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Neo outs first Pine Trail netbook locally

Local PC manufacturer Neo could be the first one to release their own version of Pine Trail netbook, starting with Neo Basic B3230 and with a competitive retail price of Php18,995.

Neo Basic B3230
Intel Atom N450 1.6GHz
Intel GMA 3150
10.2” display @ 1024×600 pixels
WiFi 802.11 b/g
1.3MP webcam
3-in-1 card reader

I was told that these will carry the same design as the previous Neo Basic netbook but will have the upgraded specs. Not sure though what the standard battery is — either a 4-cell Lithium Polymer or a 6-cell Li-Ion. The units will also have Windows XP pre-installed. The price is pretty reasonable too at Php18,995.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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75 Responses

  1. Dan The Beast says:

    now we see how much other branded netbooks add to their selling prices.

  2. Vidar says:

    Mura considering na 320GB ang HDD and 2GB ang RAM. Sa battery lang yata magkakaproblema.

  3. Jam. says:

    Hmmm how about windows 7?

  4. Edgar says:

    Nice deal on this one. I like their after-sales too, from experience.

  5. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    Price is a lot better than the Neo Edge Z3265 (Php49,999)

    That Intel Atom N450 has a slightly lowered energy consumption (7watts compared to previous atoms ‘11.8 watts)

    That Intel GMA 3150 also does not support HD decoding so 720p/1080p decoding is out of the picture

    That Windows XP is a welcome addition since most likely if it was Windows 7 it would come as a Starter Edition.

    That HDD makes it more feasable for a dual-booting netbook with a WinXP / GNU/Linux

  6. this looks like the neo basic B1230. and if they only change the processor of the B1230 to a pine trail version, then the battery would be a 4cell lithium polymer.

  7. Eason says:

    NEO laptops are BAD! especially their crappy batteries! Same goes to HP and Compaq!

  8. IC DeaDPiPoL says:


  9. Vidar says:

    Up to ilang hours kaya ang duration nito?

  10. i bought my neo b1230 last month and i am lucky bcoz i bought this bout 16,500 bcoz it is on sale….. try to look at in sm southmall at octagon it is still sale!!!!!!! hmmm bout the battery??? it works more than 3 hours so i charge it more than five times coz i am always using this laptop…..

  11. Pablo says:

    pag cash mura to 16500 lang. Pag 12 months 18999. sa lahat ng netbooks sa market on the same price point ito na may pinakamagandang specs (2GB ram and 320gb hdd windows 7 starter edition). Actually bought one for my wife. Observation ko malakas sumagap ng signal ng wifi stronger than compaq and ibm full laptop sa bahay. mejo naliliitan lang ako sa vertical dimension ng screen. mas madalas ka mag scroll down. about the battery life ala pako observation kasi kakabili palang kagabi pero i think nagamit more than 3 hours on maybe 50% charge when we bought it.

  12. Steff says:

    I bought the neo b3230 just last thursday and it was at 15,999 with free smart bro plug and had windows 7 starter.all in all for its price and specs its a very good deal and its true maganda sumagap ng WIFI.im very pleased with its performance.

  13. JOed says:

    mga tol nid ko help.. where can i get drivers of neo b3230 for windows xp..please help me

  14. Gudo says:

    ok tong 3230 yup i like the above comments and lakas ng wifi signal and with regards to batt i was able to use it 3 hours out from the box with 60% batt life

  15. Eason says:

    Sorry for the late reply,

    I had such worse experience with HP, Compaq and Neo. In my perspective those brands that have the worst battery life! We had a Neo Emprivia NPV2 and the battery was unchargable after 6 months, we inquired about the warranty and NEO rejected the repair of the laptop battery instead they repaired the speaker, when it came back to me its BADLY scratched. Now our neo is just a plug-in laptop.

    As for HP and compaq, I have lots of classmates and friends that uses those brands, and all of them have less than 30 mins of battery life. Their laptops are even the Multimedia Edition of HP and the Compaq CQ40-10 models. Which are not more than 1 year old in the market.

    My guess is that those brands doesn’t cut the charging of the battery even when plugged in. Not like Acer, Asus, MSI those brands doesn’t overcharge your laptop.

    I’m currently using a Asus X80N laptop, and its been 1 year and 5 months now, and I’m pleased with its performance and battery life.

