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Ready to replace your netbook with a tablet?

After CES 2011, we’ve seen a lot of tablet coming out this year in all shapes and sizes. Everybody’s coming out with their own iPad competitor and with Android 3.0 Honeycomb finally in the release stage, this should be more exciting.

There’s just so many manufacturers who are into tablets (specifically the Android flavor) — Asus, Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba, BlackBerry (RIM), Dell, MSI, HP and so many more (including local ones such as Cherry Mobile, RedFox and China-based Huawei).

With all the press tablets are getting, the netbooks seems to be left in the dust. Nothing really new to add to an already-mature device like netbooks.

Before, it was an easy choice when given the option to pick a netbook over a tablet. This year, I think it’s going to be different and people will be thinking a lot harder given the same circumstances (so much so if the netbook in question is a secondary device).

So let me hear your thoughts — would you pick a tablet over a netbook or the other way around?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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90 Responses

  1. Kimisha says:

    Tablet for web browsing on-the-go: bigger than a phone but more portable than a netbook.

  2. Paul says:

    I think tablets have a closer nature to the mp3 player than with laptops/netbooks and smartphones.

    That is, laptops and smartphones are essential for many people, it’s needed for their work or education.

    mp3 players and now tablets aren’t, their functions can be easily substituted by your smartphone or laptop/netbook respectively. Since they are not essential, mp3 players and tablets are more like luxury items, and they should not be considered as replacements but rather complements for your current laptops/netbooks and smartphones.

    Which makes me wonder why all those computer manufacturers treat tablet computers like the new form of computing which everyone will switch to sooner or later. Are they expecting the general consumer to buy into the hype?

  3. futurology says:

    i agree with Paul that tablets are complementary or should i say supplementary to a notebook but not a netbook which i think is underpowered. But still it is a personal preference depending on your computer needs. But given the advancement of technology, i predict that sooner or later all physical keyboards will be replaced by virtual keyboard but with advanced features. Look at the evolution of handwriting to typewriting to a computer keyboard to a virtual keyboard, anything imaginable can be done in due time of course. How i wish i can ride on a time machine and see the technology 100 years from now hehe or at least 30 years from now

  4. Matt0-kun says:

    I still prefer notebooks :|

  5. Notebooks for me,but im planning to buy ipad tablet this summer..

  6. ricardo isip says:

    i think tablets are the future technology in evolution. we just need lot more powerful processor with virtually no thermal radiation, most efficient OS and voice to text application 10 hour battery life minimum.

    wala ako netbook, kaya pag available na ang 2 core tablet, bibili na me.

  7. ricardo isip says:

    @ futurology
    i disagree with the virtual keyboard as the future technology. Voice to text and Voice command pho…..

  8. tfcnow01 says:

    dati na naman me tablet ang ginawa lang ng Apple eh pinanipis, pinaganda, at ginawan ng capacitive touch display, the rest is katulad na nang anumang nagagawa ng dati. kakatuwa ngang isipin na sa karamihan eh parang bago ang tablet kasi di pa nakakakita o nakaka experience na gumamit. ganun pa man, ang notebook eh notebook, ang tablet eh tablet, kung ang tablet ang papalit sa notebook o netbook, sana huminto na nang paggawa ang Apple ng notebook. virtual keyboard, maari ngang mawala yung physical keyborad pero for now, pati OS development at application eh gawa pa rin using keyboard, hehehe,

  9. tfcnow01 says:

    netbook pala papalitan ng tablet, kala ko notebook, maari lamang ito base kung paano mo ginagamit yung netbook mo, kung pa browse browse ka lang eh, puede ka nang mag tablet.

  10. jun says:

    I think as I already have notebook and ipod touch.. i think my target this year is a tablet… will wait for the version 3.0..

  11. NemOry says:

    mas maganda cguro tablet pg hilig mu browsing and games, .

    But pag programmer ka xempre netbook nlg installable kasi ng mga SDK, sa pag ka alam q d pa ako nakakita ng tablet na may SDK png gawa ng games at apps, dont kn0w yet,

  12. taksan says:

    it all depends on your needs.
    I was actually wondering what to get on my next purchase, netbook or tablet.
    it really depends on what you need.
    I just wanted to check the net for news, updates and be to upload pictures right away which the ipad can do and netbook too. but for entertainment features i think the ipad can do more.

