New Intel Core i7 2600, Core i5 2400 arrives

New Intel Core i7 2600, Core i5 2400 arrives

During CES 2011 a couple weeks back, Intel announced 29 new processors to come out this year. And while Intel Philippines hasn’t officially announced the entry of these new processors, we’ve already seen a couple fo them now being sold in stores.

A quick visit at PC Express revealed two new Core i-series processors already in stock.

Intel Core i7-2600 (3.4GHz) 8MB 32nm
4 cores, 8 threads
95 watts TDP
Turbo Boost 3.8GHz
Intel HD Graphics (embedded)
Price: Php14,200


Intel Core i5-2400 (3.1GHz) 6MB 32nm
4 cores, 4 threads
95 watts TDP
Turbo Boost 3.4GHz
Intel HD Graphics (embedded)
Price: Php9,200

What’s surprising is that Intel even made the suggested retail prices of the Core i-series a little lower than the previous generations. That plus the fact that the new ones have higher clock speeds and better Turbo Boost performance.

Oh, they’ve changed the logo too. The Core i7-2600 looks sweet.

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52 Responses

  1. Lance says:

    Cool! I’ll wait for my Q6600 to retire hehe

  2. Anonymous says:

    3.8GHz ? wow, that’s crazy..

  3. Paul says:

    Slightly bummed that these chips have Intel HD Graphics 2000.

    The K versions come with Intel HD Graphics 3000, which is twice as powerful and about equal to AMD’s entry level Radeon HD 5450.

    It’s something to consider if you want a very silent HTPC setup with (slight) gaming capability.

  4. NemOry says:

    mga bago nanaman? ?cguro da best mga ito sa mga adobe creative suites n0h?and also mga 3D renderers, 3D max, Maya. .hay gusto ko ma experience mkagamit ng ganyang cpu

  5. Fleeb says:

    @NemOry: 3D rendering tasks are now usually offloaded to the GPUs. Even CS5 would make use of CUDA cores to do the job and not the CPU.

  6. Gumz says:

    embedded graphics din… dali naman nalaos ng processor ko…

    very fast innovation… may pantapat din AMD…

  7. Nice ang dami bago.. kailangan mai-try yan.. :D

  8. garz says:

    Just when I upgraded my PC to i5-760, the second generation was announced…. But 760’s still a beast. :)

  9. sylv3rblade says:

    still waiting for 2500K parts before shelling out cash.

  10. Tigrrr says:


    Not all renderers are GPU-accelerated. Some, such as LightWave, Pixar Renderman, Maxwell, Kray (and a few more if you care to research them yourself) are still purely CPU-based renderers.

  11. Jeric says:

    needs new motherboard right? I believe 1155 yung needed nya.

  12. Benchmark33 says:

    hehehe whats next kaya? Brain of a real person….wag naman sana. :-)

    Happy with my i3 laptop. :)

    Hmmm Maybe ok pa din yung technology ng AMD…

  13. NemOry says:

    @fleeb ganun pla? Pero cguru gnagamit din ng mga yun ang cpu. .hehe. . So sa mga rendering softs ba anu ba ang mas dapat advanced?ung atleast lang. . Hehe. . RAM,CPU,GPU,APU,DIRECTX? Hehe

  14. Karl Mac says:

    @fleeb, yeah CS5 renders 3D.

  15. Bob says:

    LOL. Hope to switch to new PC with this processor. Napakabagay na kasi ng lumang pc ko.

    thanks for the info.

  16. inots2pid says:

    just bought the new i7-2600 for my new workstation ;D

  17. Jhay says:

    On the bright side, we can expect price drops on their older chips. :D

  18. vhadz says:

    What you think best MOBO for this 2600k?
    There are available for intel but i dont like intel board somewhat boring design lol. Any other brand you suggest? Im thinking replacing my rig with this proc for 2011.

  19. Fleeb says:

    @Tigrrr this is why nVidia is heavily marketing CUDA and the concept of the GPGPU. They want those applications (not just rendering engines) to make use of the GPU rather than just CPU. I can’t foresee if the GPGPU will completely takeover this market in the near future.

    As for me, I am waiting for the die shrunk Ivy Bridge chips because trusty Phenom II is still alive and kicking.

  20. sylv3rblade says:

    yep :)
    For some reason though, some retailers are pushing prices of the older Lynnfield (i5-750/760) upwards :(

  21. Fleeb says:

    @Karl As much as I admit that my second statement is lacking explicit context, the point still stands that apps are used to utilize consumer CPUs to crunch numbers are now starting to offload such operations to the GPU. It does not change that fact. You don’t even need 3D requirements as an excuse to use the GPU instead of the CPU. Remember that these consumer CPUs are general purpose in nature and can only do so much.

  22. Tigrrr says:


    Yes I know. I’ve been following CUDA (and GPGPUs) since its introduction a few years ago.

  23. It’s not hard to acquire computer nowadays.

  24. raikkinen says:

    Good idea there trying to make the clock speed higher rather than making more cores and threads.

  25. Cyberius says:

    Is it just me or yuga is really biased towards intel? Real geeks buy AMD or ARM like the upcoming Tegra 3.

  26. yuga says:

    @Cyberius – you’re probably a new reader so you haven’t read my AMD & Tegra coverages. In fact I own more AMD-powered computers than Intel-powered machines. No offense taken though.

  27. Real Geek says:

    Real geeks build their own PCs with vacuum tubes!

  28. Miguel says:

    I wonder what is Intel’s market for these desktop chips. How many average people (not hobbyists who build) still buy desktops? Corporate users?