  16. chris says:

    @ Steff: saan ka nakabili at price of 15,999? balak ko ring bumili nito… thanks

  17. african888 says:


    san ka nakabili at 15999? best price nakita ko e sa compex at 16999, wid smart bro n sleeve, cash price.

    To all,
    so ok ba performance nito? diba overheat?

  18. Gudo says:

    so far so good for me.

  19. taz says:

    I bought this unit b3230 amonth ago. nice specs and cheap. though im having a problem with the graphics resolution, its always asking to change the resolution to (recommended)khit nkaset nman na.
    at khit nsa 250mb na ang total video memory nhihirapan pa din sa ibang low end games. at d npapalitan ang wallpaper (maybe becoz sa OS na Windws 7 starter).

    Tips on battery: remove the battery kung isasaksak mo rin lang sa kuryente.

  20. deathrow says:

    DONE! i like my NEO 3230, lupet, alang power sa bahay, ako lang ang tumagal na naka on netbook, heheheheheheh 8hours still running, sa init ala sinabi maganda ventilation kung san nkapatong netbook ko, yap its 15,999, PC corner at gilmore i dont know kung meron pa, naka dual os ako :)

    NOTE NAPAPALITAN WALLPAPER HA, Diskarteng malupit lang hehehehehehe

  21. deathrow says:

    Sa windows 7 Starter, kayang palitang wallpaper pati login screen, kasi sakin nagagawa ko, note hindi nga ksama sa function nia, need mo lang matinding tweak :D

  22. african888 says:


    me kabitan ba ito ng kensington lock?
    ilan usb ports meron ito?

  23. deathrow says:

    yam meron ,sa kanan, 2 usb port, gumagmit na ako extended 4 usb port, niingatan ko lang yung port ko :)

  24. Gudo says:

    @ TAZ – you mentioned dual OS, what OS are you using?

  25. deathrow says:

    @Taz, dual os, din ako, UBUNTU NETBOOK REMIX yung bago and Windows 7 Starter :) yung sakin ha ewan ko kay TAZ

  26. african888 says:

    whats the advantage kung dual os? pwede ba winxp and win 7 ang dual os?

  27. Gudo says:

    sa ubuntu 9.10 hindi gumagana ang wireless ng NEO B3230 kaya im thinking of Dual OS (Linux Mandriva and Windows 7)

    @deathrow – gumana ba wireless mo sa ubuntu netbook release?

  28. taz says:

    im not on dual OS. windows 7 lng, included na un usually pag bumili ka ngaun.

    I also bought a netbook last dec, MSI wind U100 for almost the same price (18k) and same specs.
    though hanggang 64mb lng shared video memory ng MSI wind compared to 256mb ng neob3230, mas maayos pa din at mas mganda ung sa msi.. at ung webcam ng neo madilim.

    anyone there knew what is the best part of this neo model.

  29. african888 says:

    regarding video memmory, so mas tatakbo ang photoshop sa neo kaysa msi because mas malaki video memory nito? tama ba?

  30. deathrow says:

    pwde, una mo install xp then win 7, pwede in kung naka win 7 k na, basta backup mo muna mga files mo.

    yap d gumagana, pero meron na ako driver, intall lang sa ubuntu, windows wireless driver apps yun

    NEO padin ako, yung sa web cam adjust lng yun.

  31. Gudo says:

    @deathrow – sir link naman pls sa driver para sa wireless ng ubunto. ty! or if possible email at [email protected]


  32. deathrow says:

    Realtec ang wireless natin, d ko dla usb ko dun driver e, office mode ako bro

  33. kainis ung wag kaung bumili ng ndi branded na laptop kasi ung neo ko!!!!! mabilis masira ung scroll pad!!!!! dinala ko na sa octagon!!! tapos inabot ng 1 month nakuha ko na sira parin!!!!! kainis tlaga ndi nako bibili sa octagon sa southmall at ng neo brands!!!!!! svi kc dun dnala ung laptop ko sa neo company tapos sbi naman ng isa dun!!! na sila nlang nag ayos!!! un pla ndi nla pnadala kainis tlga hindi sila marunong sa sales!!!!