  13. Ethan says:

    The line that separates notebooks and netbooks will eventually disappear, due to the introduction of high-power ultraportables. That’s just the way it goes.

  14. Paul says:


    What Ethan said. I don’t think netbooks and laptops are that far apart in performance anymore. AMD Fusion and Intel ultraportables offer laptop performance at netbook sizes; it just so happens that some of today’s notebooks also offer desktop performance at laptop sizes. :D

    I just choose to distinguish them to differentiate between their sizes, since when most people say laptop they usually mean 13-inches and larger, and netbook as 12-inches and smaller. But for the most part their form factor and function are the same.

  15. Jam. says:

    Tablets for me. Will wait for iPad 2 or Honeycomb

  16. Raymond says:

    When the Ipad came out, I, for the first time, was not too excited about it. The durability is something I still not comfortable with. And lastly, if one is used to the “carry-all, full packed capacity” of netbooks, its hard to switch, unless you have that “keeping up with the Jones'” hang-up. It may take a while for these tablets offer a unique, Xfactor, to make one swiftly switch to these oversized screen gadgets.

  17. rcsaint says:

    Me thinks netbooks will eventually be replaced by tablet pc. Netbooks were conceived out of the desire to make laptops to be more portable and convenient for travelers or businessmen to use(between home and workplace). Laptops are just too heavy and inconvenient to use without a table. Netbooks simply reduced the size and weight of laptops but did not provide a better user experience, a window of opportunity which Steve Job exploited when he designed the iPad. Nowadays, if you look around, majority of netbook users are simply browsing the internet – at the airport lounge, restaurants, and other places that people temporarily stay – in which tablet pc can provide a better user experience. No wonder, Chinese knockoffs of Ipad are selling like hotcakes. When the prices of Ipad and other branded tablets will become more affordable, I think netbooks will become a thing of the past.

  18. kyle says:

    I think tablets are better suited for not-so techy people. Those who loves browsing the net, updating social networking status and posts for their personal blog. netbooks on the other hand are for people who does way beyond the normal use in which they do programming, hobby projects and light to mid gaming. As for me I’m still not comfortable using the touchscreen as a keyboard as if there’s missing when you’re touch typing.

  19. gumz says:

    Well, netbook stills has the function I needed and handy.

    Agree with futurology:

    “But still it is a personal preference depending on your computer needs.”

  20. I think the tablet like Apple’s has great potential to spplant the net book. It can do almost everything a net book can do in a much portable and coolnes factor.

  21. simplynice93 says:

    I would say that netbooks can be replaced by tablets because both are made for the sole purpose of browsing the Net. Laptop is still needed for office work, programming, gaming, blogging and other works that need a physical keyboard. But no one can deny that tablets is the future of computers.

  22. tfcnow01 says:

    right, its a personal preference depending on your computer needs, ah wait, what does my computer need? power, space, right temperature, so this is how someone decides to choose a tablet, notebook or netbook…

  23. Kulam says:

    Hey, have the best of both worlds. wave of the future: tablet/netbook hybrids.

  24. Neojohan says:

    Yes I’m ready but my budget is not. Haha.

  25. Edwin C says:

    Yuga, can a tablet do everything a netbook can? For example, torrent downloads, applications download- applications that are not for that particular tablet, photoshop? If I want another video player say, VLC, can I install that to a tablet? Can I install my celfon PC Suite to a tablet? If the answer to these is a resounding yes then, I might just get one.

  26. Raypin says:

    Tablets will probably catch up with the kind of numbers that netbooks have been sold in the last couple of years but I doubt whether netbooks will go away. It is still far cheaper than a tablet. Same with Smartphones….it’s the one phone that people have been raving about (in tech blogs, forums etc.) for years, but it will not replace “dumb” phones. Locally, Myphone recently announced that they sold 400,000 units in the last quarter of 2010. How many smartphones were sold in the same period? Probably less than 10,000.
    Cheap, “dumb” phones(Php6,000 and below) but it still serves to remind us that for the vast majority of phone users, a smartphone is something that they don’t really care about.

    One exception: India has a USD35.00 Android tablet in the works. If this is released to market, it may alter the equation and may bury the netbook category.