  29. lolipown says:

    real geeks aren’t brand conscious and get what works for them.

    users upgrading from their Core 2 powered cpus. It’s not much of an upgrade to the existing i5 line so those with Lynnfield CPUs won’t get much out of this upgrade.

  30. koykiks says:

    corporate users still purchase dells, hps, lenovos, etc.. (set workstations).

  31. Arvin says:

    Still looking forward for AMD’s APU A-series >:D hope that is cheaper, i really want a laptop that can handle hi-end games.

  32. JP says:

    I think I’ll skip this series for the AMD’s Bulldozer platform.

  33. JP says:


    Real geeks aren’t confined to your set of choices. They can purchase whatever they want.

  34. JP says:


    Yep, may “K” ung K series, haha. Even the store owner I bought my parts from says he’s rummaging the webs for 2nd Gen K processors.

  35. sylv3rblade says:

    I decided I won’t be rushing to get one na. I’ll wait for the Nvidia’s 560 Ti GPU to arrive here before building my new rig.

    Besides, since mataas pa demand, there’s bound to be price spikes :).

  36. JP says:


    Yep, initial prices are really high. A prime example is the GTX 460, which was offered at 11,500. Then after a month or so, the price dropped to 10,000.

    On the contrary, processor prices are a bit different. I believe only Intel, AMD, and VIA are offering x86 architecture processors at the moment, so “REAL” competitive pricing is still way off until nVidia joins the party.

  37. I think what K means is easy overclocking. I saw it on youtube overclocking a sandy bridge i7 to 5ghz on air

  38. sylv3rblade says:

    In terms of processor pricing, I think it kinda makes sense even if there are only 2 main players and one niche (VIA is still under that market unfortunately). If you have money to throw, get an Intel, if you want more bang for your buck, go with AMD.

    Oh, I’m actually waiting for ARM to muscle into the x86 space :).

    If anything though, the only computer that I really feel is overpriced is memory (DDR2 I’m looking at you). :/ It’s been fluctuating in price since the beginning of 2010.

    @ralphs bail bond process
    Overclocking in Sandy Bridge isn’t exactly overclocking per se because the clock is embedded in the processor. Think of it as a souped-up Turbo Mode. If you want overclocking, wait for the 2011 socket line.

  39. Canteboi says:

    Still early to upgrade. AMD’s Bulldozer and Intel’s 2011 will be released this year.

  40. jayson says:


    The K in the product description means its multipliers are unlocked. If you are familiar with overclocking, I’m sure this is nothing new to you. If you’re looking into overclocking, get the unlocked processors.

    Also, if you’re looking into upgrading to Sandy Bridge, wait for the new P67/H67 motherboard revisions. No sense in upgrading to this new chipset, if you have no decent motherboard to work with.

    For those saying, its not worth upgrading to Sandy Bridge, I say it depends. If you’re coming from a dual core, no matter the model, or an AMD dual/triple core, It will be worth every cent if you get a Sandy Bridge CPU-Mobo combo. If you’re coming from an Intel i5, i7, AMD Thuban or Phenom, I suggest waiting for the LGA 2011 socket or the AMD Bullduzer.

  41. sylv3rblade says:

    >wait for the new P67/H67 motherboard revisions
    With the SATA bug of the 6 series just revealed publicly, I’d have to agree.

  42. jayson says:

    Nagkakagulo na sa TPC, regarding this global recall. May mga resellers kasi, like TechJunction who refuse to honor refunds, eventhough nagkakaroon na ng RMAs all over the world. Andami talagang mukhang pera sa site na yan.

  43. sylv3rblade says:

    I’m betting Techjunction will be losing a whole bunch of future customers due to their refusal though.

  44. vance says:

    wow ang baba naman nang price compred to the old core i7…

    None the less you will need to buy a new mobo along with this..

    Intel also announced some that some new sandy bridge processor has bug on them and was recalled.

  45. lolipown says:

    This is not a replacement for the souped-up i7 line which is why it’s cheaper.

  46. jayson says:


    However, eventhough it is not the LGA 2011 socket, which a lot of people have been waiting for.

    The unlocked 2600K LGA 1155 CPU performs as well as the best i7 currently in the market at 1/3 the price. :)

    Imagine for a 15K CPU, comparable na yung performance sa 50K na high-end Core i7. It even beats the best i7 on gaming benchmarks. :)

  47. jordan says:


    I’ve told my friends not to buy from TechJunction after I found out that an office mate of mine was told that he could not get a full refund of the unit he bought eventhough it’s mga a week or two pa lang nabili. Never used pa tapos ayaw nila tanggapin?

    The nerve. Again, don’t buy from TechJunction at TPC. Manloloko sila.

    Back to the topic, a lot of manufacturers have issued recalls recently. I’m hoping to hear from our local distributors (Toshiba, Asus, Intel, etc.)

    It would be good to know their take on this. Hopefully, Yuga can get their side, and share it to us.

  48. lolipown says:

    Overclockability (or should I say psuedo-overclockability since SB defies the current definition of the term) is SB’s best marketing feature but again, it’s a mainstream part.

    And no, I’m not downplaying the performance of the SB, it’s just that you’re comparing apples and oranges.

  49. lolipown says:

    oh mali pala ung tinawag ko on my earlier comment lol.

  50. Vance says:

    Still SB will kill the core i3, i5, i7 S1156…

    the socket 2011 will be for highend systems, surely will cost 50K for the cpu then 20K for the mobo.

    For budgeted gamers the S1155 is really a bargain, especially if your still using the old core 2 duos and quad processors..

    and sadly the S1155 will only see quadcore processors and if you want a cheap 6-core processor you have to go with AMD, unless your willing to buy the S2011

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