  34. deathrow says:

    @john anong modelo neo mo?, ako pagkabili ko neo bili agad ako mouse hehehehe, kahit dell ko bumibigay touch pad e, kaya wise lang sa pag gamit, kaso sa kaso nang octagon ay bad talaga yun pag ganun

  35. deathrow says:

    @Gudo download mo driver dito

    Follow mo instruction na README File pag na extract mo

    NOTE: UNR (Ubuntu Netbook Remix) should be updated

  36. ang brand ng akin ay neo basic b1230 atom…… nkakadla bumili….. next time mag destop nlang ako mas mdali pa ayusin kpag nka encounter ka ng mga problems…..

  37. deathrow says:

    @kenneth john – bebenta mo ba neo mo? :) pano nasira touchpad mo? kasi parehas lang chasis natin, d ko lng talga sia ginagamit kasi alam ko weakness sa mga touchpad e

  38. gari de ramos says:

    hey guys, browsing on your feedback regarding the B3230…. planning to buy this afternoon. So, would it be worth my money (Php15,990)? I just need it for internet surfing and lecture purposes… Thanks, NEO gurus!

  39. deathrow says:

    @gari de ramos, sir kung pang internet and lecture, its good, coz i use it as my programming machine so cool lang sia, take not NETBOOKS not for too hard graphics gaming.

  40. Elli says:

    Hey, where can I get the drivers for b3230 if I use windows XP. Really having a hard time with windows 7.
    hope somebody replies.. thanks..

  41. deathrow says:

    bro elli try the neo site and look for the model, else there is CD included when you bough it. its a standard driver

  42. giusseppe says:

    Hi Guys,

    Kakabili ko lang ng b3230 last Friday at based sa nababasa ko dito, I’m happy I picked it. I never really read any reviews before I bought it. Sa 5 days ko paikot-ikot sa Park square at comparing the specs and price of the netbooks available there, eto napili ko. Thank God eto nga napili ko. hehe! =)

    Anyway, naka-dual OS na ako. I installed XP Pro yesterday and it seems everything is working fine. The drivers are for Win7 (which is available in neo.com.ph) worked fine for XP Pro except for the the wireless driver. Bumalik ako kanina sa store to ask for their help. Unfortunately, wala daw silang WinXP driver para sa wireless.

    Ang weird lang na sinabi nila is that yung wireless daw is Atheros or Broadcom (I don’t know what that means, I’ll check that when I get home later). This is in contradiction to deathrow’s message above.

    Sir deathrow, realtek ba talaga yung wireless nito or same lang yung Atheros or Broadcom?

    Matsalams mga guru!

  43. deathrow says:

    yap its realtec, ill look for the details tomorrow update kita

  44. AzrA says:

    guys help naman.. away gumana ng bluetooth ng b3230.. may bluetooth ba tla ito o wala?? Check ko yng manual may nkalagay na (factory option) sa bluetooth category..

  45. deathrow says:

    @Azra walang blue tooth sorry, kaya ako gumamit pa external, mura lang yan sa CRD king

  46. kristine says:

    i bought my neo B3230 about 4 mos ago. so far wala pa naman ako naencounter na problem.

    @deathrow.. san may nabibili na usb port extension?


  47. deathrow says:

    @kristine – try mo sa cdr-king mura dun, ksi dalawa lng port usb natin e,advice din, use a mouse, sensitive kasi yung key touchpad nia, para lng tumagal :)

  48. morlock says:

    the Neo B3230 is a great buy in for the prize, has mostly the latest processor for the atom which has low battery consumption, i already bought 2 of these for my younger sister, running at almost 4 months now, and another for my friend, i dont like the windows 7 starter, well since its a starter, doesnt contain much that they would be needing in an OS, i downgraded 1 netbook to windows vista business, at the other upgraded to windows 7 ultimate, and it was running remarkably faster on vista, all other adobe products like photoshop cs5, in design cs5, illustrator cs5, runs well on both, but still havent tried the adobe premiere, since with its built in gpu, i doubt rendering high quality videos to your desired output would be troublesome,

    BUT OVERALL its really a good buy you wont be dissapointed with the price which is proportional to its specs and performance

  49. smartchoice123 says:

    @deathrow panu ba palakasin ung wifi absorption n2? kasi ung iba kong kaklase ang lakas ng wifi absorption nila sakin na ddisconnect anu kaya problem nyun? tska 8hrs ung consumption ng battery mo dba? panu mo nagawa un. Tnx

  50. Xandz says:


    Im wondering dun sa 8 hrs battery life?