  27. Rose says:

    I’ll still go for a netbook, hands-down. But if someone gives me an iPad or a Galaxy Tab then I would still be grateful. :P

  28. scoobydoo says:

    It would not be long before tablets get netbook or notebook hardware specs. When that happens netbooks would be history and tablets become standard. Asus is coming up with a sliding keyboard for their tablet, that is very innovative. As the time comes that you can slide the keyboard to access or hide it, then the possibility of tilting the screen to a comfortable angle when you need to type, coupled with a powerful processor, lots of ram, lots of disk space, powerful graphics processor, slim design. Wow!

  29. rob says:

    i’d still go for netbooks, simply because i can still have the features the tablets are giving me that tablets can’t to netbooks.

  30. Tristan says:

    I’ll go for tablet. I already have a PC & a laptop, which can do almost what I wanted to work on with. But with a tablet, I can be “on-the-go”, rather than having a netbook. Development of ultra-powered tablets are now on progress…

  31. JP Custodio says:

    uhhmm for me it would be tablet, you can also put a keyboard for that if you want it to be a netbook, am I right?

  32. I find that tablets are only fun when surfing the net and watching videos. But for, say, writing and creating documents, I’d still prefer using the real keyboard on my notebook.

  33. kimkae says:

    netbook pa rin, for productivity and entertainment too…

  34. JM says:

    Thanks to the Ipad I can now read my eComics and Magazines with ease. Can’t imagine reading magazines and comis on a NetBook or a laptop for 2 hours straight.

  35. Simon+Lana says:

    Tablets are the wave of the future in our opinion. Unless your work ties you down to a desk and you need a large screen or to do a lot of typing or precision work using the mouse, the near-instant, convenient and untethered access to your company’s information, real-time work-place data, ever-changing quotes (the equities market for example), personal data via the web and the like made possible by the tablet with its touch screen will bring it to central prominence more and more. It’s already more useful to my hubby and I than the clunky netbook or laptop, in the same way that our cell phone superseded the landline, pocket pager, snail mail. The functionality of the tablet’s simple form factor can only get better at what it’s good at we think.

  36. Manix says:

    the Tablet’s market is specially for those who already have a laptop and a smartphone, and looking for something in between mostly for media consumption.

    i like the iPad and the Acer tablet.

  37. mr.bogus says:

    tablets still have limitations…

    laptop pa rin… im a download addict!!!!

    ipod touch is enough for me.. but i want to have samsung galaxy tab…

  38. Micco Jay S. Bugtai says:

    if tablets would be able to support Photoshop and Illustrator..why not poknat?

  39. BRyan says:

    Im really not a fan of tablets.. u have to hold it all the time if ur gonna use it and you have to buy additional stuffs like wireless keyboard and a stand just to have the comfort of not holding the entire device.. While a netbook or a laptop you just have to type all the way.. :) But of course it your preference..Cant wait of having a macbook air.. I can already feel it on my lap.. hahaha..

  40. tablets being used by pro photographers to review their shots, netbooks used by students to easily chat..err create term papers. I guess it depends on the target market :D As for me, why not have both? Just kidding! I’ll go for a tablet because it’s easy to use anywhere compared to a netbook where you need a surface to type properly

  41. rsa1 says:

    dear yuga, please write something worthwhile reading…

  42. AdRian says:

    i still prepare notebook.. because its an all in one device (keyboard/disk drive/programs/etc) and i can multitask easily in a notebook.. but i think tablet is good and needs more upgrade before changing to tablet..

    but it depends on a persons need :D

  43. Bryan says:

    I’d go for a netbook now. I had the same view like yuga posted that netbooks are, more or less, at it’s pinnacle. Meaning, there’s nothing really to improve without compromising it’s size and energy efficiency.

    On the other hand, I think there’re still a lot of room for improvement with tablets. Plus, just like most new technology, they come out really expensive at first but eventually new technology will replace those technology hence the price drop. For example, 2-3 years ago netbooks cost around 20k each. You can get one now around 13k.

