ed kenneth ferrer says:

    old school looks.

  60. nfctd says:

    highschool project?..not-so-SMART

  61. Alex says:

    Seems ok but it’s way GOOGLE-ish!

  62. gomz says:

    ang cute ng new logo smart

  63. Alvin Pereira says:

    nice naman. buti pinalitan ung fond na luma baduy kasi. parang logo ng acer at msi etc, nageevolve

  64. Gian says:

    Probably part of their attempt to capture the youth market. Talo sila ng Globe dito, at least in Metro Manila.

  65. TMX says:

    new logo or not… SMARTS unli call sucks. can barely connect… why provide such promo if you cant keep up with demand?

    Globe is better with their unli promo. Problem lang, delatyed minsan ang text msgs. Calls can be connected asap, but have a 12min maximum duration.

  66. Ex-Alodian Knight says:

    Lame logo is lame, bring back the old logo! It was way more aggressive compared to this monstrosity of a logo.

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