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Neo Elan LD2LJ Ubuntu Gaming Laptop at Php36k

This is probably the first time we’ve seen a gaming laptop packaged with an Ubuntu operating system. The Neo Elan LD2LJ comes with an interesting hardware configuration for under Php36k.

The Elan LD2LJ looks like a decent gaming laptop on a budget but what really got our attention is the Ubuntu operating system.


Neo Elan LD2LJ specs:
15.6-inch LED display
Intel Core i7 3610M 2.3GHz quad-core
NVidia GeForce GT640M 2GB VRAM
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Gigabit LAN
2 x USB 3.0 ports
1 x USB 2.0 port
Bluetooth 4.0
DVD+RW drive
6-cell -Li-Ion battery
Ubuntu Linux

Suggested retail price for this unit is Php35,999. We spotted one being sold at PX Express. Not bad for a Core i7 and Nvidia GT640M setup right?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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17 Responses

  1. COOL! UBUNTU!!!!

    Wait…. where are the game?

    • Pinoy_ako says:

      I’ve been playing mainstream games on both Linux and windows these past six years. The difference is you could do more customizations on the former.

  2. Jiron says:

    Most people who will buy this will install Windows on it anyway.

    I assume that it has the bog standard 1366×768 resolution.

  3. Nyaonyao says:

    I bought one last week! Guild Wars 2 stress test just got done a few minutes ago. Game ran smoothly on high settings and no hiccups even when I was switching to Skype and Chrome! :D SULIT!

  4. Loki says:

    I am just worried about the ventilation of this laptop, some NEO laptops are prone to overheating..

  5. ARE YOU KIDDING! THIS IS MORE THAN “NOT BAD”! That’s a new gen core i7 right there!

    • gerhard says:

      @Mitee, the K55 has a 610M dedicated gpu which performs about the same as the HD4000 within the i7 already. that said, the 3610M i7 is an entry level quad core made with the same batch in Q1 that heats up more compared to the older sandy bridge ark. overall, it’s difficult to spend
      36k on a brand that has a tradition of defective hardware.

    • Mitee de la Cruz says:

      asus > neo I think :)

  6. Paul A. says:

    Guys how about the heating problem, Neo has been known for this.

    I would surely buy this if the heat is no longer a problem.

  7. Ultron says:

    But 80-90% of Games run on Windows…

  8. Nico says:

    Bang for the buck! Priced around ~14k less than other Brands with the same specs.

    My two cents:
    -Impressed with the build. Clevo barebones have great feedback from online community abroad. Very capable cooling as it quickly dissipates heat after quite a load. Expect notable heat on the palm rest as you’re dealing with an i7 CPU & a class II GPU. It’s normal & tolerable on my end.

    -Impressive screen compared to my Dell Vostro 3550. Glossy, but handsdown.

    -Noticed upon simultaneously stress-testing both CPU & GPU(OCCT & Prime95) that CPU temps will definitely reach its max-tolerable 85C but from there, throttling will kick-in, lowering its max turbo boost around 2.7-2.8ghz instead of the standard 3.3ghz. I’m impressed rather than disappointed about the OEM’s as well as Intel’s throttling automation. Take note this high temps is achieved only on ideal stress-testing. Done video rending with Sony Vegas Pro & heavy gaming but temps only reach around 75C-80C on room temp.

    -Multi-gesture Touchpad works well in Windows environment but not on linux. Needs additional tinkering to make it work.

    -No anti-palm detection for the touchpad. Expect disturbances everytime you forget to disable the touchpad if you’re using a separate mouse. It always default to enabled whenever you turn on the laptop.

  9. Mitee de la Cruz says:

    I think the K55 series of asus is better than this :(

  10. Jesse Robredo says:

    Neo? Never Again!

  11. Rebecca says:

    Hello, I’m waiting for Neo Elan LD2LJ. I expect for quality as you described… it’ll be faster & user friendly.. & power adapter will be effective and sustainable..
    Cheers, @Rebecca

  12. joseph says:

    impressive specs, but i guess gaming laptop should be osed by windows xD

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