  44. hyprmanic says:

    i’ve traded in my notebook for netbook a couple of years ago, and i haven’t really looked back since. i still have a nice desktop set-up at home, but my netbook is pretty handy when i need to be mobile. it can most of what i need. i don’t really need a dvd-rom anyway since i stream most of what i watch online, and my netbook has been up to the task so far.

    i’m looking forward to the new asus tablets — i saw one set that yuga featured which pretty much ran win7. hopefully i can get to see how the thing runs once it gets here Q2/Q3 of this year.

    if a tablet can do the things that i need to do on my netbook, then i’d gladly make the move. for now, i’m sticky with my joybook ^^

  45. ed says:

    Still, tablets have more limitations than netbooks. You can only store a few gig of data on tablets while you can store data on a netbook with 320GB of space. You can’t do many things in a tablet. I still prefer netbooks/notebooks when on a budget.

  46. Neil says:

    I will surely get the next generation Apple iPad.

  47. Sabana says:

    Probably not.

    1. I can’t connect my non-wifi devices to a tablet. 2. I can’t use an external optical drive
    3. Nothing beats a keyboard for typing documents.
    4. You can’t leave a tablet on overnight for downloading.. uh.. files ;)

  48. Ethan says:

    The thing with tablets is that the technology they pack today doesn’t allow for all that much productivity. That’s the main factor that sets netbooks & laptops apart from tablet computers. Tablets are all about media consumption; portable computers are for productivity.

    But with the way technology is advancing, I foresee the introduction of a single all-in-one device that can handle EVERYTHING. Look at the Motorala Atrix and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

  49. tama eh! says:

    paul wrote:

    “…and they should not be considered as replacements but rather complements for your current laptops/netbooks and smartphones.”

    malaking TAMA!

  50. tama eh! says:

    maybe a WINDOWS/MAC tablet with full-size USB port and a minimum of 64gb flash drive would do.

  51. Ryan T. says:

    I say with a big YES.

    Netbooks will phase out by this year and although there will be demand, it will be less this year and eventually dropping out by 2012.

    Netbooks now isn’t quite the eeepc700 we used to admire before. It turned into a semi laptop which trumps even the notebooks of before. The trend will be:

    smartphones -> tablet -> notebook/desktop

    with the netbook included in the ultra portable segment. It isn’t wise to get a netbook these days considering price vs performance (also size vs price).

  52. fr0stbyte says:

    +1 to Ethan’s argument. Sapul na sapul. :D

  53. Faust says:

    nothing can replace a netbook, there are features on a netbook that cannot be found on tablets ie: the keyboard and mouse feel, longer battery life, doing some web development projects, ports, etc. i think the tablet will be more of a secondary device for browsing the web. imho

  54. Eason says:

    If tablets can have around 8-10 hours battery life, then I will change. But my eyes is curently in the EEE Transformer since it can have a docking station. So its a good start for the transition of switching to tablet.

  55. manaka_junpei says:

    paano ang mga loyal windows users, mas-mahal ang windows 7 based tablet kaysa windows 7 based netbooks, hirap i-decide yan

  56. Faust says:

    considering the phase that technology changes constantly I’m tablets will have longer battery life, but the transition thing is kind of a bit harder thing to do.

    no need to worry, most tablets now are all fired up with google android – free.

  57. diyords says:

    a powerful notebook and an android phone… or iphone or windows phone. tablet… hmmmm still not convinced…

  58. agro says:

    I agree with the guy who said that tablets are for consumption while notebooks are for productivity…

    That’s exactly my view. If all i wanted to do is browse and play casual games, then I’d bring the tablet along. But if I expected to do some work, edit my photography, play more than the casual games along with my browsing and e-comic book reading, then I bring along my laptop.

    But I’m not into netbooks, because even if yes they are much more powerful now with the new chipsets (Fusion, Tegra), there will always be a more powerful actual notebook out there (i5, i7). And if you need to use photoshop or edit video, you need all the muscle you can get.

    The masses may not need all that power, but there are many professionals that do.. so they may be popular in the future, but it’s not the absolute future of computing. (Can you imagine doing detail brushwork on a tablet? Even doing a term paper?, Doesn’t work so well in that scenario..)

  59. gg says:

    Get a Sony vaio P if what you need is portability of a tablet and Power of netbook (+more).

    No touch screen and fluid interface though, but the ever reliable windows OS.