    I bought my Neo B3230, Last Dec I think and for me, ayos naman siya, nice speed, at kaunting tweaks para dun sa window 7 starter. themes, I’ve tried to use StarDock My Color for it once, but it kinda slows the booting time.

    I Had run games Like Ran Online, Ragnarok, Vice City, San Andreas, Diablo2, and Dawn of War Soul Storm, and I’m quite satisfy for the performance.

    Yung Bat life lang talaga ang kasi yung Neo ko I think 4~5 hrs.lang siya. :)

  51. deathrow says:

    8 hours….. hmmmm trace back ako ha, kasi alam ko 4-5hours tama si Xandz, about sa wireless, ubuntu gamit ko pa nag wifi ako e, d ako avid windows user.. :) heheheheheh sensia bro

  52. John Reyes says:

    Good Day!

    I upgraded my sister’s B3230 to Windows 7 Home Basic and downloaded the drivers from the Neo website. Everything worked except for the Wireless LAN, I kept on getting the error message :We do not support this operating system”.

    I reinstalled the Windows 7 starter but experienced the same error message.

    Can anyone help me?

    Thank you in advance!

  53. Johnreyes says:

    @deathrow thank you it worked!

  54. deathrow says:

    @JohnReyes you are welcome bro….. do share too

  55. julie says:


    Been using HP540 for more than 1 and a half years now.. im so very much satisfied with it considering na napaliguan na to ng kung ano ano.. I have a 2 year old son na lahat binabasa.. natapunan na to ng milk, water, juice, napaliguan din ng powder… still, wala pa din naging damage.. got this from globe at 24mos installment plan.. mabilis din sia and regarding batteries, i think nasa user yun.. its just like in cellular phones wherein, its bad for the phone if its batteries will always be drained.. mas mabilis kasi ma wear out ang mga batteries pag lagi na dedrain di ba.. yun lang.. thanks.. planning on getting this one also for my little sister..

  56. smartchoice123 says:

    ung ubantu na sinasabi mo bro panu mo na download yan? mas ok ata yan kesa sa windows eh

  57. deathrow says:

    @smartchoice , try mo to


    follow instruction, take note bro, pag nag ubuntu ka hindi lahat games sa windows malalaro mo, kung windows player ka, pero kung multimedia naman ok lang, mag dodownload ka lang nang mga codec, supported naman nang ubuntu yun

  58. Ej says:

    The problem with this b3230 is the O.S. HAnggang windows 7 starter lang kaya nya, di nya kaya ang Windows 7 Home Premium or Ultimate. Madalas mag-hang kapag mataas ang O.S.

  59. whizkid says:

    mga sir,

    hirap maghanap ng driver ng neo b3230 for Windows XP…kailangan ko lang…baka meron kayo…o kung saan ako puwede maghanap ng driver nito…thanks a lot.

  60. Unhappy for the huge remember, but I’m real gaga the new Zune, and comic this, as asymptomatic as the excellent reviews else hit scrawled, module supply you settle if it’s the paw prime for you.

  61. icecream says:

    guys help naman ako…ndi gumagana ung webcam ko sa b3230…pano un?reply asap

  62. d3athr0w says:

    @icecream, driver lang yan, wala ba sa CD na kasama, punta ka rin sa site :) aandar yan

  63. icecream says:

    what site po…pasend namana ko ng link..naka windows 7 starter ako…thanks ng marami

  64. d3athr0w says:

    @icecream ito yung site pki check

  65. Keiji13 says:

    san po makakahanap ng graphics drivers ng b3230 for games? down website ng neo eh..

  66. mark says:

    compatible ba ang b3230 sa window 7 ultimate 64x//???problem ko po ung video adapter driver eh erroe we do not support this OS lumalabas eh help naman

  67. paul says:

    hi po.. phelp po please.. san po pwede mg download ng camera driver ng neo basic b3230.. please help po.. salamat..

  68. sai says:


  69. d3athr0w says:

    @Sai yung battery sa SM NORTH meron sa Neo store din, anong tweak, basta di ako nag loload nang kung ano ano sa netbook ko at naka linux ubuntu ako dual boot :)

  70. SAI says:

    @DEATHROW: my idea kba how much na battery ngaun ng neo b3230?tnx..

  71. glads says:

    Hi guys, been using Neo b4300 for month, a week after we bought it, we found out that web cam had malfucntion, windows state that one of our USB is not functioning, is ther anyone who can help me?

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