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AMD A10-7870K Now Official

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has launched the latest addition to its Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) lineup – the AMD A10-7870K.

• Amd A10 7870K • Amd A10-7870K Now Official

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The new processor is slated to be the refresh of the company’s previous APU flagship, the A10-7850K which we reviewed last year. It boasts the same 12 compute core setup (4 CPU + 8 GPU) of its predecessor but receives nominal increase in clock speed on both the CPU (from 3.8GHz base to 3.9 / from 4.0GHz boost to 4.1GHz) and GPU (up by 20% from 720MHz to 866MHz).

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AMD A10-7870K specs:
Microarchitecture: Steamroller
Processor Family: Godavari
FM2+ Socket
A88X, A78 & A55 Chipset
3.9GHz Base Core Clock, 4.1GHz Turbo Frequency
Quad-core processor with four (4) threads
L1 Cache:
* 2 x 96 KB 3-way set associative shared instruction caches
* 4 x 16 KB 4-way set associative data caches
L2 Cache: 2 x 2 MB 16-way set associative shared caches
Support for dual-channel 2133MHz memory modules
Up to 2400MHz w/ AMP
Integrated R7 Series GPU, 866MHz Base Frequency
512 Shader Cores, supports up to 4 displays
Support for DirectX 11.2, DirectX 12 and Mantle APIs
HAS, AMD TrueAudio, VCE 2.0 & UVD 4.0

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The new AMD A10-7870K is now available and currently retails for USD137.

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This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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7 years ago

Now you can play LoL at 60fps on medium settings!

Reply to  NotaSheep
7 years ago

I can play LoL exceeding 60fps on Highest Settings.. AA off VS off using AMD a4-6300

Reply to  NotaSheep
7 years ago

Who the fuck still uses LoL as a benchmark for this series of APUs? It’s been long established to be able to run LoL/Dota2 at decent framerates on their highest settings.

7 years ago

Timing sa December meron na yan!

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