  60. csseyah says:

    Tablet ako yung Android 3.0 para makapag-flash games …

  61. zer016 says:

    I’ll go for the netbook IF i don’t have a laptop. I can’t imagine myself working off of a tablet. But since i’ve got 2 laptops (work and personal) then i’d go for a tablet for being more convenient to browse on.

  62. Robin says:

    I have owned two netbooks (a Lenovo in 2008 and a Asus in 2009) and a 14-inch HP laptop. One for portability the other for serious work. With the price of ultraportables going down, the pair has been replaced by a light 13-inch laptop… big enough for work, but at less than 3 pounds, light enough to drag around the whole day.

    So neither for me. Smartphone plus ultraportable laptop best fit my needs. I got my wife a tablet though, and she loves it. It really is more a entertainment device. Serious work she does on her laptop.

  63. Guilar says:

    The future points to the tablet because of 2 things that have been pointed out in the other posts:

    1. The notebook is becoming smaller and more powerful. I have owned a 13.3″ laptop and I think this is the best size for portability and power. Anything less than this size may be replaced by a tablet.

    2. The tablet is a more versatile form factor. Most of us think of work at the office, seated at a desk. My job requires me to get off my desk, visit the equipment, and make assessments as quick as possible. Most of the time, there are no flat surfaces to lay down a netbook. That’s why I believe the tablet will supersede the netbook based on this virtue.

    I’m eager to get ones – as soon as Honeycomb is released and the battery life of the tablet is as good as prevailing netbooks.

  64. Jon says:

    The tablet and the netbook/laptop serve different markets. They may overlap on some uses or functionality, but then they still serve different uses.

    That is why you see netbook-tablet hybrids being made since they understand the difference between the too.

  65. wyldKard says:

    notebooks ftw. totally would depend on the users’ preference and use

  66. Skyflakes_18 says:

    I go for OLD SCHOOl laptops.

  67. Skyflakes_18 says:

    Pde k b mag DOTA and SF sa tablet? Hehehehe

  68. Skyflakes_18 says:

    Its like comparing a microwave oven and an oven toaster. Mas bago yung isa pero they have thier own use and functions

  69. Skyflakes_18 says:

    Its like comparing a microwave oven and an oven toaster. Mas bago yung isa pero they have their own use and functions

  70. balong says:

    ipad is purely for entertainment.

    powerful notebooks are for programmers/heavy graphics users.

    netbooks are for business travelers like me, mix of office and entertainment.

    real tablet pcs are similar to note/net books, but with just a rotating monitor touch screen aspect (think lenovo s10 3 vs s10 3t).

  71. Kimikol says:

    As a student, a tablet can’t replace a netbook. What if you have a research project and you only have tablet? Can you make an easy copy-paste method? Hehe. Or can you connect it to a printer and print it? Still, tablets are modern. But I rather get a netbook and a smartphone. At least a smartphone and PMP is a smaller version of tablets especially Android, WP7 and iOS.

  72. Jonaflormic says:

    I wish I have one, so that I can see the difference between netbook and tablet. http://learner-spot.blogspot.com/

  73. miggy says:

    Nah!! id still use my laptop more stable has more apps than IOS, ANDROID, RIM combined

  74. NineSwordz says:

    it DEPENDS.

    but I prefer to have this 3 devices based on my CAREER, PREFERENCES and my NEEDS.

    1. A Netbook 3 inches (pref. Android)
    3. And a PSP! (or PSP2 coming this year.. i hope. =)

  75. NineSwordz says:

    it DEPENDS.

    but I prefer to have this 3 devices based on my CAREER, PREFERENCES and my NEEDS.

    1. A Netbook greater than 11 inches (ION or AMD Fusion)
    2. A Smartphone less than 3 inches (pref. Android)
    3. And a PSP! (or PSP2 coming this year.. i hope. =)

    (geez.. “greater than” and “less than” symbols are not accepted. silly scripts.. =)

  76. NineSwordz says:


    1. A Netbook less than 11 inches (ION or AMD Fusion)
    2. A Smartphone greater than 3 inches (pref. Android)
    3. And a PSP! (or PSP2 coming this year.. i hope. =)

    (now im a typo freak. hehe sorry for multi-posts =)

  77. ammiel says:

