What's inside a Rack Server?

What’s inside a Rack Server?

Ever wondered how the insides of a rack server looked like? These are the typical servers that most commercial sites and blogs would run on. The Product Manager of Lenovo showed me the insides of their Think Server lines.

It’s more or less similar to that of a regular desktop but with more leg room for peripherals — 6 drive bays for hot-swappable HDDs, two Intel Xeon processors and 12 memory slots.


One could only wish that much computing power and resources for a desktop PC. Of course, it will come at a very hefty price.

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9 Responses

  1. Manny says:

    2 great processors plus 24gig of ram, awesome if i got one, in my dreams…… ha ha

  2. jhay says:

    Not even those Mac desktops could match that horsepower. ;)

  3. nether says:

    very amazing!

  4. Andre says:

    Technically you could buy a rack server, theyre expensive mosstly cause of the ram, hd and processor. there are though like standing case server from dell etc. theyre done like that cause of space and cabinets etc. you could have a desktop with that power, but would you need it?

  5. Yuga failed to mention how much noise it generates. Unless you get one of those ultra silent 1U/2U servers, you are up to so many sleepless nights.

    You can also build your own 1U/2U servers with off the shelf components. Get one of those Powerlogic 2U rack mountable case (costs around 6K). What is a rackmount server without a rack? So add a fabricated 42RU rack. (costs around 16K)

  6. elmer says:

    @john.. yah they’re like blender when running… i have to put mine in the basement.

    @jhay.. ur comparing apple to manga. servers usually are packed with computing power but poor in graphics processing.

  7. yuga says:

    @john – we were at a resto in GB3 so this rig ain’t hooked up and running. :D

  8. Bong says:

    Saan ba makakabili ng Server Rack dito sa Pinas?

  9. Tim says:

    Whoa! 2 processors! and 24gig of ram!! How that works? I guess i could do 1321412 processes at the same time without having any problem, awesome server!

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