Neo launches 10" Vivid v1190 netbook

Neo launches 10″ Vivid v1190 netbook

Neo Manufacturing did a refresh of the 8.9″ Neo Vivid v1100 netbook we spotted during the last Intel Atom launch. This time, it’s a 10-inch netbook that comes in various colors — Neo Vivid v1190.

The new model had a design refresh and moved away from any semblance of the Explore line that the earlier 8.9″ model had.

neo vivid


neo vivid neo vivid neo vivid

It’s still powered by an Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz with 1GB of RAM and 160GB of HDD. Has built-in WiFi 802.11 b/g, a webcam, a 3-cell battery and runs on Windows XP Home. They come in 5 different colors — white, pink, blue, red and black — and has a retail price of Php22,999.

neo vivid

Of all the available colors, only the black is painted black all over (inside and out) while the rest only had the laptop lids in different shades while the insides are still white.

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72 Responses

  1. marvin says:

    Anybody here in favor of this than the 10″ MSI Wind? Please help me decide which one to buy. Thanks!

  2. My officemate got this instead of the MSI Wind and she doesn’t regret it at all! I actually helped her choose the laptop and this wins because it’s price is slightly lower, available up to 12 months 0% and has a matte black finish which is sexier than MSI Wind’s cheap black glossy plastic lid.

    It was pre-installed with trial software which I removed and replaced with opensource/free (no-pirated software here) equivalents.

  3. edzhstar says:

    WOW the price is good for you know can’t afford Branded laptops,the its sleek design.
    Vista ready nb yan?

  4. calvin says:

    the design refresh was a good call! wala na yung cheap plastic feeling.

  5. crestfallen says:

    in terms of design, i still like MSI wind and HP mini the best..=) specs? they are all relatively alike in my pov. =)

  6. Sherwin says:

    i will definitely get an MSI wind over this. reason for this is the support of the MSI wind community. there are a lot of people who got the wind, meaning more support (different os i.e. osx, ubuntu) drivers, using the same hardware in different os etc and better resale value since more people are interested in the wind. just my 2 cents.

  7. yugs, any review soon? been looking for a netbook for my sis. been considering the MSI wind and lenovo S10.

  8. obed says:

    i like the black one
    if i to buy a laptop i prefer this one….
    ok din yung msi wind kya lang mahal ng konte….:p

  9. Jay says:

    ganda ng high gloss finish nya, ipa g-masked nyo nalang!

    unang biglang malayuang tingin parang lenovo..

    23,000 in a 3cell battery?

    lousy brand name.. sounds like china-phone!!

  10. John Ray Cabrera says:

    the build quality is excellent. i tried ticking the MSI Wind’s lid with my finger, it wobbled. but the Neo V1190 is so sturdy. also, when i pressed on the MSI Wind keypad area, you can see it being pressed down. Neo V1190 is solid and compact and doesn’t flex or gets pressed down when you touch keys harder.

    the keys are placed in squares akin to the Mac.

    the only gripe though with the Neo V1190 are the keys on the keyboard are a tad smaller in size compared to other netbooks in the market.

    and also, it doesn’t have any kensington lock, Lenovo Ideapad S10 has.

    if you would gmask the black Neo V1190, that would make it even sexier.

  11. badosaur says:

    I bought mine wit a discount. It was 3k lower than the suggested retail price. Maybe because I paid in cash, in which people seldomly do these days. I was about to buy the MSI Wind but got turned off because of the price. All the specs are the same but its cheaper. As for resale value, they are all the same, MSI is not that high end brand anyway.

  12. peter says:

    @ badosaur, where did you buy that 10″ Vivid v1190 netbook with a discount, im also interested to buy one. The discount plus the specs are really enticing.

  13. Philippine Yobbo says:

    I bought my Neo Vivid V1190 at PC Corner for approximately 20,000 pesos. I bought the black one so I don’t have to clean it that much, it has Windows XP Home which is pretty good.

  14. TIN says:

    Got one last Dec. 22, 2008. Satisfied with physical features. Just can’t use much now coz doesn’t have an internet connection yet. Badtrip Smart Bro…out-of-stock sa lahat ng pinuntahan kong service centers!!! Gusto ko sana globe broadband na lang…ayw sis ko…any comments?