    I’d rather invest the cash on a smartphone or a laptop since netbooks and tablets really doesn’t offer anything unique and with the work I have a tablet or netbook won’t really help me, my iphone can already do what these devices can

  78. fragglerock says:

    have to agree with ETHAN, i think a fusion will happen between notebooks and netbooks.

    tablets are different device altogether and i could relate this more to my smartphone than with my laptop/notebook. can’t do all of the things with my ipad that i can do with my notebook or with my netbook.

    i think a slow demise of the desktop is more probable and a fusion between netbooks and notebooks.

    i use my laptop at work/home and my netbook when i travel. my ipad, i use mostly for fun and slice fruits =)

  79. Miguel says:

    In the long run, I think the tablet will be the dominant device. (Maybe not for affluent gadget-loving Yugatech readers, but for the masses.) Just wait for the China tablets to become stable.

  80. rado says:

    a tablet for reading, especially if its way lower than kindle. it’s lighter and more portable than my laptop.

  81. Turling says:

    pwede bang mag install ng itunes app sa kahit anong tablet? Joke lng he he

  82. Carlos Lazaro Jr says:

    let see..hmmm…

    can i edit photo/movie using Photoshop/Corel with my not so powerfull netbook,,,probably…but no…

    can i develop games, creates website with my netbook..probably..but no…screen to small…

    can i play hi-def games on netbook….no

    why do i use my netbook? internet, browsing, probably PvZ, as MP3 player, sometime portable movie player…well, the tablet (with newer chipset and processor) can do that…and the tablet is less bulky…

    battery issues i guess are the same over netbooks and tablets….

  83. bench says:

    id been to a laptop..as well as the netbook..and now I already have at last the tablet that i been waiting for “archos 70 250Gb version..pinabili ko lng sa brother ko dyan satin since andito ako sa UAE pahirapan din maka score ng unit nato..halos lahat narin naman ng ginagawa ko sa laptop at netbook ay nagagawa nadin ng tablets so therefore mas mainam na gamitin ang mga tablets now coz wherever you’re on the go it is easy to carry..i have wifi in my showroom at work and house after work..and while I’m on the go i can listen to songs and watch some of my favorite movies..mainggit na ang mga katabi ko sa metro train d2 sa dubai but tablet really change our mobile life on the go..

  84. Ian Medina says:

    Tama yung sinabi ni steve jobs, ang netbook mabagal. It’s better to have a tablet para mabilis ang browsing. But i prefer to get an android tablet instead of an apple ipad 2nd generation. You can use your usb modem, external hard drive for the next version on android. hdmi output, can play hd videos, games, and meron flash 10.1 na wala sa iPad na sobrang smooth. Portability wise mas ok ang tablet. Ang netbook mabagal, mabigat at mabilis pa maubos ang battery at matagal pa magboot.

    Pero it’s still a matter of your usage. But i go with a tablet now since i have a netbook.

  85. kenni says:

    I am a rough user (moist fingers, smoking while typing, eating while surfing, even doing the laundry while checking emails). May be if tablets get better processors at an affordable cost, i’ll change my mind.

  86. adam says:

    I still go for laptop, I don’t think it can be replaced by tablet pc in terms of usability. May I add that tablet pc now has a dual core on it. Check this link Ipad China Dual Core

  87. Kimisha says:

    @sir abe: Neo released their tablet (possibly rebranded), the Neo Edge Omnipad.

    Specs: nVidia Tegra 250 1GHz Dual-cortex, 512MB DDR2, 16 GB Micro-SD included, 10.1” Multi-touch LCD, Android 2.2.

    15,999 sa Compex

    What do you think?

  88. chocoballs says:

    i plan to buy windows based tablet. trying to experiment in doing programming. :)

  89. John says:

    I’m selling Redfox Wizpad tablet PC for 25k. Its the higher version with the ff specs
    10″ capacitive display screen @ 1024×600 pixels
    Intel Atom N455 1.6GHz
    Intel GMA 3150
    2GB DDR3 RAM
    32GB Storage Drive
    WiFi 802.11 b/g
    2 USB 2.0 ports
    SD card slot
    Its still under warranty for 10 months so you get the peace of mind that its new and if something happens to it, Redfox can replace or repair it for free. You can contact me at 0917-5777317 if you would be interested.

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