  15. fevie says:

    hey, anyone there who can help me what laptop to choose? with high specs and etc..

  16. Philippine Yobbo says:

    Hi TIN! Instead of applying for a Smart Bro why not just purchase a DSL connection and if you want to go wireless then buy a wireless router (now they are relatively easy to setup). So you have the choice of a faster connection speed by connecting directly to the router through LAN a cable and if you want to go mobile around your house then you can use your WIFI provided by your wireless router.

  17. lilyanna says:

    before i decided what kind of notebook to buy, i spent like a week reading blogs and reviews of the different brands. Not being a techie, it was really hard for me to decide so my tendency was to go with the brand i hear most often, which would be the asus or acer brand. But when I read about the neo vivid v1190, and when I personally saw it in the store, I was amazed. i just got mine yesterday and I’m not regretting it. Why would I? I got it for just 19500. So for those others who are thinking of purchasing one, don’t think twice.It really is a good buy.

  18. jae says:

    i’ve had mine reserved and i’m getting it tomorrow for less than 18k! i do hope i won’t have any regrets. =)

  19. eya says:

    jae–where did u buy it?

  20. crisvasquez16 says:

    ok un per4mance…pro ala n b ittgal un battery?1hr 30mins lng kc un usage ko.

  21. maine says:

    i already bought a red one. it’s cool. hehe. wait. is there anyone here know how to install the webcam? coz i can’t use it. thanks.

  22. jhen says:

    hi.. i bought V1190 just this night.. Ask ko lang tlga bang ganun xa pag gingamit umiinit ung ilalim ng notebook.. Thanks for the reply..

  23. Philippine Yobbo says:

    Hi Jhen! I bought my Neo V1190 netbook last year, as for the heat problem I bought a netbook cooling pad at Cdr-King to keep my netbook cool, and it works. I bought a small one which is fit for a netbook for around PHP 180, it just plugs in the USB for power, it won’t be a problem since the V1190 has three USB ports.

  24. jhen says:

    Thanks for the reply.. I’ll try it.. So far wala nmang problema pag ginagamit mo ung cooling pad?

    Thanks again sa reply..

  25. grayssie says:

    wow!this blog is great! anyway im planning to buy a small laptop then suddenly i saw neo v1190 at the mall,infairness ha ang daming nag iinquire bout that,,best seller daw..since im not that familiar need ko munang mag research,, 23,000 pag installment,17,600 pag cash..cguro i will take the neov1190 na for cash.. =)

  26. Philippine Yobbo says:

    Hi again Jhen! I have no problems on the cooling pad other than I have to carry it with my netbook sometimes. If you’re gonna use your netbook outside, say for less than 2 hours to surf and check emails on WIFI hotspots, it ain’t necessary, but if you’re gonna do long time work like typing on a theses at home it really helps to keep the netbook cool. There are many netbook cooling pad designs to choose from, but be sure to choose one that is almost the same size as your netbook. And one more advice, if you haven’t done it yet register your netbook for warranty at the manufacturer’s website. Last year their online registration is down that’s why I have to register by email sending them scanned pics of my registration card and receipt, but it’s important that’s why I have to do it.

  27. jhen says:

    Thanks so much for the info.. I will register now for my warranty… Thanks so much to the advices.. It really helps me a lot..

  28. meliton says:

    not so good batteries,

  29. xTin18 says:

    my new neo netbook is great!!!i only got it lst march 17th, have been looking for a great buy and i found this, though i ws able to get a pink one i settled for white n lang they dnt have stock kc eh. I almost buy msi wind but thing is mas mahal xa abt 5k for same specs. good thing when i visited 1 authorized dealer of msi wind they dnt have pink or white stock so i ws forced to leave and look for other shop :)

    btw, cris, my bat lasted for more than 2 hrs. have u initially charged it for 6 hrs? that might be the prob :)

  30. ida says:

    been using neo notebook for more than 2 years now and still working very well…I’m going to try this one…looks very sleek but very affordable.

  31. Philippine Yobbo says:

    When I bought my Neo netbook the store technician told me to totally discharge the battery without charging then charge it fully afterwards, I believe it also says in the manual to totally discharge the battery occasionally.

  32. pretty danna says:

    Im just wondering which is much better, is it the neo vivid v1190, eee pc 900HA or msi wind?
    Im having a hard time choosing which to buy..
    thanx so much..
    pls help..

  33. Kian says:

    Hello Maine, About your web cam, I think when you bought the notebook it came with a webcam driver. Just simple install it by transferring from cd to usb and install from usb. then you can turn the cam on by pressing the “fn” button and the F12 button at the same time. If you have any questions, I am very willing to help you. just e-mail me at [email protected]. I can even send you some drivers to your Neo vivid through skpe. Enjoy your Vivid

  34. Kian says:

    Hello Maine, About your web cam, I think when you bought the notebook it came with a webcam driver. Just simply install it by transferring from cd to usb and install from usb. then you can turn the cam on by pressing the “fn” button and the F12 button at the same time. If you have any questions, I am very willing to help you. just e-mail me at [email protected]. I can even send you some drivers to your Neo vivid through skpe. Enjoy your Vivid

  35. gem says:

    PLDT dsl is offering plans with a free vivid V1190, after reading your comments, I decided to get one as well :D

    BTW, found this while I was searching the web for specs, for those who are interested …

    Neo ViVid V1190 UMPC [160Gb SATA HDD] Atom 1.6GHz / 2.0Gb / 160Gb SATA HDD / 10in. / cam / wifi / free os / 3-in-1 card reader
    PhP 19,995.00 cash only !

    here’s the site:

  36. heleina says:

    I am looking for a an affordable and efficient laptop and your blog roll really helped me decide. Im gonna buy one V1190 soon!Thanks

  37. Flornita says:

    I just got this notebook. But there’s no instruction or user’s guide included. Can you please send me some basic user’s guide? Hope you can help me. Thank you and more power.


  38. Andy says:

    i just bought a NEO Vivid 1193 (2GB / 160 GB HD drive) today. The SRP was 22,000 but i got mine for only 18K (cash purchase)…

    I’m just disappointed with the battery. I realized that it looks different from the ones on their brochure pics…

    Mine is blue… looks refreshing…

    Why NEO? My first laptop is also a NEO and i’ve been using it for two years already… No problems yet, except for the battery which easily drains (1 hour lang)

    I’m still using it now, but i decided to buy a smaller one for mobility… especially when I travel…

  39. Paul says:

    i just bought neo vivid 1193 last march in Sm MEgamall.

    Neo ViVid V1193 Atom 1.6GHz / 2.0Gb / 160Gb SATA HDD / 10in. / cam / wifi / windows xp / 3-in-1 card reader
    PhP 18,500.00 cash only !

    i use this laptop for travel.

    My only problem for this laptop is the the keyboard because it’s very small. But overall I’m satisfied with the performance of this laptop and it’s much cheaper than the other brand :)

  40. Kaye says:

    Hi! I just bought mine last Sunday at SM Annex North Edsa and it only costs almost 16k. I have a DSL connection at home and I need to buy a not so expensive wifi router. Any suggestions? Thanks. By the way, not so expensive means 1k and below..thanks again.

  41. Grace says:

    Hi Miss Kaye, I wonder in which shop exactly in SM Annex did you buy your laptop?


  42. Brian says:

    guys…ask ko lng OK ba ung Neo Vivid 1193? pde ba mag Adobe photoshop dun?! and how bout ung webcam nya ok ba? thanks…really need ur nyo ko [email protected] thanks!

  43. Eric says:

    PC Corner Gilmore is selling Neo Vivid 1193 for 17K. 2G RAM and 160HD plue XP Home included.

    Just got mine this AM. Can’t wait to test it out.

  44. jj says:

    hey how can i connect vivid 1190 to internet wireless? tnx

  45. nhaite says:

    WoW, tnx s mga comments and suggestions, i’m planning to buy after i get my backpay, which is tomorrow…

    actually, the 19,995.00 is for the V1193 320Gb HDD – ung 160Gb HDD is for 17,995.00 na lang

    check nio n lang ung laptop king website, same as what gem posted

  46. jr says:

    mam sir,, can i ask how does the web cam in vivid 1190 works,, because there are no installer for web cam in the box package.. my web cam doesn’t work

  47. sugar says:

    ask ko lng po kng ok lng ang bat ng neo? madali dw kcng mginit. at sandali lng ang lifespan ng bat. ok lng b n gmtn sya ng mtgal pero direct nmn syang nksaksak while using? plz help!

  48. sugar says:

    panu pg 6 cell ung bat mga ilng hours un?

  49. nhaite says:

    ang nabili ko ung neo b1230
    for 17500.00 pesos sa pccorner gilmore

    parang biglang naglaho sa website ng neo ung brand na un.

    parang v1193 din, 2GB RAM 160 HDD, Winxp sp3, intel atom n270, webcam, mic, speakers, 2 usb, 7-in-1 card reader, 1024 * 576 resolution, 10″

    6cell na battery na parang hindi… basta.

  50. billy says:

    “ung nabili qong 1190.. ngbblue screen normal ba yun? khit sa mp3 lng.. atsaka mdali maubos ung battery..

  51. Liezel Domingo says:

    What should I do, my vivid 1190 laptop stop working it appeas on my screen A disk error press ctrl alt del to re start then i press this and still not working. Please help me

  52. bal says:

    hi liezel, maybe you encounter some strong viruses that make your netbook malfunctioned. you can contact me at my mobile at 09158413192 and im willing to help you.

  53. fuck says:

    this netbook is full of crap!
    what do you expect from pinoys?

  54. au says:

    hello there… up to what gig ba pwede ang memory ng neo vivid 1190 blue? gusto k sana gawing 2 gig…

  55. TIN says:

    JJ and I share the same problem with Neo V1190, please help us… how can we connect to internet wireless? Philippine Yobbo suggested to me last time to go wireless but how can i connect to internet wireless?

  56. bal says:

    au, i think you dont need to upgrade your netbook.. its unnecessary coz vivid 1190 is built to handle 1gb ram. if you stii insist,well you should upgrade your hd as well..

  57. maine says:

    hello. i just want to ask where i can download or buy drivers for my vivid 1190 cause i lost my drivers. thanks.

  58. azudoug says:

    @maine. you can find all the drivers and istallers in the internet, just try to find its serial numbers,product names e.g;realtek ethernet card (you can browse its installer from the net). any questions try to reach me by email or mymobile if your in the phils. 09158413192.. hope this help.

  59. anom says:

    hi, would you happen to know if this netbook has an available mini pcie slot? thanks

  60. joseph says:

    hi can u send me a drivers for Basic B1230 in XP
    i cant find in the neo s website … i hope u can help me… [email protected] email the links thanks plcsss

  61. chris says:

    here’s the link joseph for the drivers of basic 1230

  62. nhaite says:


    this netbook is full of crap!
    what do you expect from pinoys?


    hay naku, mas marami pa akong kilala na nagkakaproblem sa ibang brand ng laptop compared to neo…[like A_ _ _ and A_ _ _] (what’s with the gravatar name? it’s a shame to even post it.)

  63. arnel says:

    i need a driver for my laptop neo vivid v1193 i hope in your help
    lps. give me driver

  64. Irene says:

    Hi, I lost my webcam driver for Neo Vivid V3153 Vista Home Basic. Where can i buy or download the driver? It’s sad to know that I can’t use my webcam because of this.
    Any help? Thank you. Do email me at [email protected]

  65. gael says:

    meron po ako vivid 1103 netbook. di na po sya nagstart kahit nakaplug sa adapter. may red light po yung power habang nakaplug sa adapter. pero di na po mag turn on. kung sakaling mag-on, magagamit po sya pero pag nag-standby mode, di na nag-oon ulit, blinking green na power light po. any advise? thanks.

  66. Hi, just browsing for information for my Maine 4g website. Amazing the amount of information on the web. Wasn’t what I was looking for, but very nice site. Have a nice day.

  67. Mhel says:

    Hi i cant connect to a wifi, the error says “windows is unable to connect to the selected network. The network may no longer be in range. Please refersh the list of available networks, and try to connect again.”

    please help.

  68. Iam Margem says:

    yeah.want to share lang yung may problems sa wifi.. my neo vivid v1190 wifi worked with this procedures..

    1. I changed my wireless settings of my router to WPA personal and G only (since ang nakita ko sa wifi ko is G mini card lang) Fn button(blue) then F3 at the same time
    3. right click the wireless logo on the taskbar and select repair.

    hope it will work for you.

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